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  1. Flamengo's Leo Duarte is not on the database yet but he should be added soon. He's been in the starting 11 since Wallace left and has been doing some pretty good work. Flamengo's having difficulties to recruit defenders, but even if they do manage to do it Leo Duarte will be a serious challenger for the starting spot if he continues playing the way he has been playing.
  2. Do you think Botafogo's Ribamar is going to be added to the database any soon? Seems like he is a talented player to me and a pretty good investment even if the team looks weak this season.
  3. Hey guys! What do you think of Daley Blind's chances of getting a 91? I've been offered Coutinho for my Blind + Nainggolan, do you think it's a good offer?
  4. Hey guys! How do you think Nainngolan is going to evolve in the future? Is he going to get a 92 any soon?
  5. @Cam Lucas, do you know how SM defines which squad players can develop concerns? I'm torn between three theories, and don't think I can get a confirmation on either of them unfortunately. First one is, only the first squad (21 players with highest ratings) will develop concerns. Second one is, only the players until the first squad's last level will develop concerns (for example if the 21st player is a 87, all your 87s will also be able to develop concerns - that's how loans work in my experience). Last one is in some way related to the squad's average rating, or starting 11 average rating? It's possible but I haven't been able to see a pattern.
  6. Hey there! What do you think of De Bruyne and Fabregas' season? Do you think their rating will change any soon?
  7. What's up guys? I'd like to know if you think Isco is getting a rise any soon... I may have a possibility to get him in a very competitive GW. Thanks!!
  8. Apparently they fixed this today, as it seems players started developing concerns again. Would it hurt to keep the players up to date about those things? I don't know, something like "Hey, the concern system isn't working at the moment but we're working on it", "Hey, we just fixed the issue with players concerns"... I just feel they keep us on the dark on things that are important. It sucks.
  9. I may have figured out a pattern. SM's "default" squads include 21 players. In my experience, you have to look who's your 21st best player: his rating will be the level cap, you won't be able to loan players on his level or higher.
  10. I also have this problem. Please fix this asap because it's very annoying!
  11. Yes, you can store the players + formations + instructions.
  12. Hey there! Since the match engine update I decided to let go of the 352 and use a tactic that fit my team better. I chose 4231 and I've been playing with it for almost a season now. The thing is, it seems to work better with some type of attackers rather then others. For example, in my squad I have Diego Costa and Griezmann fighting for that 4231 position. I figured Costa would be the perfect man for this position, being a Target Man, and would score a lot of goals. Still the team seems to perform better when Griezmann is playing, and he seems to be more participative and has a better average. I'll give you the figures. In this season: Costa: 3 matches, 1 goal, 7 average. LWW Griezmann: 2 matches, 2 assists, 8 average. WD Last season: (considering I changed the formation approximatively at half-season, Griezmann and Costa being my forwards on 352 and Costa playing as Target Man) Costa: 13 matches, 3 goals, 1 assist, 1 MOM, 7.23 average Griezmann: 13 matches, 5 goals, 2 assists, 2 MOM, 7.62 average Maybe a Deep-Lying Forward is best suited for this position on this formation? What do you think?
  13. Are you sure that the player's value is still 240k? Something that happened quite some times in my GWs since the update is that the players' value changed during the night, also changing the max bid...
  14. I sent in a bug ticket two days ago because I had activated player concerns in a GW I own, and it did not seem to have worked. SM's answer to me was: I must say I'm confused. Have they announced this anywhere? Are they putting it back sometime? I think this is a huge mistake.
  15. Hi Steven! I hope you guys fix this very soon because I've been having the same problem in my competitive GW, some very good squads have received cash injection while the weaker teams have received nothing. We tried to redistribute this money in order to make it fairer but it can't be done every season (happened twice already). Managers are becoming dissatisfied and I don't want them to leave (we have a 100% activity GW). Thanks!
  16. Well, I guess I understand the algorithm used for goalkeepers. The rating is individual, it shows the player's individual contribution for the team's effort. If your goalkeeper faced 2 shots on target and conceded one, he conceded 50% of the shots faced. If the adversary goalkeeper faced 20 shots on target and conceded 5 (and his team lost), he still stopped 75% of them so he definitely deserves a good rating. It also works in the other way: something I always look when analysing a defeat is the GKs percentage of saves. If the rest of the team played okay, the match stats are even, the other team shot twice on goal and scored twice, the defeat is probably the goalkeeper's fault and he usually has a really bad rating (after all, he stopped 0% of the shots). Sometimes it is really flagrant: the entire time has 6-7 and the GK has a 4. There is probably also a bonus depending on the number of shots on target: it is much harder to keep a clean sheet if you face 20 shots compared to 2 shots. So even if in the example above the GK 2 faced 10 shots and conceded 5 (also 50%), he would deserve a better rating then GK 1 that only stopped 1 shot. It's a bit like real life. At least in Brazil, very often we see goalkeepers stand out in smaller teams, because for obvious reasons they have a lot more work to do during matches. On SM they'll have better ratings. So in conclusion: if your GK gets a 6 and your team wins... It's a good sign. He didn't have to work a lot
  17. Hi there! I've been having a problem in my GW, and sent a ticket about it, but the answer does not fit me at all. Take a look at it: Here's their answer: Seriously? They don't think there is a problem at all? This issue is causing a great imbalance in a GW I paid for! Is any of you having some issues related to this one? Prizes that have been distributed in a way that does not fit the GW at all? I'm afraid people will start leaving it if nothing gets done, it's so unfair. I'm looking forward to see what you guys think about this.
  18. Players have been having the same problem in my GW... Did you fix it?
  19. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Hey guys, what do you think about Daryl Janmaat? Looks like he's having a fine season at Newcastle, could he get a rise from 89 to 90 soon? Thanks!
  20. Re: My Hummels for his Kompany +2M Nice, that's what I thought. Thank you for your answer!
  21. Hey guys, I just received this offer in a competitive GW: Kompany + 2M for my Hummels. What do you think, should I trade? I think both the players are safe in their ratings, even if Borussia is having a bad season. Kompany is older and plays in a worse NT, but is a 94 against 93 for Hummels. Hummels is quite young and plays for Germany, maybe he will be sold to a better performing team? Thank you for your help! Thiagocrf
  22. Re: New Improvements Hey guys, I would like to know if the new layout is permanent? I thought Developers would fix it, but no sign of it until now... I looked for people complaining about it here in the forums and I found no one. Am I the only one who hates it? It is not practical at all. Hope you'll change it! Cheers, thiagocrf
  23. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 What's up guys! Is Rafinha Alcantara worth buying? Is he maybe getting a raise soon? Does he really have potential? Thanks
  24. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Hahaha he will probably get a raise, yes, but don't expect him to go very high, as he is terrible. Seriously, he is scoring for the moment because the level of the championship is very low and he was being lucky, but the truth is he is only playing until Flamengo gets another CF! So, if you are on a very difficult GW and small amount of money can be important, you may get some money buying him now and selling him after (not very much though), but he won't continue rising!
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