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    thiagocrf got a reaction from Middle_Finger in Player concerns   
    Apparently they fixed this today, as it seems players started developing concerns again. 
    Would it hurt to keep the players up to date about those things? I don't know, something like "Hey, the concern system isn't working at the moment but we're working on it", "Hey, we just fixed the issue with players concerns"... 
    I just feel they keep us on the dark on things that are important. It sucks.
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    thiagocrf reacted to brocky64 in Brazil Serie A – WhoScored ratings of U21 players   
    Gameweek 22
    Apologies to any followers of this post – no update in 7 weeks.
    Since the last time I posted, there have been two departures from the Brasileirão that regularly featured in the top 10. Firstly, Gabriel Jesus has moved from Palmeiras to Manchester City earlier this month for £27m+ and secondly Gabriel Barbosa has moved from Santos to Inter Milan. Gabriel Jesus is however meant to be going back to play out the rest of the season in Brazil. 
    These two players have now been removed from this list, so there are a couple of new players in the top 10 (you'd hope so after a 7 week absence!)

    Points of interest:
    After not updating this for a while (it's really time consuming...), I noticed that Jailson has been getting lots of minutes and starts for Grêmio and is still only 70 rated, so I've snapped him up straight away. Wanderson Caju is a new entry for Santos, having played pretty regularly recently and according to WhoScored, pretty well at 7.35. Likely to rise from 78. Since the season has moved on a fair bit now, I've updated predictions again after the earlier update. Bonus – Players with the most minutes:

    Points of interest:
    Vitor Bueno is playing well and consistently for Santos, I think he'd be a pretty solid buy. Santos Dodô is only 17 but as you can see gets a lot of game time for Coritiba. SM seems to like young players coming through so perhaps will get a good rise.
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    thiagocrf got a reaction from King Midas in Chairman's incentives error!   
    Hi there! 
    I've been having a problem in my GW, and sent a ticket about it, but the answer does not fit me at all. Take a look at it: 
    Here's their answer: 
    Seriously? They don't think there is a problem at all? This issue is causing a great imbalance in a GW I paid for! 
    Is any of you having some issues related to this one? Prizes that have been distributed in a way that does not fit the GW at all? I'm afraid people will start leaving it if nothing gets done, it's so unfair. 
    I'm looking forward to see what you guys think about this. 
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