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  1. A striker, born in Kosovo, Pec; currently a FK Buducnost player. He is a hot prospect for the future, considering the fact that he already is an untouchable player for the team + made his debut for Montenegro in WC Qualifiers against Italy coming on in the 70th minute. Here are some stats and few words about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatos_Be%C4%87iraj And a small compilation video on youtube with some of his goals. F9l_mPwo6FA
  2. Re: Serie A Vs EPL (style of football) The difference between Serie A and EPL, is qute clear. English football is more fast, and more enjoyable to watch, but Serie A is a more tactic and stronger league. This can be seen in Europe too, There are always Italian teams that go through up the next round. After man yoo crashed Roma 7:1, everyone though that also Milan is going to be humiliated by them, but it was all the opposite there. You could've seen that, Milan played great wise football. I do watch also EPL, but I enjoy more the Serie A.
  3. Re: AC MILAN ? Half awake giant What Milan really needs is young blood. Someone who hasn't won nothing yet, but is eager on that. GK is necessarily at any cost, also 2 - 3 defenders. Most of people blame the defense, but probably they don't know yet that only Inter has conceded less goals than us in Serie A. I would not touch the midfield, they're doing good (don't blame them just because our strikers cannot score goals). As for strikers, that's our main problem. Benzema would be a good option (young, talent, and the most important thing - proven in European stages). There is also Lavezz
  4. Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared
  5. Re: Ronaldo Retiring this summer? Goal.com is getting more crap day by day. I don't know where are they getting such a rumors. I won't believe any source till I read it on AC Milan's official site or watch the interview made by player himself.
  6. Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared Thanks for the welcome. That score is the only history for you guys, I'm glad for it.
  7. Hi people. I'm Besfort from Kosovo, 20 years old, and a die-hard Milan fan since i started watching football. I've been reading this forum a while now, and guess what ? today it's a special day for me, and all of you -> I decided to register, and become a legend himself. I see that here are really nice forum leaders (Administrators), and that pushed me a bit to join this wonderful Forum. I've been a forum administrator of my favorite team a long time, but had to close it since, no one could afford Google Adwords. Well that's about it. 'Will keep you informed if something new comes up
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