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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Did he quit or was he a 30 day kick out ?

    Not see him on the forums much lately

    He has a Derby County in EC 2933 and was last logged on 6th Nov 2010 so he must have willingly quit.
    He left 106 a while ago.....Which I was really suprised....Nothing against 2933 and 3951 but I know which 2 I'd have stayed at:eek:

    Sorry guys, i'm in the process of trimming down my teams. I had something like 10 across 2 accounts and i couldn't keep up with them all. Quit 3-4 of them in the past couple of weeks.

    I thought it better that someone took Blackpool over at the start of a season who could devote more time to them.

    I am still in 106 (Chesterfield) but to be honest i'll probably leave them soon. I don't get on here as much any more due to work and i'm literally logging on to do my teams and that's it. And it's hard to be competitive, research players and buy risers in set ups where some people are on here literally every other hour.

    2933 - i've just reached a cup final and i'm top of division 2 so i'll stay in that for a bit.

    3951 - i'll decide at the end of the season.

  2. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread

    Derby earn their best win to date in EC2933 by claiming a remarkable 4-3 win at Arsenal in the Shield. 3-1 down at the break to an Arsenal side including Fabregas, Sneijder, Silva, Messi, Ibra and Villa, Derby threw caution to the wind in the second half and scored 3 times in 15 minutes to claim the win and move into the semis.

  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Blackpool mirroring real life by defying all the odds to somehow make the play offs and then win them!

    What is ridiculous about SM though is that West Ham recalled their keeper so i had an 83 in goal, and my left back was injured and i forgot to change him so SM stuck an 85 rated CB (not even my best available CB) there. And i go and win 3-1 and 1-0. And yes you've guessed it, in the semi the 85 CB was man of the match and in the final the 83 keeper was MOM. Quite simply ridiculous!

    What is certain though is that this Blackpool squad are onto a hiding next season!

  4. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread

    After 2 and a bit very successful seasons with Bradford City, i have taken the difficult decision to move on to pastures new and take the Middlesbrough job.

    I took over Bradford 1 game into season 2 and led them on an amazing 33 match unbeaten run that won us the title. Iwelumo scored 43 goals in 30 games!

    Last season we went straight through division 3, winning the title again and now they sit mid-table in division 2.

    I hope Bradford goes to someone good, there's a decent squad there with a great youth squad as well.

    But i've decided that Boro is a bigger job. Whoever had Boro before was very busy as the squad is huge, so i'll be needing to trim the wage bill. Already put a few on the transfer list and added some to the loan list as well if anyones interested.

  5. Re: nani or krasic???

    Krasic scored a hatrick today.

    Nani scored one and made one.

    Personally i'd go for Nani simply because he's playing for one of the best sides in the world. Krasic is a great player but Juve are in transition and might not even make Europe.

  6. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke

    He really doesnt deserve 91 tbh' date=' just coz he plays for Barca and Spain. hes nothing special IMO.[/quote']

    So just how does he earn his place in the best club side and best country in the world if he's "nothing special". He's now keeping Mascherano out of the side, he was immense at Bilbao on saturday night.

    Forget all this 'he only plays because he's Spanish' rubbish. If he wasn't good enough he wouldn't be picked, end of story.

  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Chesterfield beat Oxford 4-1 tonight. After 3 without a win i tried something new tonight and it seemed to work. Vandinho scoring and getting MOM on his debut. Angelim and Vargas also did well on their debuts and Ruben Ramirez now has 9 goals in 11 games.

    Slowly shipping out my risers and building a squad to try and earn promotion next season.

  8. Re: Im going to buy these players- what do you think ?

    I will buy these players for my new Man City which im building for the future' date=' no players aged over 26 !

    Shawcross 88

    Cahill 88

    Loach 84

    F.Fielding 75

    Wickham 78

    P.Jones 80

    Notice their all English, meaning these guys are likely to be playing for England in the 2014 world cup !

    Thoughts please and also what rating predictions do you predict for these players now and in future !

    Thanks guys :)[/quote']

    If it's talented young English players you're after then also look at getting Wilshere, Rodwell and Gibbs.

    Also Loach and Fielding may well be good talents but Joe Hart is in pole position to be the England keeper for years and years as long as he stays fit and in form.

    Definitely buy Jones and Wickham though, great prospects!

  9. Re: Pato Vs Dzeko

    Dzeko is quality but i'd have to say Pato because of who he plays for. Pato could play his whole career in Italy and have a very high rating as well as playing European football year in year out, plus he's Brazilian.

    Dzeko will have to leave Germany to increase his rating so he'll have to adapt to a new country. Plus being Bosnian he isn't likely to ever play at a Euros or World Cup.

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