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  1. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Money is the the No.1 reason. Moving to Bayern = more trophies = more famous = more advertising = more money. It's all about the money. Moving to Man City (for example sheikh club) = more salary but ≠ more trophies. Star players main source of income is not salary' date=' it is advertising. So Man City = less money than Bayern/Real Madrid/Barca overall. In his case especially [b']it is the money[/b] because he is moving to a direct rival meaning he is taking more risk in losing some of his fan base. The important thing is: Can you blame hi
  2. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Almería win playoff against Girona (4-0 total) and win promotion to La Liga.
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Arrigo Sacchi once predicted that future formation will be all midfield players (+ GK) meaning that defensive midfielders will be the defenders and attacking midfielders will be the attackers. Guardiola was the first to take this philosophy on the pitch. Until 2011 Barca have been constant with 4 Defenders 3 Midfielders and 3 Attackers formation. Gradually Guardiola changed that into 343. Not just formation but also sign Mascherano (a defensive midfielder) to play as a defender and Fabregas (a midfielder) to play as false nine and Villa (the attacker) to play
  4. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Talking about Classic Wingers and Crossers of the ball and the great Jesús Navas, I feel obligation to mention the always underrated Pedro León. Stats from La Liga this season: Jesús Navas (Games Played 37 - 3317 minutes) Goals 0 - Assists 6 - Key Passes 76 - Dribbles 62 - Crossing 53/269 Pedro León (Games Played 26(3) - 2282 minutes) Goals 3 - Assists 7 - Key Passes 59 - Dribbles 30 - Crossing 63/227 Source: WhoScored.com
  5. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Yesterday Moisés 'Moi' Gómez scored a crucial late equalizer for Spain U19 NT in a 1-1 draw against Croatia to secure top spot in Group 4 and qualify to Euro U19 held Lithuania this July.
  6. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread There is no official best eleven for any Liga. It is a matter of opinion. That is why Official website (lfp.es) doesn't give one. Since a best eleven formation would be mainly a mix of Real Madrid and Barcelona players (+ 1 or 2 others), here is my opinion on best eleven La Liga players for season 2012/2013 that does not include Real Madrid or Barcelona. Formation: 4 2 3 1 GK: Thibaut Courtois (Atlético Madrid) Sub: Andrés (Osasuna) DR: Carlos Martínez (Real Sociedad) DL: Filipe Luis (Atlético Madrid) Sub: Damiá (Osasuna) DC: Diego Godín
  7. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread I choose no.2 but change 'Idiotic' to 'opportunistic' (if this is the right form of the word), and then add no.3 to that but refer to agent pocket. Agents are soulless cash whores, just ask Jorge Mendes or Pini Zahavi.
  8. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread
  9. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Yeah know that, just so happy and proud of this Real Madrid kid.
  10. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Álvaro Morata Remember this name. Although he didn't play with the U21 NT before, he now has 2 Caps 2 Goals. He also played 1 game in the CL and made 1 assist. A brilliant header of the ball. Reminds me of Morientes. I will never forget his goal against Levante in the 84th minute.
  11. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread OR may be Dortmund are hoping to make some big signings in the summer transfer market and have a good start to the new season, that Lewa would tempted to sign an extension before winter.
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