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  1. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Money is the the No.1 reason. Moving to Bayern = more trophies = more famous = more advertising = more money. It's all about the money. Moving to Man City (for example sheikh club) = more salary but ≠ more trophies. Star players main source of income is not salary' date=' it is advertising. So Man City = less money than Bayern/Real Madrid/Barca overall. In his case especially [b']it is the money[/b] because he is moving to a direct rival meaning he is taking more risk in losing some of his fan base. The important thing is: Can you blame him? I can't. Life is about opportunities and he made the right choice for his benefit. Especially that he made the move in a good decent manner. Didn't wait his contract to end + gave his team a good amount of money + was straight forward with no games or lies.
  2. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Almería win playoff against Girona (4-0 total) and win promotion to La Liga.
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. Schalke were clearly the better side, illustrated by Porto's GK getting the Man of the Match award despite the lose. With this win, Schalke set a new record of 5 wins in a row. They still drop in the table standing because of 1 goal difference. Schalke drop to 4th position with 21 points from 12 games.
  4. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In a 5 goal thriller, Fulham slump to a 3 - 2 defeat against Norwich City in their Division 1 fixture. Both GKs underperform and are responsible for the high score line. Losing to their immediate opponents mean that Fulham drop to 3rd place. Wigan Athletic continue their good form and take top spot, while Norwich City are 1 point less in 2nd place.
  5. Re: The Basement PAOK - GRÊMIO 2 - 2 Unfortunate Grêmio draw in their away game with Greek side PAOK. Fielding a weaker side, PAOK created very little chances but were able to score 2 goals in 2 minutes from their 2 shots on target to draw the match after Grêmio were up 2-0. PAOK take their first point of the season. Brazilian star Blumer ELANO was the hero by scoring both goals for Grêmio in the first half, while Dutch Ricardo VAN RHIJN was the villain being sent off in the 56th minute and Spanish GK Gorka IRAIZOZ who failed to save any of the 2 shots at him. Grêmio slip to 7th place with only 1 win from 4 games.
  6. [table] [tr] [th]Header1[/th] [th]Header2[/th] [/tr] [tr] [td]Data1[/td] [td]Data2[/td] [/tr] [/table] There is a [table] tag that can be added to the acceptable BB Code we use to post on the forum. Contacted a forum Mod about it and asked for it several weeks ago. He contacted the forum admins but what they added was the stupid [move] tag and the useless tag. A [table] tag will be very useful to forumers in posting match reports or league tables or real competition news or scores or polls etc. Thought to start this thread to ask the Forum Admins to work on adding the [table] tag to the 'allowed' BB Code.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Arrigo Sacchi once predicted that future formation will be all midfield players (+ GK) meaning that defensive midfielders will be the defenders and attacking midfielders will be the attackers. Guardiola was the first to take this philosophy on the pitch. Until 2011 Barca have been constant with 4 Defenders 3 Midfielders and 3 Attackers formation. Gradually Guardiola changed that into 343. Not just formation but also sign Mascherano (a defensive midfielder) to play as a defender and Fabregas (a midfielder) to play as false nine and Villa (the attacker) to play attacking left wing (inside forward). Also Dani Alves (a defender) was tactically playing as a right midfielder. Busquets was a defensive midfielder who would drop deep to be a defender if needed. Guardiola believe in total football, meaning the elimination of speciality positions. All players on the pitch need to able to perform like a midfielder originally perform, which is passing, pressing, and tackling. I can see him implementing this with Bayern because they have the core players that fit in his system. Javi Martínez (Busquets), a defensive midfielder who can drop to defensive line. Alaba (Alves) a left defender who can easily be moved to midfielder position (as in Austria NT). Mandzukić (Villa) an attacker who can play the wing inside forward role. Gotze a midfielder who could be a false 9. Add to this the already in place Dante, Schweinsteiger, Ribéry, and Müller. The real test would be how he implement his ideas to a team who was very successful using a certain formation and technique which won a treble already.
  8. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Spain win the final and retain their U21 title. Spain's recent record in International competitions now stands at: First Team: 1 World Cup - 2 Euro U21: 2 Euro U19: 2 Euro
  9. Re: .:10000 bc:. BUT with average of 1.6 points per game!
  10. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!
