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  1. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Álvaro Morata Remember this name. Although he didn't play with the U21 NT before, he now has 2 Caps 2 Goals. He also played 1 game in the CL and made 1 assist. A brilliant header of the ball. Reminds me of Morientes. I will never forget his goal against Levante in the 84th minute.
  2. Re: Guillermo Varela The player Man Utd sign is Guillermo Varela Olivera, a 20 year old right back who played just 1 professional game as a sub (only 23 minutes) back in the 2010/2011 season with Peñarol. Apparently he spent few weeks as a trial period at the end of season at Man Utd and was signed after that. He is not in the database yet. The player in the database is Jim Morrison Varela Devotto. Another youngster at Peñarol who plays as a defensive midfielder. He is 18 and played 3 games this season (190 minutes).
  3. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  4. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread This is a nice chart that represents the total senior caps each country has in it's U21 Squad for the this tournaments.
  5. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread OR may be Dortmund are hoping to make some big signings in the summer transfer market and have a good start to the new season, that Lewa would tempted to sign an extension before winter.
  6. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread Group A Brazil - Japan 1-1 Mexico - Italy 2-2 Italy - Japan 2-1 (ESB) Italy - Brazil 1-1 Japan - Mexico 1-2 (FGS - Javier Hernandez) Team 1 to progress: Italy Team 2 to progress: Mexico Group B Spain - Uruguay 1-1 (ESB) Tahiti - Nigeria 0-3 Nigeria - Uruguay 1-2 (FGS - Cavani) Nigeria - Spain 0-1 Uruguay - Tahiti 2-1 Team 1 to progress: Spain Team 2 to progress: Uruguay Tournament winner: Italy Top Goalscorer: Javier Hernandez
  7. Re: UEFA U21 2013 Discussion Thread Today's Games: Netherlands v Russia Spain v Germany
  8. This is the Official UEFA Webpage for the Competition. A bit late to start this thread but here it is. Competition duration: 5 - 18 June Countries: Group A - England, Israel, Italy, Norway. Group B - Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain. Results (2) Israel v Norway (2) (0) England v Italy (1) (1) Spain v Russia (0) (3) Netherlands v Germany (2) (1) England v Norway (3) (4) Italy v Israel (0) (5) Netherlands v Russia (1) (1) Spain v Germany (0) Israel and England eliminated from Group A. Germany and Russia eliminated from Group B. (1) Israel v England (0) (1) Norway v
  9. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) The new changes to the Financial aspects of clubs are all very realistic and similar to real life scenarios. Small clubs in real life have no chance of signing high rated players and have no chance of moving up 2 or 3 divisions in their countries (they still have a chance to win Cups, again something that is also reflected in SM in 'surprise' results in Cup matches). Now I understand saying this is just a game. But games have to make sense and try to reflect on real life systems. This is especially true and important for strategy games. Users who compla
  10. Re: The Basement Pre-Season Report After a short pre-season preparation period, Grêmio shape up for the new season after being busy in the transfer market. The summary of their activity is 6 players sold with net amount of 32.2M and 5 players signed for net amount 20.2M which gave them a profit of 10M. All this concentration on transfers was reflected in their poor results in the friendly matches. Making a profit didn't mean a drop in the team's ratings. The overall rating of the team has actually improved. Grêmio sold an 88 rated player and 3 players rated 87 but after good scout
  11. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Villarreal (Vila-real) secure 2nd place in Liga Adelante and achieve automatic promotion to La Liga next season. They just beat 3rd place UD Almería in the final game of the season. Real Madrid Castilla finish 8th position 2 points above Barca B
  13. Re: The Basement It is always a bad sign to the future when the Champion starts making excuses even before the season starts :D:D
  14. There used to be a sub-forum for SoccerWiki here in the Misc forum section (as best I can remember). Can't find it there anymore. Can't find it anywhere. Can someone direct me to its new location? Had a post there asking on where and how to report bugs in SW. Wanted to add that there's an email for reporting bugs on the 'contacts us' page on the SW website itself. Not sure if it works though, it says to wait for 10 working days to get a reply.
  15. There used to be a sub-forum for SoccerWiki in the Misc forum section. Can't find it there anymore. Can't find it anywhere. Can someone direct me to its new location? Had a post there asking on where and how to report bugs in SW. Wanted to add that there's an email for reporting bugs on the 'contacts us' page on the SW website itself. Not sure if it works though, it says to wait for 10 working days to get a reply.
  16. Re: Squad Caps Basically, a lot of GWs are almost empty simply because there are too many GWs. There are more clubs available in all GWs than there are total active accounts on SM.
  17. Re: The ICON Games - World News With only 2 games remaining in the first season of qualifications of the ICON Games, it would be a great idea if every Sector could post the table chart for the nations who have a chance to win it. I'll continue what King Roo started and present the full picture of the battle in the Australasian Sector. Australasian Sector League Table: Nation (Manager) - Points (Goal Difference) Turkey (King Leo) ...... 38(17) Japan (King Roo) ....... 38(14) Russia (IanoLudz) ...... 35(13) Australia (loredan) ..... 35(9) Turkey and Russia play each other on the last d
  18. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) Especially for both of us
  19. Re: .:10000 bc:. Second win for us this season, although it was a scrappy one. Only 7 shots on target from both teams, as Schalke score 2 from 2! Anyway, we are not in a position to complain, any 3 points are welcome. Schalke move to 10th place with 9 points from 8 games. Edit: @Hyina More of a compensation to what Casillas did to me in previous match
  20. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In a return to winning ways, Fulham beat Chelsea 2 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture. Although both teams enjoyed equal possession, Fulham created double the scoring chances of their opponents and emerged victorious. Fulham keep their top spot, but are closely chased by Norwich City who also won their game. One 1 point separate the 2 teams.
  21. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) AUSTRALIA (1) - TURKEY (0) Turkey's 12 game unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of Australia in a narrow defeat. The Red Devils didn't do enough and fully deserve to lose the game. Thankfully they didn't lose with a bigger score. Japan barely beat China and closed the points gap with Turkey in the league table. They remain in 2nd place on account of 3 goals difference. While Russia were fortunate to beat Iraq and climbed the table to 3rd place only 3 points away from the leaders. They are joined by Australia on the same points but have a 4 goal
  22. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Rumors link him to Swansea and Liverpool, sign a deal and stay in Spain on loan at either his club Córdoba or Getafe.
  23. Re: Counter formations I would go with 451, with forward arrow on the AMC. Normal mentality, Direct passing, all other default. Check Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Playmaker (higher rated MC) and Target Man (the AMC). If you choose this formation, please report back the result with a screen capture of the Match Center.
  24. Re: Club Finances - new view and charts.... Typical SM style of thinking where they 'remove' useful tools and assume their users are going to be better off with it! Just like the deletion of the visible balance on the top menu bar (something they reverted), now they remove the 'by turn' finances and say that a 'by week' view is better! Why the he!! don't you offer both then!!!????? A tab for 'per turn' and a tab for 'per week'. What's the harm or cost of giving your users more options!! Why do you always assume that you only are the ones with 'brains' and 'ideas' and 'force' your users in a c
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