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  1. Re: New Custom Set-Up Yeah, the game world is ready to go.
  2. Re: New Custom Set-Up Ahh, ok. Just wanted to make sure everyone would be able to make at least a few of the transfers they want. Games begin on the 10th.
  3. Re: New Custom Set-Up Why's that mate? Also great to have you back in.
  4. Re: New Custom Set-Up BarneyLFC B mourinho lama ahmad lupin7474 Zlookvulk David Guliop Ruggermad Taylor8 Jigsaw manikos Superharber We have 11 teams. I think I'll start the draw in about an hour so those that want to start shortlisting and the like are allowed. Everyone else that joins after will have their team drawn right when they are confirmed into the GW.
  5. Re: New Custom Set-Up Ok, cheers.
  6. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: New Custom Set-Up
  7. Re: Respuesta: New Custom Set-Up You need to add me mate. My account is on the first page. By sweepstake.
  8. Re: New Custom Set-Up Great. BarneyLFC B mourinho lama ahmad lupin7474 Zlookvulk David Guliop Ruggermad Taylor8 Jigsaw
  9. Re: Respuesta: New Custom Set-Up Are you in mate?
  10. Re: New Custom Set-Up No, you don't have to clearout. It effects only future transfers.
  11. Re: New Custom Set-Up Ok, hope everything is ok.
  12. Re: New Custom Set-Up Guys, if you can, let your mates know please.
  13. Re: mario gotze rated 93 or Di maria rated 93,who is best to buy Gotze, easily.
  14. Re: New Custom Set-Up I'll combine Columbia and Bosnia. I'm not combining Africa, they have several quality players.
  15. Re: New Custom Set-Up Cheers. Would like to be full tomorrow as games begin on the 10th.
  16. Re: New Custom Set-Up Game world is ready to go, just need 11 more people. The countries/continents used will be: Spain (2) Argentina (2) Brazil (2) Germany France Belgium England Africa Holland Uruguay Portugal Italy Columbia+Bosnia Whichever country that you draw will be the only nationality your external purchases can be from. Any nationalities that aren't listed are available for anyone to purchase from as well. Does that make sense?
  17. Re: New Custom Set-Up The game world is being created. Division 1: Atletico Madrid Liverpool Arsenal Leverkusen Ajax Napoli Roma AS Monaco Division 2: Barcelona Real Madrid Bayern Munich Dortmund Juventus Manchester United Chelsea PSG Each team will start with a 100m balance.
  18. Re: New Custom Set-Up http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=5985165 Everyone add my profile above and please post your in game name. Cheers.
  19. Re: New Custom Set-Up Great. BarneyLFC B mourinho lama ahmad lupin7474 Zlookvulk David Guliop Ruggermad Let your mates now so we can get this thing up and going soon. Game world is about to be created, just need people to join and then I'll randomize the users and send out invites.
  20. Hello everyone. I'll be making a new game world in the next couple of days. This is my current plan. Feel free to suggest improvements or add to it. - It will have 2 divisions with either 8 or 10 in each division. - Each player will be assigned a club and a country. Whatever country you are assigned dictates which external players you can sign. For example I could be assigned Liverpool and France. The only players I can sign from external teams would be French players. The country assigned has no influence on players you can sign from managed clubs inside the gameworld though. - Each team will start with the same amount of money. - No buying from unmanaged teams - The team and country you receive will be random - Clubs will start with default players Teams I intend on using: Barcelona Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal Roma Juventus Napoli Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund Bayer Leverkusen PSG AS Monaco Ajax
  21. Re: The best of the century When is the game world being created?
  22. Re: The best of the century http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=5004214
  23. Re: The best of the century I'll take Man City please.
  24. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Gotze seems to be doing fantastic before his transfer.
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