  11. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) Have some useful stats in the News thread you might find helpful
  12. Re: The ICON Games - World News AUSTRALASIAN ICON GAMES End of Season Report Australia and Japan were on top by mid season, but Russia and Turkey catch up to them by the second half of the season. Australia dropped in form but Japan remained in the competition. The battle went on till the last match of the season where any of Turkey, Japan, or Russia could have won it. At the end Russia were victorious. Russia and Japan scored the most goals with 43 and 42 goals each, which is slightly less than 2 goals per game. Turkey conceded the least amount of goals with only 18 goals in 22 games. Japan maintained the highest attendance by far with an average of more than 22,000 per game. Second highest was Russia with average of 16,000 per game. While Iraq, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have the least average attendance with average of 4,500 per game only. Biggest wins of the season were a 6-0 win for South Korea over Thailand and a 7-1 win for Australia over India. The highest scoring game was a 5-3 win for China over India. Top scorer is from Saudi Arabia with 19 goals from 19 games, while the top assist man is from Australia with 14 assists in 20 games. Highest rated player is from Japan with average rating of 7.82 from 22 games, while the holder of most man of the match awards is from China and has 5 MoMs in 16 games. Final Table for Season 1 Team (Manager) - Points (Goal Difference) 1 Russia (IanoLudz) ................... 41 (15) 2 Turkey (King Leo) ................... 39 (16) 3 Japan (King Roo) .................... 39 (13) 4 Australia (unmanaged) ............ 36 (8) 5 Iraq (slbquista) ...................... 32 (-3) 6 China (steauaseka) ................ 30 (3) 7 Saudi Arabia (LethalYid) .......... 28 (8) 8 Thailand (Taylor8) ................... 28 (-11) 9 South Korea (unmanaged) ....... 27 (0) 10 Iran (unmanaged) ................. 25 (-5) 11 Indonesia (Gozzy) ................. 22 (-12) 12 India (Venkrontrueblue11) ....... 13 (-32) Reminder: There are 3 empty spots for new managers in the Australasian Sector for anyone interested.
  13. Re: .:10000 bc:. Just 1 goal from 21 shots on target from both teams, as it was a good game for the GKs. Amazingly Schalke are now in the promotion zone, and they manage to turn their goal difference into the positive side. Schalke climb to 3rd spot with 18 points from 11 games.
  14. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! The scoreline doesn't really reflect how even the match was. Could have been any team to win it. Good game PS. I am sure that Atlético Madrid fans always hate when they are called 'Athletic' (because this is for Bilbao).
  15. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In an attacking display, Fulham beat West Ham United 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture. With only 1 goal scored, it is hard to believe this game had a total of 22 shots on target from both teams. Both GKs produced excellent performance with West Ham's GK getting the Man of Match award despite the lose. Immediate opponents Wigan Athletic and Norwich City both record wins, which means the table ranking remain unchanged.
  16. Re: The Basement GRÊMIO - CORINTHIANS 2 - 2 In an entertaining match, the all Brazilian encounter ended in a draw. Both teams had the determination to comeback in the game. Grêmio could have won if they had more concentration in front of goal and didn't waste 2 thirds of their shots off target. Last season's hero was this game's Man of the Match, Landon DONOVAN scored both goals for Grêmio but it was not enough to get a win. Corinthians remained solid even after going 1 man down after the red card for their star player Júnior PAULINHO. Recent Grêmio signing Pedro LEÓN also suffered a long injury and joins Mehmet TOPAL on the injury list. Now 2 of this season's starter signing are sidelined for at least 10 days. Bad luck for Grêmio this season. In an exact repeat of last season, Grêmio record only 1 win from their opening 3 games. With 4 points, they lie in mid table along with their fellow promoted Cardiff City.
  17. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! Welcome to the Winner of season 1 in the Australasian Sector of the ICON Games GW
  18. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Today's Games: Spain v Norway Italy v Netherlands
  19. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) A positive change because it used to increase the minimum and decrease the maximum allowed' date=' which was making several transactions impossible. Once again your logic is right and the execution is wrong. The concept of 'being swayed' is not implemented at all as the valuation DOES NOT take into account the rating of the player offered in comparison to both the player requested and the selling club average rating. A Chairman offered a 92 player for his 89 player, especially when this transfer will increase his overall team average, should be more 'eager' to get the deal done and not to try and make it hard!
  20. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! Very true! I think it is better for the long run and for non-famous leagues also, on the condition that it is well maintained. Still waiting to see what will happen to the Big 5 during the summer.
  21. Re: .:10000 bc:. We dominated the match which saw all 5 goals scored in the first 30 mins. Once again Schalke's attack get all the high marks with a below than average defence rating, but at least we didn't draw. Schalke move up to 5th position with 15 points from 10 games.
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