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  1. Re: Quick question about lg reviews Ahh well,, cheers guys,, might not bother then,, as for me that was the best bit,, waiting 3/4 days for games that you can't even watch and being messed around by human managers who obviously don't want to sell their best players got a bit dull,, the ratings game and scouting gave you something to do in between and became my main point of interest ,was also a really good way to learn about real life new up and coming young players,,,, as it was for a lot of people on my friends list (I see they have now nocked it on the head also) Shame cheers anyways and
  2. Hi guys I haven't played SM for a year or 2,, but was thinking about giving it another wee go. Can see there been a lot of changes,, but my main questions is how can you see what countries/lgs are going to be reviewed and when ???? One of the things I used to like the most was seeing when some country ratings where coming up and then scouting myself to see where the good buys would be in terms of risers. Can you not do this anymore ??????
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) This concerns feature is a bag of ****. In my Arsenal save I have players at level 4 , ,I have been playing them lately and yet their concern never go;s back down. I just checked the stats on a couple of them ,, and Walcott concerned about lack of games has 29 apps ,,,and we have played 34.. how many games does the spoilt little **** need to be happy ??? Same with Thomas Muller he has 28,,, and has just started winging (level 1) I am all for improvements ,, but at least get it right before implementing them,, so whats
  4. Apologies for posting here,, but the layout all changed since I last used the forum and coulndt see where? Is there any way to forsee the order of what countries are being rated and when?? All thats in the database section these days is the current one being reviewed and the next. i liked before where you could see when in the future they where going,,,,,is there a list anywhere on the forum ????
  5. Re: rising RBs needed Van der Weil Now seems to be first choice RB for Holland , and is being rumoured with a move to the Premiership Been linked with Man City, Chelsea and someone else that I cnt remember at moment lol. Definately a good long term prospect
  6. Re: Perotti or Gervinho Havent seen much of Gervinho until WC ,, but seen enough of Perotti to know he is a good player. Lots of people thought he deserved call up to Argentina squad and I would agree. If they had a even semi decent mgr he probably would have ,,, Since comming into the first team at Seville he has more or less kept Capel out the picking order, and I would expect him to rise to 90 in next spanish ratings soon Both good players, but Gervinho needs to be at a bigger club, so as things stand I would keep Perotti or ask for a lot more
  7. Just wondered if he is injured and thats why not in the German WC squad?? I havent been on the forum for a while so never heard about him, but couldnt think of reason why he wouldnt have made the squad at least Seen he played all games bar 3 this season, ,so was the 3 he missed at end of season due to injury If injured does anyone know how bad ?
  8. I have too many decent CB's and looking to ofload one in order to raise cash for other areas. In other words who would you keep and let go between Rolando (Porto) and Diego Godin (Villareal) ??? Both play regular,, Godin is in a team in a better lg true,, but ,, Rolando and Porto feature more often in CL. Who between them is more likely to get to 91 first , and worth keeping. Cheers guys:D
  9. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) anyone know if Henrique Buss is worth keeping ? i know he currently playing regular with santander ,,but does he really have any chance breaking back into the Barca team on return???
  10. Im after a player he is at an unmanaged club with only 22 players. I have noticed that before i could bid for him ,, one of the other players has a bid on him from an outside non human managed team. If i bd after that bid will my deal go through as i am a real manager with a bid???? Or can i outbid the other player and then when my bid is accepted pull out and bid for the player i really want ????????
  11. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! Another reason it dosent make any sense doing it in this order, is if they dont get round to brazil/Arg until June/july,, then some of the players who have been particularly impressive this season and due big rises, may by this time been bought and moved to europe, and as such miss their rating review
  12. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! So does anyone know why they have done it like this then? I thought the Summer ratings where like by name done in the summer months when the euro lgs finished NOT in the winter/spring ,,,am sure last time they went on to the south American lgs at this Stage ??? Suppose dosent make too much difference to me,, as at least by the time they rate these risers in my teams all their turns will be up
  13. I have Raul Garcia and am expecting him to drop soon to a 90,,,so i need a replacement . Most of the usual big names are already gone,, but in case i have just forgotton a few,, can anyone think up a few 90 rated CM'S due to rise soon,, cheers:)
  14. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Player positions added ;)
  15. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Cheers for the Sig mate ,, repped :D:D:):):D:D
  16. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Yeh Cheers,, that be great,, can you do something with Boyd on it then ??? Also another young Swansea player just added to the db is 20 yr old Kerry Morgan. He has one start and a couple of sub app's,total 136mins,,,only cost 70K rated 72,,,if he gets another couple of app's before the english ratings in a couple of weeks then could be in for a little rise also
  17. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers All I found on him is that he has been playing at the U20 world cup in Egypt, scoring 3 in 3. No mention of wether he has ever made app for the full NT yet. As far as playing for club,,, where you getting that from ?? The stat websites that I use , Guardian, Football lineups, and Soccerway all have him listed as having made NO app's yet this season,,, so coldnt really make a prediction based on what I have on him
  18. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Everyone entitled to their own opinion,, and I'm not trying to take any credit away from anyone who has mentioned any of these players before m8. But just to be clear I scout ALL my own players. And as such I personally scouted everyone of these for myself. I have these in my own youth team now and like I said just decided to share now I have em all. The thread took long enough without checking every player first to see IF been mentioned b4,,(and the scouting I did over the past couple of weeks). Some no doubt may have been mentioned (like
  19. Hi guys been away awhile on footie mgr and the PS3 but had some time off and had a quick look around for some risers ,, thought I would share some of these with you. A fair few will probably be known to the forum regulars ,, but not all perhaps. In anycase I drew up this list to help myself also sign em up for my other teams in other setups, so hope helps some , some predictions are based on maintaining form as some of my setups are competitive and you have to be quick,,, ENJOY Mahmut Bezgin GK , Gaziantepspor, 75 , played ALL 8 games +5/6 if keeps place Lucas Moya Winger, Rosarie Centra
  20. I have had Babel in my team right from the time i took them over about 4 seasons ago and been waiting for him to fullfil his potential. I see this season he has only made 4 sub app's,, so can any Liverpool fans or anyone else for that matter advise me on if he is worth the wait or not ?? will he ever break the 90 mark ??
  21. Who do you guys think will hit the 90 mark first ? Gomis seems to have made a good start at Lyon 6 starts 2 sub and 4 goals +2 assts ,,and Lyon currently back on top or Falcao,, seems to be scoring for fun with Porto,, 6 starts 1 sub and 7 goals + 4 assts Both teams play CL ,, both lgs fairly similar,,, So which is the better bet for rating and Potential ??
  22. Re: Which one Kuzmanovic or Manuel Fernandez I know its a toughy ,, if Fernandez comes back then and plays regular like last season for a team like Valencia in a better lg, then he must be more likely tho to hit 90,, Kuzmanovic on the other hand is a better player but like you said only 2 app's so far and one of them a sub, and a weaker team ?????? anyone else know if fernandez is injured or not and likely to get his place back ??
  23. Re: Johnson or Fucile? agree Johnson by a mile, at bgger club, in bigger lg, and first choice RB now wae England , dont worry about the current rating , will rise next time and continue to rise if all go well, will rise further than fucile,
  24. Re: Which one Kuzmanovic or Manuel Fernandez bump,,,,,anyone got any thought one way or another
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