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  1. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Hey guys I know this setup is currently full but can i put my name in if a vacency becomes available. Have a high rep, have been playing SM for a very long time and was considering setting something like this up however this looks so much better than anything i could do(creeping done). Anyways LeamingtonSteve the name on here and SM.
  2. Re: Hey from Hex Hey Hex, nice to have you back, likewise spent a while away from SM but drawn back recently and now back to be being a gold member and running far too many teams. Again nice to have you back. Steve
  3. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. It's my teams turn now, praying Dolphins have a good season but in a tough division this year unless Bills win yesterday was a fluke. Loving the first drive currently tho Reggie Bush could be our main focus but i want too see Brandon Marshall more involved this year too.
  4. Re: Not really a newbie Just seen it, cant believe it lol but nice to know someone remembered my hard work. Strange coinsidnace though that shortly after it happened i came back. SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!.
  5. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Wow where did i find the time lol.
  6. Anyone out there remember little old me, havent played this game for a couple of years but found a longing to once again give every waking minute and hour to Soccermanager. not a lot changed game wise so i haven't missed much although i do like the new layout. So if you remember when SM kicked you off the site at 8pm to play your games or you recall my amazing posts on this forum(which i'm gonna look for in a min and see if there still on here), say hi. Be good to hear from ya all, plus add as friend on SM. LS P.S Arfon just seen your sig, Dolphins baby!!!!!!!!!
  7. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. I dont know how to describe the Dolphins meltdown last week, still cant believe it. We need something real special against the Pats. Perhaps a good time to face them after the last couple of weeks but we aint in the same league as the Colts and Saints. Seasons over as far as i'm concerned bring on next year.
  8. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Phew!!!! The Dolphins picked up another win. Didnt do anything special untill the last six minutes or so of the second quarter. Ricky Williams was a superb replacement for BIG Ronnie. Even Henne started to throw the ball well, wasnt expecting that. Still the Panthers made us work for it and i trully thought we might have given it up but the defence were strong. So Miami are back at.500 and an interesting match between the Pats and the Jets this sunday. Bring on the Bills.
  9. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Yep agree with you guys, Henne is not great but he pulled it out of the bag against the Jets so he can perform. Rushing and the Wildcat is our way forward untill Pennington returns or if he does (cant recall how long he was out for). Would of been confidant of a win against the lowly Bucs on sunday but after there first win last weekend it depends on how we try and play. We were great against the Pats on offence but couldnt cope with Brady and Moss. Anyways i look forward to bantering with you all as the season enters the more important stages. GO DOLPHINS!!!
  10. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Hey guys Just discovered this thread and great to see many a NFL fan on the forums. I follow the Dolphins so it's a bit of an odd season for me but i think we can make the play offs. Obviously Pats have the lead they wont be caught so my bro is quite happy. Does anyone get too see any of the UK games i managed to catch a couple of Coventry Jets matches last season but would love to see the pro's doing it. Deffo gonna try and get to wembley next year.
  11. Re: Any computer boffins here? It's something to do with SM, only comes up when on there website. Have been on many others tonight and it is fine untill i come on here. It does seem to have stopped now so things look back to normal.
  12. Re: Twitter Have also signed up on twitter add me on here. http://twitter.com/Venom1977
  13. Re: Formula 1 Feel sorry for Hamilton, the champ clearly does not have the car too match his talent this season. You could see him pushing it to the max in Q1 and it was just horrible. Then the interview afterward he clearly is dejected as you would be, being at the top one season and then to struggle this season. Nice too see Button having the opposite fortunes with a great ride in Brawn he is loving it and nearly pulled another pole out of the bag at the death untill Vettel snatched it. With top four tomorrow being the Red Bulls and Brawn i expect one of them too win but i hope it's Button
  14. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * The rumours i heard today from a Spurs fan(yes there are some out there) is that we are after Bentley and Huddlestone and can get both for £20mill. Not sure what others think if it happens i kind of like Bentley but dont think he has ever shown his full potential but i'm not sure on Huddlestone. Also on Delph, no doubt he will be a star for the future and too be honest it would be good if we grabbed him before one of the big four sign him up and stick him in the reserves. So if he costs £7mill and the other two £20mill and we only have £30mill
  15. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Like my man Mr Adamski this just does not sit right. Gareth Barry without a doubt has been a fantastic player for us and has only improved as he got older. I remember seeing his debut season and never thought he looked too good to the extent he would be an international and also our best player. I also never took him for a guy who followed the pay packet rather than success. True, Man City have the money to match there ambitions but as Chelsea have found out does money buy you success. I will always respect Barry for what he has given us and
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