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  1. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld TRANSFER NEWS AS ROMA David Babunski has completed his move to AS Roma from Barcelona for 500,00 after finished his medical check-up and his personal terms.
  2. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld TRANSFER NEWS AS ROMA The offer for Ömer TOPRAK of Leverkusen from AS Roma has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours. We hope we can make it on time before our big match against Internazionale tonight. The deal believed to be around 11,500,000.
  3. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld TRANSFER NEWS AS ROMA Scherrer Maxwell has completed his move to AS Roma from Paris Saint-Germain for 6.4M. He is our very first signing of this season, but hopefully he is not the last signing. We looking forward to build our team stronger but with tight budget. In the same time, we also announce that Nicolas Lopez will leave AS Roma as the offer from Tottenham Hotspurs has been accepted. He will leave for 1.6M after long bargaining with the manager/owner of Tottenham Hotspur.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1. Tevez 2. Dzeko 3. Nasri if yaya toure' date=' then go for toure.. sell him if not starter, he will not rise, but seems he will safe at 89... not sure can get +1, but is too cheap 12M....
  5. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld hi, i have a question that i still could not understand.. When i tried to bid a player, let's say CV is 11.730M, then I made a bid, let's say 14M, was not allowed. Then it stated that CV is about 17M. Sure there is no minimum fee stated of course. Actually what is going on? can somebody explain to me please? Thank you.
  6. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld roma on the way now..
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Vidal.. more versatility also.. Mario Fernandes & Schneiderlin for me mate.. which toure? yaya or kolo? if yaya + koscielny = kompany' date=' means kompany price too high, i will prefer to get the duo... if kolo + koscielny, i will go for kompany for sure.. heheh i think Pepe rating is safe for now.. Walker will still keep his rating for a while, Vidal might get chance to be 93 not a chance for Pirlo to rise 95 unless Juventus get double winner next season.. i will keep the duo even Yaya is getting old
  8. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld #QuickNews #AS Roma AS Roma looking for players from club who willing to sell to them nicely without asking Lamela/Marquinhos for now. Since I am in different part of world, please send me thru PM. coz my time here is GMT +8. Also, here is our players that not for sale: Osvaldo Pjanic Florenzi Marquinhos Lamela. Let us know if you interested to buy players from Roma that not included in the list.
  9. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld ok thanks... that's good if we must wait till turn 3 for external bid...
  10. Re: Graphics Request Thread i am not so sure whether do you like it or not.
  11. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld hi Venk, where can i find out all the rules that used for this Gameworld? Thanks in advanced..
  12. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld wah, AS Roma got spot in Division 1. I thought they only deserved in second division :D:D
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