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  1. Palop Bridge Boswigna Lucio Mexes Jagielka G Cahill Pirlo T Cahill Fellaini Wright-Phillips Simao Amauri Zarate Huntelaar Cheers
  2. Re: Giorgi CHANTURIA, Barca New Signing So Madrid sign Kaka and Ronaldo, and Barcelona sign Dot Cotton.
  3. Well I'm back. Back and better than ever with my amazing finds. You can credit me for Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kaka and Mark Noble at West Ham. My latest find plays in the English Premier League. His name is Neil Lennon and he currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur. This guy is a Winger and currently rated at 88. Ok, he's not that high, and he's not that well known but he is sure to rise in the future. BUY HIM NOW.
  4. What a joke they were. How is Habib Beye a 91 and Brown a 90? Bullard - England call up - a 87!!! Sort it out SM.
  5. Konko (Seville 88) Johnson (Fulham 89) Are they due to rise anytime soon? Also, whats Darren Bents rating looking like? Also, Ben Arfa or Suljemani?
  6. Im Real Madrid in one league and Brentford in another league. I want to loan my Real Madrid players to my Brentford team to help them out. Then when I get enough money sell all my Realk Madrid players to my Brentford team and then quit as manager as Madrid. Im thinking RVN, Raul and Pepe for starters. I dont wanna seem greedy. But I might sell Madrid my 70 rated players for £20m. I think this is a fantastic way to prosper. So how do I do it? When I go to loan Madrid players as Brentford boss there no option? When I go to Madrid I cant offer my Brentofrd players even though I have them on lo
  7. Doubt this guy has been mentioned before so I will claim the find. Scored 4 goals in 4 games fro Wigan. Currently 87 but expect an 89-90 in next ratings. No need to thank me.
  8. Hi there. This is my current defensive situation: LB's - (89) & (82) RB's - (91) CB's - (90) & (90) I need a new right back as back up for my 91 and a new centre back as back up for my 90s. Ideally I would like someone who is around late 80s and about to rise for the CB. The RB only has to be low to mid 80s. I have £14m in which to do this.
  9. Re: Customizable Formation ? old idea. nice try
  10. There is a club that had been unmanaged for some time. They had a player I really wanted but couldnt bid because I didnt have enough funds. I sold 3 players and raised enough cash. I was to put in a bid the night before my last game of the season (which is promotion decider) and have my new player turn out the following day. I go to bid and it gives me some rubbish about a transitional period and I must wait 48 hours. This isnt my gripe, this is a good addition BUT - why couldnt it pre warn me? Why do I only get to find this out when I bid on a player? If I had of known I would not of sold.
  11. I have it on good authority that Tottenham are going to sign an unknown player who is 16 years old from Crystal Palace. His name is John Bostock and is a 74 and CM. So watch out for my future threads. Ya see, I'm quite big in the city, so know things before they happen. People tell me things.
  12. Re: Carlitos Labrin I'm the best scout. Im very respected.
  13. Re: Click Here!!!10 games 8 goals at age 18 Click Here!!! He's on my DB. And has been for ages. My bro has him. 18 years old and F and rating at a 71.
  14. Re: Nacer Barazite BARGAIN BUY Old, Nice Try.
  15. Re: Some young talents I have found - big risers My Ronaldo thread was serious, I dont watch alot of UK football so didn;t know if people had heard of him. I got the name and pictures mixed up on the Fowler thread. My mate was feeding me information. This thread highlights some decent talents, thats all? Nothing illegal there. Leave me alone
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