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  1. major clubs & players are avaliable if anyone is interested.
  2. the world championship's ID is 228000 As I'm the last manager there its gonna closedown when season ends in few weeks, if no one steps in. I manage Man Utd but all other clubs are avaliable....also from the highly rated players i own only De Bruyne and Verratti ...so all others are avaliable for buying... I've been manager in that world from the start and the 4th season is about to finish...never one a thing there but after spending time there i'd be sorry to see it closes down... any help is appreciate it... tnx
  3. Re: Recommendation for formation & playstyle
  4. Re: Recommendation for formation & playstyle i'm gonna try it even though i hate playin with only 3 defenders...but i've noticed most people use this formation... do you use those arrows to point your players to run?
  5. I've been managing Porto squad for 4th season now in 1st division. I usually get placed between 3rd & 8th place and i'm happy with that. My goal is to be in top 10. I've started playing with 4-3-3 wingers and had solid results, changed to 4-3-3 and it was bad, and then more then 2 seasons i've played 4-2-3-1 which worked very well. With recent player changes i had to change gamestyle by using at least 2 forwards but experimenting with various formations lead me nowhere cause i have better results against managed teames then unmanaged and thats kinda sad with players i have. In other 2 worlds i have teams which mostly have 90 rated players i'm doing great but here where i have some great players only solid. Well,if someone wants to give me advice or opinion for formation or playstyle (i always play attacking style) here are my 88+ rated players : Leno - 89 , gk Ahamada-88 gk Hummels - 93 , d/dm © Subotic - 91, d © Bale - 93 , d/dm/m/am (l) Isla - 90, d/dm ® m (rc) Otamendi - 89 , d (rc) Maicon - 89, d (rc) Danilo - 89 , d® dm/m (rc) Reinartz - 89 d/dm ( c ) Fernando - 90 dm/m © Asamoah - 91, dm/m (lc) am© Fellaini - 91 , dm/m/am © Moutinho - 91 m © Dzagoev - 90 am (rlc) Menez - 90 am (rlc) f (rl) Rodriguez- 90 am (rlc) f (rl) hulk - 91, am ® f (rlc) hernandez - 91 f © falcao - 94 f © tnx in advance....
  6. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread i'm new to the forum and its my first post.... i have 14 players in my 3 game worlds that play in ligue 1 and mostly their ratings went up... but i was hoping that Tabanou (Toulouse) & Menez (PSG) would go up by +1... does anyone know why Peybernes (Sochaux) hasnt played last games for his club? injury? cuz i'm thinkin of selling him...
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