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  1. Pulisic seems expensive at 7m for an 83. Given I'm in need of strength in depth with my Newport team (struggling in first season in Div.1 with average of only about 88), I feel like I could spend this money on higher rated players. Combination of seeing him and the fact they already put him at 7m makes me feel like he could be a real money earner pretty quickly. Thoughts on rises?
  2. Jorgensen at 2.6m, 25y/o but still a bit of a steal surely? Top scorer in the Eredivisie with 12 goals, playing for Feyenoord who are top of the league and started every game with 1447 minutes (taken off 6 times). A +2 increase at least surely? He looks a similar proposition to Kramaric who just got a +2 to take his worth to 5m.
  3. Cheers for the reply! Already got Hernandez, saw he'd been racking up the minutes so hoping for a big rise (bigger than Melang Sarr's anyways..) for him. Hopefully soon! It happened years ago but it still bugs me that they stopped showing the schedule for league reviews.
  4. So after a serious of rather last minute transfers, I have 1.5m leftover. Is there any suggestion by how I may spend this money wisely? Yeray Alvarez and Cengiz Under are considerations at this time. Any other suggestions?
  5. Slightly confused. Dolberg and a few were rated a few weeks back and now nothing. Will the whole league get a December review, like the others? If so, thoughts on Karsdorp 85 - 1515 minutes, 1 goal, 3 assists for a versatile defensive player. +2? Davinson Sanchez 82 - 1306 minutes, 3 goals and 1 assist. +3/4? Onana 78 - 1260, Ajax's main keeper this season. +5? St. Juste 82 - 1277 minutes, 2 goals and 1 assist. +2/3?
  6. I saw Keita has less minutes and less impressive starts than Werner. What are your reasons for it, if I may ask?
  7. I have a Div 2 team (promoted twice already) and no money. I have Denis Suarez who I can sell for 11.3m. In my GW, Vietto (10m), Timo Werner (7m) Naby Keita (7m) Marcos Alonso (7m) and Locatelli (3m) are all available. Would you sell for Vietto and keep the 1.3 as small change or go for one of the 7m's + Locatelli? I can't decide! (Or alternatively, selling someone else AS WELL and trying for Vietto plus a 7m?! Don't have much more collateral in team as most are transfer banned. Have a bid for Lascelles at 2.2m) Any advice would be appreciated! I'm so torn.
  8. Cheers buddy! I already have Cardinale and Onana as GKs so not really important. Went with Cyprien in the end. Cheers again good Sir.
  9. Sir Rahul you seem to know everything! I'm torn, I have a lower league team and a few million to spare. Really, I'm looking at short/mid-term profit to continue buying risers so should I either go Didillon GK 20yo of Metz (rated 80) played every minute OR Zeneli AM F (RL) 21yo of Heerenveen, started ever game (13), taken off 5 times, scored 6 goals and a couple assists too. Any advice would be massively appreciated! (Other potentials I'm maybe looking at: Cyprien, Saint-Maximin, Marcos Llorente, Ismail Sarr, Diop, Posavec, Skhiri)
  10. Relatively old gameworld in desperate need of new members. Were 5 or 6 longtime members who recently quit, just me and another guy left. Lots of money and decent players around. Get enough people to join we can make it competitive!
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Just seen Illarramendi signing for Real. Would it be worth trading either Jorge Koke/Xherdan Shaqiri for him? They're the closest I've got to hard collateral at the moment. Zero cash unfortunately.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What about Mkhitaryan signing for Dortmund?? Is it a case of definitely getting rid of Muniain compared to these two or?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Iker Muniain for my Gateshead team, but for the money I could sell him for I could get either Mkhitaryan or Moura Lucas. Would it be worth doing either or should I stick with Muniain?
  14. I currently have Asamoah and Matuidi as CMs, however I've received a bid for Matuidi and found Paulinho as a Free Agent, meaning I could sell Matuidi, buy Paulinho and pocket 1m or so. Would this be worth doing? I know it's hard to tell given we don't know how Paulinho will settle/how much game time he'll get at Tottenham. The other thing I'd considered was that given the number of 91+ players that have been signed for French clubs in the last couple of years, could we start to see higher ratings? I know a few seasons ago you'd struggle to see many 90+s, now the picture's beginning to
  15. I have just found ANITA as a free agent in my Gateshead gameworld which means he's available at 4.9M. Whilst LEITNER is valued by my chairman at 5.9M. What are your opinions of each players likelihoods to rise / their value as stated above? I understand LEITNER has been getting some minutes this season but seems to be 3rd/4th choice whilst ANITA has become more influential and settling down nicely at Newcastle. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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