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  1. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld If anyone at SM have half the brain and imagination that you have, they would see this as an amazing marketing chance for SM and officially adopt the idea by sponsoring this GW with a bulk amount of credits. That bulk could then be distributed on the users who like to be owners for them to spend in this GW. After all it will not cost them anything.
  2. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Venk with one of his out-of-the-box ideas I really love your imagination amigo Unlike your other setups that mix football with fantasy, this one is all about the reality of football. Such a brilliant idea. Unfortunately I can't join this setup, because I only play SM for free. A little bit info about the name of this GW:
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. First win for us this season. The score doesn't really reflect the attacking performance and dominant possession we had in this game. Schalke climb up to 9th place with 5 points in 5 games.
  4. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship Fulham return to winning ways as they beat Sunderland 3 - 0 in their Division 1. Recent signing CASNOS scored a hattrick and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Fulham's GK LEALI also played a big role in keep a clean sheet. There was bad news as star defender ISIMAT MIRIN joins Juan JESUS on the injury list. Both are the star defenders for Fulham and it will be hard to replace them. Fulham sit top of the table with 13 points from 5 games.
  5. Re: The Basement END OF SEASON REPORT Grêmio started the season with their new manager with the target to get promoted back to Division 1 where they belong. They had a shaky start with just 1 win in the first 3 games, but it was not worrying as they were still adapting with a new manager and with 5 new players. As they got together as a team they had an impressive run of 10 consecutive wins that propelled them to the top of the table 10 points away from their nearest opponent. Eventually they secured promotion with 4 games remaining and were crowned Champions the following game.
  6. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) TURKEY (2) - SOUTH KOREA (0) The Red Devils are growing more confident with each game, as was demonstrated in their last match. A deserved win against a very aggressive South Korea side. Although they didn't dominate possession or number of shots, they still managed to get get a good win and keep a clean sheet. For the first time this season, Turkey find themselves top of the table. It was due to a heavy lose for Japan at the hands of Russia. With only 5 games to go, it is a very close race between the top 3 with Japan and Australia only 2 points aw
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Surprised that the same person who in the thread about the Ratings Schedules said "In the top leagues' date=' low rated players SHOULD be reviewed multiple times throughout a season, even if it is every 4 weeks in some cases!"[/i'] is now saying to wait 6 month to wait and see if a player should keep his rating! Since his performance has dropped this season for reasons other than injury (whatever they are), then he should drop in ratings. It sounds harsh, I agree, but these are the rules. Next season when he performs well enough, he can rise in rating back
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Rossi was/is on a very long term injury.
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread If it was a 3 point game, Dante would receive a second yellow for the penalty and get sent off, Lewa would get a straight red, Ribery would receive a yellow for the elbow (but in that case maybe he would react differently for the yellow he did receive). Anyway, Congratulations to Bayern. They deserve to win it after those amazing QF and SF games (specially the 7-0 against Barca ). Hard luck for Dortmund for losing in the final minutes like that. They are the only side that proved to be a match for Bayern recently (performance wise).
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Today's game proves 2 things: 1. Germans have perfected the manufacturing of Goalkeeper androids. 2. Players can get away with anything in finals and not get red.
  11. Re: .:10000 bc:. Another fair draw after a balanced match. The Royal Blues need to start winning before it's too late. Schalke in 11th position with 2 point from 4 games.
  12. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In a thrilling match, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers draw 3 - 3 in their Division 1 encounter. Fulham were down by 2 goals but managed to equalize and after QPR went ahead again, they managed to equalize 1 more time. Fulham remain top of the table, 3 points away from Manchester United and Wigan Athletic.
  13. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) THAILAND (1) - TURKEY (3) The Red Devils recorded their 6th win in 7 games by beating Thailand away from home in a game they dominated. It was an exciting game that ended with a thriller performance. Turkey went ahead early in the game and kept their lead till the last 15 minutes, in which the game saw 3 consecutive goals in the space of 8 minutes. Turkey went 2 nill up, Thailand scored their goal in an attempt to comeback in the game but Turkey sealed the win with a third in immediate fashion. The 2 goals by Turkey were scored by substitute player
  14. Re: The Basement GRÊMIO 4 - 1 LEEDS UNITED Grêmio end the season with a record win. After losing 2 games in a row, it was nice to end the season at home with a high score win. The only negative highlight was Blumer ELANO being sent off. Despite having less possession, Grêmio were determined on scoring. Ironically Leeds were the ones who started the scoring as early as the 5th minute. Grêmio's opener was scored just 10 minutes later through ELANO from a direct free kick. In the 2nd half, ELANO was shown a second yellow and was sent off in the 61st minute. That didn't stop from scorin
  15. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! This was posted on 29-4 Then this on 2-5
  16. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! OR may be SM is cutting expenses by moving the review duties to the community itself. Reviewing all players from around the world in a schedule is a task to be done by dozens of researchers. The last scheduled update was too slow probably because SM doesn't have the sufficient number of researchers for that task. The long term solution was to 'shift' that research duty to the community through SW. Now all they have to do is approve changes. No 'real' research is needed there since they can simply average out the votes (or use some other algor
  17. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Aside from fan cultures or attitudes, thinking that Gotze willingly don't want to play the final of CL because it is against Bayern his future club is simply a conspiracy-theory that doesn't even make sense. Also might say that people who think like that, never played any sport competitively. Don't you think he personally wants to win the CL as a professional football player? To be added in his own CV at the age of 20? To be rewarded after a full season of football where he was an important part. This is the Champions League final! The best club matc
  18. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 This is the most probable starting XI for Germany in the coming Euro U21: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/verein/topteam/nationalmannschaft_3817_3_x_a_a.html This is based on most expensive market value' date=' which is usually a good indication when it comes to youngsters.[/i'] This is the details of the games played during the qualification group stage: http://www.uefa.com/under21/season=2013/teams/team=200047/squad/index.html
  19. Re: .:10000 bc:. A good game plan and a decent performance, with no one getting less than 7 match rating, were not enough for Schalke to gain any points. As expected, the fight for survival will start early in the season. Schalke in 11th position with 1 point.
  20. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship
  21. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In the highlight match of the turn, Fulham beat Norwich City 2 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture. They showed strong character in winning away from home with a clean sheet, while having more possession and more shots as well. Fulham top the table in a perfect start to the season after 3 games. This will be put to the test once again when they meet the current champions Q.P.R. in the next game.
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