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  1. Re: Manager Challenge - Only for the Best! id like a team mate... any will do
  2. Re: New Custom Setup? you could make a league similar to that, but id still keep the divisions small and the seasons short that way teams can feel they are always batttling for or against something
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread they were acccepted:confused: what else did you think i ment I cant even make bids, not even loans this is pathetic
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread im not happy at all... ive been put down to (40) and have lost my juventus and basel teams in 2 gc's:mad: just because i got lucky in two bids:confused: people started moaning and now ive lost them:mad:
  6. Re: New Custom Setup? you dont have to eliminate external clubs if you dont want to, but you could restrict them by making rules on the forum... i also think if you have smaller leagues with say 3 divisions... people keeep a bit more interest than if there team is slacking in a long season, most just give up Hey Hex:D
  7. Re: Fastest Player In Europe victor obina is ment to be rapid and park ji sung's 15 year old brother is ment to really fast
  8. Re: Any old mates in here? i remember bein in most of your setups... you used to make a new 1 like every week
  9. Re: New Custom Setup? mate, personally i feel that a good custom setup needs rules that will keep the league challenging, i joined a custom set-up lately hoping it would be a change from gold champs and its shocking there is no interest at all, clubs are constantly changing hands... you need to have rules that make your league different by making rules that cannot be made by sm, like limating signatures from external clubs and ideas between 2 teams working together as a group against other couples. You need some rules like that so that your league is interesting:) it might sound as if ive ra
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread on a even better topic... CAMORANESI is up for p/e in gc 23:O now thts news
  12. Re: Anglo-Italian Premier 'A' - Transfer and Match Report Thread Villa Quietly Confident after staying silent after a heartbreaking defeat to Sampdoria on the opening day Tiga will be going back to bascis... 4-4-2 Squad for tonight Defenders Friedel, young , laursen, hangeland, heinze, bramble Midfielders lucho gonzalez, barry, juninho, young, milner, danny murphy, petrov strikers agbonlahor, toni, heskey
  13. Re: English top 4-the definitive predictions! i dont agree with walcott staying... Sm say that a 90+ has shown they are rated in domestic league and internationaly. just before walcott injured his arm he was preformed in all competitions at a high standard, i think it would be harsh for his rating to stay the same as there are so many players on sm rated higher that arent in walcotts league
  14. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued)
  15. Re: Anglo-Italian Premier 'A' - Transfer and Match Report Thread i ment sunday plus smartass today is thursday not friday
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