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  1. Re: I'm finally here Welcome M8 Hope you have fun. :):):):) Martin FudgeyYNWA
  2. Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide! What else you could do is if your using a windows pc then simply have on the screen what you want to copy and press the 'Print Screen' button which is normally located above the arrow keys. (For Mac users you need to press Command-Shift-4 then press space soon after you can drag a box of what you want to copy, images should be saved on your desktop) After doing this you can go into paint and go to edit-paste or just press both control and v at the same time, this will place it on to the screen. Now press select on the list of c
  3. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed This is my very first time ive ever been on the website lol I signed up for the website just before joining the game Martin FudgeyYNWA
  4. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed Ohh kk Whats your fastest lap time in Melbourne? Martin FudgeyYNWA
  5. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed Are you even in this grid??? Ifso whats your name? What team you on? Martin FudgeyYNWA
  6. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed Ohh yeah...it gave me the message As this is a private game you are joining, you must enter the password you should have been provided with by the game owner. And now its let me in lol
  7. FudgeyYNWA

    top 5 rap songs

    Re: top 5 rap songs Nobody think Beware by Big Pun is up there?
  8. Re: Batracer, F1 Drivers needed Hi m8 Ive signed up to the game but need a password to enter the game, do you have that?
  9. Re: Hi Everyone Thanks M8 Peter Crouch is a very good player in my opinion, however my favourite player is Jamie Carragher. I believe he is Liverpool's Best player. Martin FudgeyYNWA
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm new here (as you may have guessed). Just like to say hello to you all. Liverpool fan YNWA Martin FudgeyYNWA
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