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  1. Re: Luis Fabiano I definitely think he deserves a 94. and boriello deserves a 91 this time around i reckon now hes got his first Italy cap. and 18 goals this season, more than ibrahimovic and he plays for an average team, and doesn't even always start! his goals per minutes on the pitch would be very good!
  2. Re: Marouane CHAMAKH and Geraldo WENDELL I started a thread on Wendell already. He'll definitely get 91 and I think may well get 92
  3. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes if any1s gonna get a 99 on this game it would be ronaldo with the form he's in. no way scholes will go to 94, stay at 93 or got to 92. and yeah i cant see o'shea going up
  4. Re: Luis Fabiano that stuffs all on the last rating changes so dint want to bring it all back up im more interested in the next changes.
  5. Has probably been mentioned alot before but couldnt see a thread on him. Whats everyone reckon he'll rise to this time around? If kanoute's 94 I think he might get the same rating.
  6. Re: Geraldo Wendell I cant believe more people dont know about him hes so good! Yep definitely back and hes just scored a free kick. 5 in his last 3 games now. and theyve only played 20 minutes!
  7. Re: Geraldo Wendell i think he should be getting 92. hopefully he scored today!
  8. Re: Geraldo Wendell ha for starts he plays for bordeaux not auxerre. n yeah i dunno if he'll start todat but said bordeaux are boosted by the return of brazilian midfielder wendel on www.soccernet.com i read the match preview. less than 2 weeks with ankle ligament damage is pretty good!
  9. Re: Geraldo Wendell Heard he's back from ligament damage already for the game tomorrow. Looking good for 92 again
  10. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Be interested to see what your opinion on borrellio is in the next changes. got him when he was 85 for my ipswich team and people are saying he might get 92. i hope he does but i cant see sm putting him up that much in one go
  11. Re: Marco Borriello Isnt he only on loan from AC Milan or has he got a transfer to genoa? Dont think the rating reviewers will go to 92. Hes still doin well but not top scorer anymore in the league n to go from 88-92 wont happen in one go. I reckon they'll give him 90 next rating change then maybe 91/02 if he keeps it up next season
  12. Re: Geraldo Wendell lol. just read the thread
  13. Re: Geraldo Wendell yeah i got him too just after his hat trick. i reckon he'd have got 92 if he hadn't got injured, theyve got some easy games comin up!
  14. Re: De Rossi just seen him in the champs league n highlights of serie A n he was good but dunno bout 95 i dont reckon hes up in the top 10/15 midfielders in the world yet. 94s hardly bad tho n will prob make 95 in the future but duno bout this season. thats my opinion
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