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  1. I am also having the same problem - waiting months on end for players to be approved for submission.
  2. hey folks - slightly off topic, is anyone active on Soccer Wiki? Anyone having trouble adding players? New players now taking months to get added, or not added when my submissions have been approved? They are just left on 'Approved' status for months and the players havent appeared in any search. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, is anyone else having difficulties with logging in to en.soccerwiki.org? I have been trying for weeks and won't let me login. Signs me out immediately as the page refreshes? I thought I perhaps might have been suspended or something but I don't see my account listed on the suspension page. I have tried different browsers to login also.
  4. I am unable to log in either mate - do you know what has happened?
  5. Hey all, Does anyone think the Eerste Divisie will be reviewed? (Netherlands Championship division) I am not sure when the last time the league was reviewed. It seems players are reviewed randomly from different teams during different times?
  6. Just regarding some USA risers - I had Nathan Morgan Smith bought from LA Galaxy - he had over 900 mins last season and is only rated 70. But now playing for Portland Timbers 2nd team - any chance of rising in the upcoming USA review?
  7. That's because I edited his position on SW. His position was incorrect and looks like SM have given him a +3 for his minutes so far?
  8. Thank you @Monolithic for clearing that up. Utterly confused as to why he was given a +1 now.
  9. Only a +1 rise for Hassani?? Really disappointed
  10. Any idea when the MLS review will take place? Apologies if it has already been discussed? Seems like an eternity waiting on that review.
  11. Its under Melo Arthur and you will find him.
  12. Is Brazil likely to get reviewed again soon?
  13. Hey all, I just took over Almere City in GC 497 with a relativity small budget of less than €5million. Can anyone recommend any upcoming 70 rated risers that I could pick up on the cheap to improve my team? Thanks in advance.
  14. Re: AN INTERACTIVE RISERS THREAD ~Risers rated 86 and under Afobe is playing for MK Dons in League One so he wont rise.
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