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  1. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) TURKEY (5) - INDIA (0) In front of a record crowd, the Red Devils score their biggest win in the qualifications so far with 5 goals. Turkey dominated possession with 67% and translated that into scoring chances, where they succeeded 5 times with a hattrick for their main forward. In the highlight of this turn, Japan were able to defeat Australia for the second time and move to top spot in the standings. Turkey's big win means they are ahead of Australia in 2nd place on goal difference, thanks to their solid defence. Saudi Arabia drop deeper into 6th
  2. Re: The Basement GRÊMIO 1 - 2 LEICESTER CITY The first home defeat for Grêmio comes at the hands of unmanaged Leicester City who are battling against relegation! Having more shots and better match ratings didn't save Grêmio! Winning the league so early proved to be a curse so far! Leicester City scored early in the game and then added their second with 6 minutes to go. Grêmio's consolation goal came 2 minutes after that with a shot by Man of the Match Hueng-Min SON that was deflected off the GK's leg, assisted by Landon DONOVAN. In other more important news, Cardiff City secured prom
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. An attacking approach by PSV paid off and they got the win they deserve. Schalke's lack of depth meant they could not change things midway in the game. Schalke in 10th position with 1 point.
  4. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship In an entertaining game with lots of goals, Fulham outclassed West Ham United and beat them 3 - 2 in their Division 1 fixture. With 2 consecutive wins, they lie top of the table in 2nd place on goal difference after Norwich City. A perfect start to the season for Fulham. Their first test will come next turn as they face Norwich City who have not conceded a goal so far.
  5. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) CHINA (1) - TURKEY (1) Turkey only managed to draw against China, although they had been ahead until the last 8 minutes of the game. It was an evenly balanced match and the draw was a fair results, especially after the attacking changes done by China in the second half. Only 1 point from the game means Turkey slip back to 3rd place as Japan recorded another big win and moved to 2nd place. Australia are still in top spot even after their draw, but their lead is cut to only 2 points.
  6. Re: The Basement ESTUDIANTES 4 - 0 GRÊMIO Shameful defeat to Grêmio! Champions should not get heavy loses like that even when points don't matter. Giving 4 backup players the chance to play in the league shows that may be they are not good enough to participate yet. Although Grêmio had more possession, the Estudiantes players were more focused and had the majority of their shots on target. Grêmio had their chances as well, but didn't capitalize on them. The battle for 2nd place and promotion to Division 1 is still going on between Cardiff City and Nottingham Forest as they both win.
  7. Re: The Basement Thanks Hyina You still have 2 tough games ahead. Against last season champion Monterrey. They are under-performing this season in 7th place but they can still be dangerous. Then you play a deciding game away from home against Augsburg, your direct rival in 2nd position only 4 point away. You may need more than a win and a draw if you lose that one! Edit: As for the points, the Hércules manager has the highest bragging rights so far.
  8. Re: Riferimento: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?
  9. As a member in reddit I read a very interesting and professional post that explains the deal taking Falcao to Monaco (promoted back to Ligue 1 in France). Thought to share it here. Links: Do Atletico own Falcao? Atletico Madrid - It's A Mad World Porto may report Atletico Monaco mega-offer sets up Falcao move Does third-party ownership benefit or hinder football? Quality Sports Investments Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev takes over Monaco
  10. Re: Squad rotation help According to my experience, try to have the highest average rating possible from your team in every game. The rotation system you are doing is wasting that high rating. Both your teams have AvR of 91.45, although you can have a max AvR of 92.27 (or total of 1015 instead of 1006) using that same tactic. You are also wasting a lot of wage money on all those high rated players. My best practice advice is to have 14 top rated players (starting XI + 1D/1M/1F used as subs during matches or injuries). Then have another squad of 87/88 promising players and maybe 2 or 3 young
  11. Re: .:10000 bc:. Fair result for a balanced match. Not a bad start to the season for the Royal Blues, especially that 5 other teams also draw. Schalke in 8th position with 1 point.
  12. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship After a perfect preparation period of 5 friendly wins, Fulham gather enough momentum to win their opening game of the season. Fulham beat Manchester United 2 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture. It is always nice to have a positive start to the season. The fans absolutely love it.
  13. Re: The Basement GRÊMIO 2 - 1 READING GRÊMIO are the Champions of Division 2 After securing promotion, Grêmio went into this match with a slight chance of being crowned Champions of Division 2. For this to happen in their own home stadium, they had to win and Cardiff City had to drop points in their match. That's exactly what happened. With the comfort of promotion already achieved, Grêmio had a chance to experiment with tactics and it payed off. They dominated possession with 61% and only allowed their opponent to have 2 shots on target. The first half ended with Grêmio in front t
  14. Re: Australasian ICON (The ICON Games) Saudi Arabia (1) - TURKEY (2) Turkey execute the perfect revenge for losing at home to Saudi Arabia in the first leg of the qualifications by winning their return match in the oil-rich Arabian desert land. The Red Devils used some innovative tactics never used before and it payed off. Just like their first encounter, it was a close match in terms of stats and score. Turkey went ahead in the first half but the lead scorer of the qualifications so far equalized for his Saudi team from a deserved penalty in the second half. Turkey's winner came with in
  15. Re: Counter formations Let's put it this way : Least possible amount of clubs in a division + Max possible number of divisions allowed in GW + Run for 5 seasons = Best possible comprehensive result for counters for selected tactics
  16. Re: Counter formations Then you will only test 12 tactics against each other in a group and the other 12 tactics against each other in another group. This is only half the possibilities. Taking from Tofu suggested format, a possibility would be to have the most popular 8 tactics and setup a GW with 5 division with 1 club in each division taking 1 of the 8 tactics (changing it according to promotion/relegations). Chose 8 clubs per division because it is the fasted season available and 5 division to increase repetition as much as possible (can there be more than 5 divisions in a GW?).
  17. Re: Best LB in the World right now? WOW Taking current form in mind, you are absolutely correct. In SM terms at least.
  18. Re: Which is the best League in the World? (1) If you have the time to search the freely available online database of of both CL and EL' date=' then it's not really that hard after that. I complied the list for la liga in about 30 minutes. [b'](2)[/b] Compared in numbers by a set criteria that is the same for all. Each can choose their criteria and calculate the numbers according to it. (3) Just like the UEFA Coefficient each stage has a set number of points. The more a club progress, the more points they get. This will account for their total performances even if little. In my list I cho
  19. Re: Which is the best League in the World?
  20. Re: Which is the best League in the World? ¡La Liga! Let's take a little ride on the European competition history train since the start of the millenium and see how La Liga clubs did: 2000 CL Semifinal - Real Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona. Final - Real Madrid and Valencia. Winner - Real Madrid. 2001 CL Semifinal - Real Madrid and Valencia. Final - Valencia. 2001 EL Semifinal - Alavés and Barcelona. Final - Alavés. 2002 CL Semifinal - Real Madrid and Barcelona. Final and Winner - Real Madrid. 2003 CL Semifinal - Real Madrid. 2004 CL Semifinal - Deportivo La Coruña. 2
  21. Re: Best RB in the World right now? Thank you for the step by step instructions. Seems you reached max rep because I can't give you any
  22. Re: Best LB in the World right now?
  23. Re: Best RB in the World right now?
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