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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hummels and Dzeko or Sakho and Cavani? Sterling and Kovacic/de Sciglio or Thiago and Ginter + 2m? Harry Wilson and Flanagan or Danilo?
  2. Re: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" You shouldn't have started bidding until everyone was accepted. The game world is extremely unbalanced.
  3. Re: What we need is LOVE and a good team ???? ID:215677 - OFFICIAL THREAD Emre Can Jonathon Taj Jose Gimenez James Ward-Prowse Will Hughes Suso Max Meyer They have all joined Crewe. Januzaj Hojbjerg Vergara Gnabry Kurzawa Morrison Goretzka Werner Shrijvers They have all had bids accepted and will join shortly. I have bids on 6 more players which haven't been accepted. After that, I will look to make 3 more signings.
  4. Re: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" I'm in. Sounds cool.
  5. Re: DEFENSE vs OFFENSE I'm in as Ajax, if possible.
  6. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads River Plate has 32 players now.
  7. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Another draw. Luckily the teams challenging me also continue to drop key points.
  8. Re: Ec 30,000! I'm in. I might reserve a club if interest gets big enough.
  9. Re: The Best Of The Century City Wrap Up Triple Coup! Manchester City are delighted to welcome three new signings to the club. They have tonight signed Jonathan Tah, Zakaria Bakkali and Inigo Martinez. Inigo Martinez is thought to be a major part of the City boss's plans this season and it is unknown how much the other two youngsters will feature. It is supposed that close to 20 million was spent on bringing the trio to the Etihad. When asked about the coupe, the City boss had to say "I'm delighted with the trio. They are three excellent players that will play a big role in not only our present, but also our future. What makes it nicer is that two of them were snatched right under the noses of our rivals. These players not only strengthen us, but also hurts our rivals. I think with these three, Asier and one or two more signings, we can really do some damage this season and I'm excited to get cracking."
  10. Re: The Best Of The Century You can call back players now... Most of them, anyways.
  11. Re: The Best Of The Century Manchester City Sign Illarramendi! Manchester City today are confirming the transfer of Asier Illarramendi from Real Madrid. The deal will be Manchester City's new manager's first. The price is reported to be around the £14 million mark. On joining City, Asier had to say "I'm delighted to be here. A short conversation with the manager was all it took to make my mind up. I really like his ideas and I can tell the club is heading in the right direction. I'm also happy that there are several Spaniards to help make the transition smoother," he concluded. This bit of business comes off the back of the sale of Javi Garcia to Bayer Leverkusen. On these two bits of activity the manager had to say, "It's fantastic that we've signed Asier. He is a young Spaniard with a brilliant future. That doesn't mean he's not in my plans currently though. He very much is. As for Javi, he is a decent player, but we got a brilliant offer and just couldn't say no."
  12. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads You posted this. You didn't insult them or post anything rude towards them.
  13. Re: The Best Of The Century Manchester City Announce New Manager! Manchester City have tonight announced the appointment of a new manager. He will take over starting tonight and begin managing them in tomorrow's fixture against Chelsea F.C. When spoken to, he had the following to say: "I'm delighted to begin managing at a great club like Manchester City. They are a brilliant club, with brilliant facilities, owners and supporters. To quote the great Bill Shankly, 'At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques.' The club is brilliantly stocked in all three departments and I think together we can win the league. One thing I definitely would like to see more of at the club is a few more Brits. We definitely are lacking in that department." On tomorrow's match against Chelsea he said "It's a small game - Chelsea are a small club, they aren't one we worry about. Now of course that could change, as they have a manager that I greatly respect, but as of now, no, they are insignificant. It is a friendly against them, so of course a win isn't necessary, though it would definitely be nice."
  14. Re: The Best Of The Century Applied for City.
  15. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Will our squad cap ever increase?
  16. Re: New Custom Set-Up I will when I get on the computer. Not yet
  17. Re: New Custom Set-Up Lama, withdraw your bids on Rakitic, Nastasic and all the rest. You can only buy Belgians externally.
  18. Re: New Custom Set-Up Are you serious? I gave you screenshots showing that I randomised the teams. You can check online on random.org/lists whenever you randomise a list multiple times it says so at the bottom of the list. I have gotten some good deals, but so have other people. The only deal that I'd consider a rip-off is the Suarez one. As for not listening to you, it's up to you all to decide. I'm fine with changing rules, but I need 13 or 14 of you to agree with it, not three. You're allowed to build a team the way you want, I'm not stopping you.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Mkhitaryan. Walcott I think is at his ceiling... Mkhitaryan will get a lot better.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Neuer for Vidal? I will be getting Vidal... I also will be signing De Gea.
  21. Re: New Custom Set-Up Other notable signings include: Lars Bender moving to Liverpool for 8m + Mamadou Sakho. Ronaldo moving to PSG for Ibrahimovic+Cavani. Thiago Silva moving to Chelsea for Juan Mata.
  22. Re: New Custom Set-Up De Gea, Rafael and Januzaj all in next too for a combined sum of around 60m. All in all my signings are: Barkley, Hughes, Townsend, Shaw, Morrison, Ince, Pogba, Rafael, De Gea, Januzaj, Isco, Varane, Sturridge, Suarez, Coutinho, Marquinhos and Verratti. All for the low price of Ribery, Robben, Dante, Mandzukic, Pizzarro, Van Buyten, and 91m.
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