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  1. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Hey guys I know this setup is currently full but can i put my name in if a vacency becomes available. Have a high rep, have been playing SM for a very long time and was considering setting something like this up however this looks so much better than anything i could do(creeping done). Anyways LeamingtonSteve the name on here and SM.
  2. Re: Hey from Hex Hey Hex, nice to have you back, likewise spent a while away from SM but drawn back recently and now back to be being a gold member and running far too many teams. Again nice to have you back. Steve
  3. Re: Not really a newbie Just seen it, cant believe it lol but nice to know someone remembered my hard work. Strange coinsidnace though that shortly after it happened i came back. SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!.
  4. Anyone out there remember little old me, havent played this game for a couple of years but found a longing to once again give every waking minute and hour to Soccermanager. not a lot changed game wise so i haven't missed much although i do like the new layout. So if you remember when SM kicked you off the site at 8pm to play your games or you recall my amazing posts on this forum(which i'm gonna look for in a min and see if there still on here), say hi. Be good to hear from ya all, plus add as friend on SM. LS P.S Arfon just seen your sig, Dolphins baby!!!!!!!!!
  5. Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread Happy Birthday to the granddaddy of us all Mr Neller. Have a good one if it is still possible at your age.
  6. Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread Thanks to everyone who left a message, please feel free to feel sorry for me as i am now 31 . Have a great new year to all.
  7. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers SURVIVOR SETUP Needs three new managers for teams FENERBACHE, ROMA and WERDER BREMEN
  8. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers LEAMINGTON INVITATIONAL Experienced setup about to begin its 7th season. No player is allowed to be rated in the 90's. Any player that does must not play and must be sold asap. Small clubs and ten in each division. For the first time also playoffs have been introduced and also a transfer window to help the smaller clubs compete. GRETNA £13.6mill PERTH GLORY £20.2mill RUSHDEN AND DIAMONDS £25.4mill EAST FIFE £1.3mill GRAYS ATHLETIC £2.3mill SOUTHPORT £18.4mill ALBION ROVERS £10.0mill MORECAMBE £8.2mill FOREST GREEN ROVERS £13.8mill So many managers
  9. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers SURVIVOR SETUP Best twenty sides in soccermanager battle it out for supreme glory. Managers that finish in the bottom two at the seasons end must relinquish there sides and join another team, spaces permitted. Two sides available currently on turn 5. Werder Bremen £66.1mill best players include diego 94 klose 94 mertresacker 93 frings 93 Shakhtar Donetsk £48.2mill best players keane 92 tymoschuk 92 alot of 91's Apply for password via pm
  10. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers LEAMINGTON INVITATIONAL In it's sixth season. Features lower ranked teams but all handicapped by not being allowed to own any 90rated or higher players. No buying off unmanaged sides, No buying 90 or higher rated players. Any player that rises into the 90's must be sold and withdrawn from the starting line up. DIVISION ONE crawley town -£1.4million (have two 90rated players that must be sold) DIVISION TWO morecambe £7.9million gretna £10.8million perth glory £16.2million DIVISION THREE grays athletic -£3.7million albion rovers £7.5million east fif
  11. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers I will begin with my first setup titled SURVIVOR. It is about to begin it's fifth season and all managers are forum legends. The idea of the setup and i believe it was the first of it's kind is basically not to finish in the bottom two. Any manager in the bottom two at the end of the season must vacate there position and take up another spot in the league. There are no restrictions to who you can buy apart from the normal unmanaged clubs scenario but normally this setup is full anyway. TEAMS AVAILABLE and TOP PLAYERS ROMA £30.5million / CHIVU , PERROTTA
  12. I have set up this thread in an attempt to help owners of custom setups let people know there are vacencys in there leagues. I have found recently with people dropping out of mine that it is difficult to get people to sign up if they dont look at your thread. I hope that any forumer looking for a new team will use this thread to see who is available and take over a good side. In my Survivor setup i have five top teams going with top players and plenty of money yet noone seems to know. Please feel free to post your setup and perhaps a little bit about it to gain interest. To keep the thread in
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Just a note to say i am giving up my Birmingham City side. Details are on the team giveaway thread.
  14. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy Birthday you old dog, probably my fave forumer and my love your enemy buddy. Enjoy your day (if you still bother at that age). Did you get your prezzie from me. Looks like you enjoyed it
  15. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Absolute legend, good times my friend
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