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  1. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations YES, the AI should be able to choose from all 24 formations. Why? Because human managers can. If you are against this, then how about SM introduces an option where human managers are forced to choose only 3 tactics per season. In reality, that's how it goes. Managers in real life seldom change more than 2 tactics per season anyway! Still, the match engine itself needs improvements. I've seen a few bizarre results between managed and unmanaged clubs alike. Penalties, cards, injuries, man-of-the-match choices, GK rating vs performance are all areas that
  2. I'm looking to join a costume GW with few teams (max 10) per division so it has short seasons and a cap for managers to login at least once per week. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm not talking about cheating or anything like that. I like to check other match reports besides my own team, and in 1 of my GWs Napoli was playing Barca and won 3-1 (still 1st season so almost all real-life players in place). I was interested to see the match report and was shocked!! Napoli had 2 red cards by 30 minutes in the match but still managed to score 3 goals in the first half. In the second half they conceded only 1 goal although there was no change in the tactics!! I know the sport football is unpredictable and that Celtic managed to beat Barca with only 15% possession in real li
  4. Re: Inactive managers Yeah I hate that as well. The default is 30 days period but if you search in costume games, some have caps of 10 days which is much better. I have yet to see 1 with 3 or so days (meaning each manager must be there for at least each league match).
  5. I have a small squad and was wondering about the player concern that they are not playing. Do all my players expect to play? And if I rotate the team would my star players get angry that they are not playing every game? Is it dependent on ratings, meaning an 85 player will not expect to play much compared to a 90 player? I need advice cuz I'm shuffling my second-best 11 and would like to keep them for a long time (I have high hopes they will rise) without them getting unhappy and having concerns.
  6. Re: The Revolving Door Are there still empty slots left in this setup? I'm interested to join.
  7. Re: La Liga 2.. Youth Academy!.. May Only Sign 21 Yrs Or Under.. 25 Man Squad Cap.. Is this project still on? I like the idea and want to join.
  8. Re: What everyone is thinking about the risers... I only started playing SM this month but I'll tell you what I think: (Correct me if I got SM wrong) You keep promising 75-80 players so that u sell them when they get updated at SoccerWiki. You don't play them in matches at all (unless you are in a costume game with caps). At the same time you look to buy 90 players for your team to win and you pay millions. So you need a source of income other than your club finances. Then selling them or not is completely circumstantial. You don't know when they will rise and you don't know when you will n
  9. Are the 'Player Attributes' on the SoccerWiki database integrated in the SM match engine? I mean if I have an AMRL player who's strength is in 'Pace' and he has the Special Ability 'Flair', would that make him better than another AMRL when they had the same rating? How about 'Height' and 'Aerial Ability', does that play a role when there is a set piece situation and I have a tall forward against a short defender? Or is it all about the tactics, instructions, morale and player ratings only?
  10. Re: Gameworld News Feed I like it. I'm new to SM so I was not used to the old format that much. May be that's why I like it. On the other hand, I like communicating with people, and that's why I was looking for an online football manager game (I played FM since the 94 edition and was looking forward with the interaction with humans). So the new 'News feed' allows for communication between human managers in every GW. This is brilliant. The ones who want to engage in discussions will do that and the ones who rather play silently will not participate. The look needs a bit of work, eg. make is
  11. Re: Penalties! So what is your rate of conversion of penalties, scored to missed ratio? Also, checking soccerwiki for a player's strong points is logical but do u know if it's actually integrated in the match engine or not?
  12. Re: Game World News Feed - updated I like it and think it is a very good way of communication with other managers in a GW. I also think it would deter people from making unrealistic (cheating) transfers out there, cuz they know they will get hammered. But it looks ugly. Or not ugly but weirdly large. It needs to be much smaller (may be less than half the current size) or have the ability to collapse/expand the sections and the individual posts. Overall, I think that it's a positive introduction to improve communication.
  13. Who do you normally choose to take your penalties? Is it the highest rated player on the field? What if the highest rated player is the GK for example. I experienced 3 penalties in the last 2 games I played (2 for me and 1 against me) and they were all missed! I normally choose the highest rated player to take the penalties. In 1 game I had Hummels then Gotze miss their penalties (they were the highest rated at the time) and in another game Torres missed a penalty against me (he was not the highest rated). Does it have to do with the GK's rating? If the GK is rated higher than the penalty t
  14. Re: Reporting Deals Help OK after some search, I know see that in the All Transfers tab there will be a link called 'illegal?' which probably appears only next to transfers that the game engine thinks might be a bit weird. I don't know the exact criteria to flag those transfers and not others, but i guess it has to do with over/under valuation of players. Now, what i'm still searching at is how to report an account if it appears to be part of a multiple account scheme by 1 player. I'm a new SM user and i like the concept so much and i think i'll be here for a long time. I am totally against
  15. Re: Game World based on Nationalities? Thanks for the heads up. Check the GW but unfortunately both Spain teams are already taken. Any other games of that nature around?
  16. Re: Reporting Deals Help So how does one report a fishy deal? I mean if I encounter something that looks like cheating in my GW, I'd like to know of the proper procedure to follow. Say in case of multiple accounts involved in transfers that don't make sense?
  17. I would love the idea of Game Worlds where clubs are only allowed to buy players the same nationality as the club, with a cap on foreign players. You know, like how it used to be before the Bosman Ruling. Are there Game Worlds like that open for public? Is it even possible to have such a setup in SM?
  18. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I checked the Game World and I'm surprised so many clubs have 100+ million to spend but yet their average rating is so low, how come?
  19. Re: How important is a Chairman Valuation of a player? Thank you both for replying. So, the Chairman Value has nothing to do with the Player Rating changes whether in the past or the future. In that case the only point of comparison between players in the same position is the Rating. A 90 FC will always be better than an 89 FC (at least for the current season). I donno, I thought there's more depth to it than that.
  20. When I browse players I see a 'Player Value' in the fact file info but then in the transfer tab I see my 'Chairman Value' which is almost always different. How does my Chairman calculate this number? I thought it might have to do with the Rating increase/decrease of the player in question but sometimes my 'Chairman Value' is more than the 'Player Value' even though his Rating is decreasing (and vv - CV is less when R is increasing). Is it an indication of future Rating change? Like the Chairman 'thinks' the player's Rating will increase/decease in the future?
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