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  1. Re: English Championship 7745 Discussion Thread I sent a message to all my friends in the game and two of them have joined. They are now managers of Port Vale and Bradford!!
  2. Re: eugen polanski Sorry, my bad. So he didn't get a rating during the Spanish ratings. Long time to wait till the next one!!
  3. Re: eugen polanski What has happenened to this player !!?? 3 substitue appearances for Getafe!! Just dropped 1 point rating. Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it all doom and gloom for now on in?
  4. Re: Martin BRAVO Seeing how this player is now being used only as a substitute, do you think he will get a rise in the Mexican ratings?
  5. Re: MOHAMED ALI - No not the boxer! - the one from Sivasspor, Turkey So I bought this player and he's been really good - but I can't find out what has happened to him this season. Anyone got any info?
  6. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers From the opening page regarding LB Pablo who is predicted to rise to 82. This player is now on loan to Malaga in the La Liga and has made 4 starts, the last one on 28/9. So do you think he could get even higher? Anyway let's hope so eh!!
  7. Re: Italian Ratings I know it's a bit early for Italian ratings however I noticed Stefano OKAKA CHUKA started for Roma this weekend (was later subbed in 3-1 defeat.) He is a 82 CF. Anyone got any info on this one? Maybe due for a rise when the Italian ratings come round?
  8. Re: Thread to mention when must buy players are added! Marcel SCHMELZER of Borussia Dortmund added today - 78 rating left back. Anyone got any feedback regards this player. Is he a must or just a maybe buy.
  9. Re: Manucho What is happening with this player? Manchester Utd seem to have left him out against Newcastle Utd yesterday when they were short of strikers!
  10. Re: Humberto Rever I am currently thinking about investing in this player - What do people think he will rise to in the next brazilian ratings?
  11. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers I was just looking through your list and buying some of the players for my Southend Utd team and came across one you mentioned in the Brazilian ratings. Pablo LB 78. Is this de barros Pablo? formerly of Botafogo. As soccermanager have him down as playing for Zaragoza. If this is the same guy I guess if he plays he'll get a good increase but not until the spanish ratings.
  12. Re: Gambian youngster Koroma completes Portsmouth signing Is he on DB yet?
  13. Re: Martin Caceres Is it likely that this guy will be a first team regular for Barcelona next term?
  14. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. Reis da Silva WALLACE 72 rating CB Just found this player just started playing for Brazilian team Vitoria who are third in the league. Should be wortg a rise in ratings next time Brazil comes around!!
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I would also be intersested on the progress of Emir FACCIOLI. If anyone has any info on this player it would be appreciated.
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