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  1. Re: Prize Money STILL, why have I not had a response yet??? This is a serious matter to do with a gameworld I'm taking part in. Please reply.
  2. Re: Prize Money That's great to hear as some clubs will need that. How much is the increase would you say on average? Plus my gameworld seems bugged. The seasons ended and nothing's happening. There are 10 managers so I doubt it's closing. No fixtures, nothing. Please help.
  3. Re: Has this game world ended??? Can anyone please help?? Preferably a Dev as this is a serious issue. I've spent a lot of time on my team and so have other managers in this game world.
  4. Re: Who asked for Single Player?
  5. Re: Tough opponent next,please help ! Try playing either a 4-3-3 Wingers or a 4-4-2. Both on Normal for style of play and passing should be mixed.
  6. Re: The "soccer Manager is changing" keep poping up Agreed, it's very annoying. It keeps popping up with every new window loaded.
  7. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions I've never actually seen a thread suggesting a single player version either. I think they're just trying to emulate Football Manager. I never asked for SP, I wanted to play SM because it's the only decent online football management game where I could play against real people.
  8. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed
  9. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed
  10. Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed
  11. Re: Soccer Manager App Another pointless update. Instead of working what needs to be worked on such as many aspects of multiplayer and the player ratings, they work on completely futile things such as the way the app looks. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. MAY I ALSO REMIND YOU THAT MANY PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR THIS GAME.
  12. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions This!
  13. Re: New Improvements This new layout is poor for accessibility. I have poor eyesight so zooming in and out is normal for me, I'm struggling to do that now because of the way the game takes up the whole width of the screen. If you could just change it back to the old layout that would be the best update in a long time.
  14. Re: Pjanic vs Fellani ? By a mile Pjanic. Fellaini as been awful this season and he'll most likely get a decrease to 90. On the other hand Pjanic has been instrumental for Roma this season and could rise although I doubt he will.
  15. Re: Adam Lallana and Jay Rodríguez Rodriguez deserves a +1 AT LEAST. He's scored 15 goals this Premier League season and before his injury he was in fiery form. Lallana should get a +1 or +2 soon, he deserves it.
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