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  1. Re: Edison Cavani or any better ideas? Thanks for the suggestions guys.Checking some of those options out now.
  2. Re: Losing Borriello to gain Higuain? Thanks for all your responses guys..much appreciated.
  3. I'm looking for a 83-87 rated attacker for one of my smaller teams.I have about £6m max to spend.I'd love it to be someone who's going to rocket towards a 90 rating,but then don't we all say that. My first thought is Edison Cavani of Palermo of Palermo,who's playing and has scored a couple of goals too.He's available for around £5.5m which seems pretty reasonable.Added bonus is Italian ratings are due fairly soon. Any thoughts on this guy or indeed decent alternatives would be much appreciated!
  4. Re: Losing Borriello to gain Higuain? Thanks guys...you've both twisted my arm!!
  5. I'm thinking of selling Borriello to finance buying Higuain...it'll mean a short-term drop from 90-89 but I believe you've got to speculate to accumulate!! The only thing stopping me is a nagging worry that Borriello might rise in soon to arrive Italian ratings.He's playing for Milan but doesn't appear to be starting regularly. Any thoughts appreciated guys...
  6. Re: 2 90+ Wingers for my Arsenal side? What about Mata at Valencia...guaranteed riser now Valencia have sorted themsevles out.Obviously not 90 rated at present,but wouldn't be surprised to see him hitting those heights soon!!
  7. Re: New Striker Talent If you can stretch to 11m or so have a look at Falcao at River Plate...he tends to bang them in apparently.
  8. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On? Thanks for the advice guys.Moutinho it is.He is actually closer to 20m but I don't mind throwing a few extra mill into the deal.That'll give me Nasri,Modric & Moutinho as my best 3 CM's.Sweet.....
  9. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On? I think he's played a game of poker to try & get the Chelsea job and ended up with a duff hand.Nicko on brfcs.co.uk reckons Abramovich really doesn't want him,so looks like City for Sparky-I can't see how he can come back now,although Redknapp had a sniff at the geordies & then returned to Pompey so you never know!
  10. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On?
  11. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On? I was sort of heading in that direction myself...but nice to get other people's views. Cheers!
  12. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On? C'mon guys I don't have a contagious disease!!!
  13. Re: 15m for Tiago Neves-3 Options To Spend The Cash On? Forgot to mention...Riccardo Montolivo(Fiorentina) as one of my options to buy.
  14. Re: Peter ODEMWINGIE Yeah, I think you should too.Hard to believe you couldn't spend that 15m on someone better.
  15. Guys, I've received a bid of 15m for Thiago Neves which I think is a good deal although I know big things are expected of him(which is why I bought him in the first place ) If I do accept the bid..there aren't many players who haven't already been bought,but I will need a CM to strengthen my squad .My 3 choices are(all for approx 15m),Moutinho(Sporting),Cana(Marseille) & Afellay(PSV). Anyone got any opinions?Do I keep Neves...sell him & buy one of the three mentioned above or any suggestions of future superstars-to-be instead(someone like Hamsik at Napoli maybe or Nuri at Feyenoord
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