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  1. Re: .:10000 bc:. @ Dear Hyina Just recap, if this season players reach 26 years old or above, I can buy them but per season cannot exceed 60 million net. If over 60 million, I need to sell off my players. Etc I over 65 million mean I owe 5 million which need to sell off 5 millions of my players. Please correct me Bro Etc now I got a trade with Ba. I pay him or her 5 million cash + player. Mean this season I left 55 Million right?
  2. Re: .:10000 bc:. haha want to get 2 good players out of him.
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. Trash by Schalke........unhappy manager speak to media this type of performance can lead you to regation zone. We got few chances one on one vs GK and even open goal, my striker shoot to air... Misfire striker Ba and Llorrente both issue warning. Inestia will deduct 2 week of wage due to poor display.
  4. Re: Transfer blocked!!!!
  5. Re: My Umtiti - sell and buy Zouma? keep umtiti use other players trade zouma or use cash. better to have both. both are future star
  6. Re: Nuri Sahin or Jack Wilshire? without doubt w i l s h i r e
  7. Re: Offered N'Koulou and Thauvin for David Luiz...
  8. Re: Sahin, Ramires and Luke Shaw for Robben?? Sahin, Ramires and Luke Shaw for Robben If i am you, will accept Sahin, Ramires and Luke Shaw for Robben Sahin , Ramires and Luke Shaw great deal and age duo. Robben aging
  9. Re: Shall i do My Suarez for Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez? I wonder who will trade Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez for your Suarez. If yes grab it... very good deal indeed
  10. Re: Capoue or Honda?? Honda for me. He play very well recently International games and score too
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