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  1. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread PSN: LeeMuir1 level 26 anyone want a game from around 10 pm tonight just add me
  2. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! the new liverpool signing riera is freaky check him out on sm
  3. Re: You're all stupid!!Come and have a go! 6% scored higher (more stupid), 1% scored the same, and 93% scored lower (less stupid). You are 93% stupid. This means... Whoa, congrats on being in the top 10% of stupid people. Great work, keep it up (or not)!
  4. Re: Gold Championship 22 Discussions Thread. im guessing 6 o'clock
  5. Re: How Good Are Your Eyes? mine are good
  6. Re: How Do You Turn A File Into A jpg? i know ! pm me
  7. Re: Famous Footballers Born On Your Birthday!! also found out mick jagger has same birthday as me also earthquake in skopje launch of apollo 15 mozart ( the composer ) helen mirren michael ross ( serial killer) Dimitris Saravakos ( Greek footballer) FREDDYMONTERO ( played in last years copa libertadores) Mark Brown ( scottish footballer) Bertil Nordahl ( swedish olympic footballer winner of gold medal 1948)
  8. Im Barcelona and a guy keeps annoying me with messi so he offered me this Rio Ferdinand + Cristiano Ronaldo for Lionel Messi rep for help
  9. Re: EPL Prediction Champions : Liverpool 2nd : Arsenal 3rd: Man U 4th : Chelsea 18th : Middlesbrough 19: Stoke/Fulham 20th . Hull Golden Boot : Carlos Tevez Best Buy : Deco Biggest waste of money : David Bentley Surprise Package : Portsmouth/West Brom
  10. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 1 these are mine in bold and ive done them as a quote
  11. Re: football manager 2008 ibracadabra want to do a network game ?
  12. Darren McCormack (born 29 September 1988) is a Scottish footballer currently playing for Hibernian in the Scottish Premier League. He signed a pre-contract agreement to join Celtic on 30 June 2007, but he changed his mind and instead signed a five year deal with Hibs. He is the current captain of Scotland at Under 19 level. He made his league debut for Hibs in a 4–1 win over Kilmarnock in September 2007
  13. Re: Bye Everyone Sorry but can't help it i understand because studies and school are more important than this mate ... i liked some of your posts .. enjoy your life mate and come back and stay longer cya lee
  14. Re: A Jaffa Cake - a cake or a biscuit ? i dont care because its so tasty lol
  15. Re: Bye Everyone Sorry but can't help it cya mate good luck in life
  16. Re: UKFSC WEBSITE i got portsmouth 1 a
  17. Re: Euro Champ 578 Liverpool go for mainly youth but also bring in qualiy Players In : Berbatov, Negredo , Arteta , Nasri , Modric , Barry , Cuellar , Garay , Moutinho, Ferdinand . thats the quality now the youth Jan Arie Van Der Heijden , Sam Williamson , Maxmiliano Cippolone , Joseph Olumide , Christian Nothe , Luis Nani , Bojan Manager muir is very happy to bring in 17 quality players and has promised a strong line up for the opening game away to fc porto lee has already named his starting 11 Formation ( 3 - 5 - 2 ) Reina Carragher Garay Ferdinand Mascherano Arteta Barry Nasri Nani Torres Berbatov Average Rating 93 subs : Modric Bojan Cuellar Cipollone Joao Moutinho
  18. Re: Euro Champ 578 looks like its only me but hey ho ive made 21 bids so far and i expect them all to go through as there all from external clubs i will keep posting to let all you guys know
  19. Im liverpool and i offered Mascherano + gerrard for kaka but the manager countered back torres+ gerrard for kaka what should i do ?
  20. Hi any u guys joined im liverpool i will post more later when and if transfers go through
  21. Re: UKFSC WEBSITE im hull ... what do i do lol ?
  22. leemuir

    Favorite Games Console?

    Re: Favorite Games Console? i voted for the 360
  23. Re: Simpsons Or Family Guy? I love both but in my opinion its gotta be family guy
  24. leemuir

    R.I.P Bernie Mac

    Re: R.I.P Bernie Mac omg R.I.P Bernie
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