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  1. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    Lad's i know im not flavour of the month on the chatroom' date=' but iv got some issues i need to sort out and wondered if i could speak to a mod or 2 on here about it? I'll just explain my situation so im sure i'll be slated for this. Thursday 13th March 2008 me and a mate were in the chatroom havin a laugh. i know not to swear in there and so am very cautious with what i say with mates. Me and my mate from school Niku were there and he had said sumthin and i replied "oh shup ur such an islam lol" and he laughed back and said "what have i told u about insultin my religion lol" he laaughed and we got on but about 30 secs later i was banned. no warning no kick just a straight ban. i was dissapointed and a little angry. but that saturday night it was i managed to try chat again and i got back in. but nath was in there and banned me straight away. after speaking to him on private message he told me that mods have been instructed to ban me if i enter and that it is a serious offence to do so. i just wanted to say i dnt have a clue about ip addresses and servers so wouldnt have the first clue how to hack into 1 etc. i have also recentley found out i was back in chat again and spoke to mod kevin doyle. he told me he would not ban me but cudnt speak on behalf of every1 else. i wondered what i could do as nath says i have learnt my lesson and will keep low in the chat in the future and get my head down. is this ok for you mods? thanks for listening[/quote']

    i did not do anything as bad as what he just said i learn't my lesson but how come i'm still banned! he got banned twice but got back in! not fair

  2. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    Instead of getting on members nerves on here i suggest you send a polite ticket to SM ' date='telling them how long you have been banned and what for etc ,let them know you are really sorry and it wont happen again and youve learnt your lesson ,you may not realise but even though while on chat the mods have the function to kick /ban you they do not have the function to undoe it ,only SM have .

    So please do it through ticket system as it is a pointless to ask on here .

    Thank -you.:)[/quote']

    ok thanks i just wanted to say sorry to the mods to

  3. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    look rhys ur banned face it u can complain all u want but it will get u no were.

    Sam is a very good mod who doas his job well i very much doubt he would ban u without a good reason

    i am accepting it but who said anything about sam?

    and i just miss it i'll be good on my return!

  4. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    Trickery is the whole point :rolleyes:

    We get to know who we can trust and who we can't' date=' only a few days before you said you should be mod, it's all very well behaving when there's mods online, but with no mods or if they're on ghost as well :)[/quote']

    so your saying i am good there prof and i think i lost my mod chance when i was bad at managing

  5. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    You were kicked a few times the day before' date=' so that's enough to know that you need to stop.

    Then, as has been said, when a few of us were on ghost you kept saying "look no mods" and swore :)[/quote']

    but that's no warning and trickary

  6. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    i ave a good idea what if when some1 logs into the chat room the mods get a choice of letting them in or not depending on how good they are so the then if they get logged in again they will know they need to behave,if they don't ban them for a day and stuff like that less harsh but the point of the mods is across, but still keep the kicks. tell me your thoughts

  7. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    Nah i think thats to complicated i think

    1 day ban

    1 month ban

    3 month ban

    1 year ban

    Id prefer that :)

    i think a oe day ban 2 day bans then if they carry on then one month i hardly deserve a 3 month ban seeing as i got no warning as well

  8. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    The chatroom moderators are reliable anyway' date=' i don't see how anyone can complain, as non of them would ban for no reason (Luke not included :rolleyes:) :)

    Also, the chatroom mods are on more often than they used to be;

    Nathan, Kevche & Tom G make the chatroom a friendlier place than it was before, And Lee comes on more than he used to do now which is good as there is always a conversation.

    The chatroom seems to be getting better, but will it get like it used to be; again? :D[/quote']

    i love it that's why i miss it so much but sometimes sorry isn't good enough :(

  9. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    I banned you. Your constant sentences were "Look No Mods!" and then started cursing.

    and if 3 months is too long you should've thought about that when you were doing it.

    it was a friendly joke and to be fair all i did was ******* and sorry i'll stop it (whenever i get back on) sorry again,ps i'm not a sado swearer

  10. Re: Chat Room Moderators

    Rhys you were banned for a good reason i told u countless times to stop what you were doing and you did not there for i was forced to ban :)

    but to be fair i'm not sure what i did nath,wait were u the ghost

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