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  1. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In a balanced match, Fulham slump to a 1 - 0 defeat to Manchester United in their Division 1 fixture. Both teams had a fair amount of scoring chances and both GKs produce good performances to keep the score as low as just 1 goal, with Man Utd's GK getting MoM award. On the other hand, Norwich City lose at home while Wigan Athletic win away. This mean that Fulham remain top of the table on goal difference after being tied in points by Wigan, with Norwich just 1 point behind.
  2. Re: The Basement GRÊMIO - CLUB BRUGGE 0 - 1 Grêmio lost their first home game of the season in Division 1. They repeat a similar scenario like last season when they had a bad start to the season. The question is can they continue the scenario and emerge winners? Time will tell. Although Grêmio had very little in terms of possession, they managed to have their fair amount of chances to score. This game could have ended in a higher score line, but both GKs were up for the task and have very good performances. So far, the only teams to have a 100% record are the Greek Panathinaikos,
  3. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) RUSSIA (1) - TURKEY (0) Turkey lose away to Russia and lose their top position in the league. The Turkey manager took a gamble with a very attacking formation but it backfired and a whole season effort was lost. Japan also lost their final game home to Thailand in an epic 3-4 match where Thailand had their attacker score a super hattrick! Both results mean that Russia are the surprise winners of this season's qualification in the Australatian Secotr of the ICON Games. They have 41 points from 12 Wins 5 Draws and 5 Loses. The Russia team concentrate
  4. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Álvaro Morata, the Real Madrid wonderkid, is Top Goal Scorer after group stage with 3 goals in ~135 minutes of play with Spain's U21 NT.
  5. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Right there the part I underlined is the problem. It SHOULD change, depending on who the target is and who is offered. My first line in my reply to your first post was that I understand and agree with your logic. The logic you stated was: What we have in-game right now it that any Chairman values my offered player (no matter what his rating is, compared to the receiving club's team average rating) at a 'static fixed value' which happens to be his exact market Value. While on the other hand, my Chairman always 'inflates' the value of the player I am
  6. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  7. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Talking about Classic Wingers and Crossers of the ball and the great Jesús Navas, I feel obligation to mention the always underrated Pedro León. Stats from La Liga this season: Jesús Navas (Games Played 37 - 3317 minutes) Goals 0 - Assists 6 - Key Passes 76 - Dribbles 62 - Crossing 53/269 Pedro León (Games Played 26(3) - 2282 minutes) Goals 3 - Assists 7 - Key Passes 59 - Dribbles 30 - Crossing 63/227 Source: WhoScored.com
  8. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Today's Games: spain v Netherlands (both qualify) Russia v Germany (both eliminated)
  9. Re: The Basement INDEPENDIENTE - GRÊMIO 1 - 3 Grêmio start the season with an away win against Argentinian side Independiente. Grêmio's game plan was slightly cautious but proved to be the right choice. Although Grêmio had far less shots than their opponents, all the players got good performance ratings. A good result on the first day is always more positive than an attacking display, although Grêmio fans will be hoping for more in the coming matches. The match was the debut for 3 of the newly signed players. Pedro LEON scored the opening goal, while Ömer TOPRAK had a solid defensi
  10. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Yesterday Moisés 'Moi' Gómez scored a crucial late equalizer for Spain U19 NT in a 1-1 draw against Croatia to secure top spot in Group 4 and qualify to Euro U19 held Lithuania this July.
  11. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Today's Games: Israel v England (both eliminated) Italy v Norway (both qualify)
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread There is no official best eleven for any Liga. It is a matter of opinion. That is why Official website (lfp.es) doesn't give one. Since a best eleven formation would be mainly a mix of Real Madrid and Barcelona players (+ 1 or 2 others), here is my opinion on best eleven La Liga players for season 2012/2013 that does not include Real Madrid or Barcelona. Formation: 4 2 3 1 GK: Thibaut Courtois (Atlético Madrid) Sub: Andrés (Osasuna) DR: Carlos Martínez (Real Sociedad) DL: Filipe Luis (Atlético Madrid) Sub: Damiá (Osasuna) DC: Diego Godín
  13. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread I choose no.2 but change 'Idiotic' to 'opportunistic' (if this is the right form of the word), and then add no.3 to that but refer to agent pocket. Agents are soulless cash whores, just ask Jorge Mendes or Pini Zahavi.
  14. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! Want to also share another aspect. By 30 June all loan deals in real life are usually ended, unless they are extended (like Courtois for example). So should we just wait on loaned players till July and then decide?
  15. Re: The Basement Somehow I thought you would say that To be honest' date=' it is a very successful setup because the idea is very dynamic and ensures excitement every season. My idea is just to add a little zest. Personally going to apply it to my team Welcome Noisy
  16. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED! Hello everyone! Been interested in this unique setup for some time and finally had the opportunity to join. Although my favorite club is Los Blancos Real Madrid, it already has a manager (a successful one too ). From the available clubs, I picked Internazionale because it seems they will be rebuilding their squad this summer and has a promising future. Also because I had a success story with Internazionale as the first club I win a trophy with in SM I have some questions to confirm transfers before I do t
  17. Re: .:10000 bc:. With match stats less than Napoli in every single attribute (even yellow cards), I have to admit it was a fortunate win for us. However, it is always a good feeling to beat the league leaders With a modest record of 3 wins, 3 draws, and 3 loses, Schalke suddenly find themselves 4 points away from top spot!! I have no idea how that is even possible! To be honest, I think all teams are under-performing at the moment. With the only exception of Bayern who are on a 4 match winning run that took them from relegation zone to 3rd spot just 1 point away from the top! Schalke r
  18. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In a nice display of attacking football, the match between Fulham and Stoke City in their Division 1 fixture ended in a 2 - 2 draw. Luc CASNOS was again involved in the scoring and is joint top scorer in the league with Mattia DESTRO. Inspite of the draw, Fulham remain top as 2nd place Norwich City also recorded a draw in their tough match against 3rd place Wigan Athletic. In other news, Fulham signed rising star Kostas FORTOUNIS for slightly more than 6 million. They have now reached maximum squad size and will be looking to sell some
  19. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) TURKEY (1) - IRAQ (1) In an evenly contested match, Turkey could only manage a draw against an impressive performance from Iraq. The Red Devils went ahead in the first half but the brave Iraqis were not intimidated and equalized in the second half. Elsewhere, Japan failed to win away to bottom of the table India who showed a lot of character by equalizing the score after Japan took the lead. Russia were involved in a thriller against Saudi Arabia in a match that saw 7 goals. Russia showed their determination by always taking the lead. Australia suff
  20. Re: The Basement Everybody immediately looked at their Nationality's top rated players Remember that you still sign any player from any nation for the rest of your 30 man squad (that is 22 first team players!). In nations like Norway, Mexico and Greece, their youth players have greater chances of International football. Norway U21 team has the highest senior caps in the current Euro U21. Mexico are the winners of the Olympics gold and Greece U19 were finalists in the Euro U19 2011. Having slightly less than 25% of each club players be of the same nationality as the club is the minimum t
  21. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread
  22. Re: The Basement What jkerrs means is only make bids in the transfer windows. Bids are not allowed after the window closes (even though they can be agreed in-game and normally happen in the following window). _______________ I have a suggestion I want to present to fellow managers in The Basement and open for discussion. During my pre-season transfer planning I discovered that in the coming seasons I might have no Brazilian player in my Brazilian team Grêmio. Will be a shame. Thought about how things run in real life and there are rules like Home-grown and Club-grown to prevent teams fro
  23. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Yeah know that, just so happy and proud of this Real Madrid kid.
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