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  1. Re: Creepy Knome Terrorises Argentinian Town. why who support <('_')>
  2. Re: Help with signings haynes is class long live ipswich!
  3. Re: Creepy Knome Terrorises Argentinian Town. creepy i suggest calling ghost busters or playing the two side notes on a piano lots of times they hate that
  4. Re: Congratulations Barnsley!!! i don't support chelsea but grant for the sack! no1's more useless than him
  5. Re: Chat Room Moderators curse swore "look no mods" i'm sorry i accepted my ban all i ask is forgiveness plz again sorry
  6. Re: Chat Room Moderators i am accepting it but who said anything about sam? and i just miss it i'll be good on my return!
  7. Re: Chat Room Moderators i ave a good idea what if when some1 logs into the chat room the mods get a choice of letting them in or not depending on how good they are so the then if they get logged in again they will know they need to behave,if they don't ban them for a day and stuff like that less harsh but the point of the mods is across, but still keep the kicks. tell me your thoughts
  8. Re: Chat Room Moderators i think a oe day ban 2 day bans then if they carry on then one month i hardly deserve a 3 month ban seeing as i got no warning as well
  9. Re: Chat Room Moderators it was a friendly joke and to be fair all i did was ******* and sorry i'll stop it (whenever i get back on) sorry again,ps i'm not a sado swearer
  10. Re: Chat Room Moderators 3 months! that's way to much
  11. Re: Chat Room Moderators ok thanks anyway do u no how long i'm banned plz tell me.
  12. Re: Chat Room Moderators but to be fair i'm not sure what i did nath,wait were u the ghost
  13. Re: Chat Room Moderators i just want to be unbanned help me!
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