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  1. all good dude. Just commenting even for 2017 those players should have been picked up. Very early is when they added to DB. No criticismm of u, clearly u still picked them up and built a great team thus far. Best of luck
  2. where did you hear croatia ? It is loooong overdue!
  3. i think it will be one of those odd ones where Boadu will get another rise within a month. Strange ways of SM. MI is a fantastic talent too
  4. The random rises from for players are odd - Dan James, Fati to name a couple recently. No structure any more. Does anyone think Croatian league will be done anytime? Big leagues should start Nov time.
  5. good effort Sir LC! I would add quick couple; Disasi (Reims) Cantwell (Norwich city)
  6. well said. I agree! Croatian league has been over due for sooooo long! I also dont get the random one or two rises from odd leagues and then someone like dan james gets a rise abruptly /
  7. they are both going to rise but not to 91/92 in next change. If you are in longterm project and want to add talent to the pool then sure go for it. On face value it doesnt make sense
  8. any thoughts on De Vrij getting his 92/ van dijk to 96/97? Diallo at PSG getting his 90/91?
  9. anyone any idea of what leagues are due soon? i make it Croatia soon as well as obscure like Korea or somewhere?
  10. i agree, leverkusen also have a 90 cap for many many many SM years. Sancho been sensational. Kai will have to get a move first or have a season like last for a summer rise to 91
  11. hey everyone . .. . kai havertz and sancho to 91 next changes?
  12. not a very competitve GW by the sound of it
  13. lucas as he is more natural in that position than Laporte; AL is a CB primarily.
  14. i really like and appreicate this effort. Thanks!!
  15. excellent thread... retro thread with a throwback. Well done sir...we shall all keep it alive!!
  16. arthur all day long. Outside chance of a +2
  17. Hes due a dop not just because of Chelsea but also appaling at Milan
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