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  1. Re: This is sometimes so unrealistic Quite simply because thats football, all the best teams slip up somewhere this was yours. Accept it and move on. I dont think being NMF has any bearing on the game as i have won plenty of games with unfit players. If football was so straight forward why would it be so entertaining?
  2. Re: How's your GC night GC4 matchday38 FC Brussels 2-4 PSV (1st) GC5 matchday34 Viborg FF 1-0 Kobenhaven (5th) GC7 Aston Villa - season end break GC12 matchday8 Queens Park Rangers 0-1 Leicester City (4th) GC14 matchday2 Greenock Morton 3-0 Partick Thistle (8th) GC21 Darlington - season end break GC51 matchday12 Notts Forest 1-2 Watford (16th) PSV win the league in GC4 for second season running, just one point ahead of Mr Adamski's Feyenoord. Kobenhavens run of sixteen league games without defeat ends at lowly Viborg in GC5. Leicester climb into the playoff places in the early stages of GC12. Forest continue to struggle in GC51.
  3. Re: Are match engines fair? Perhaps its not the match engine thats unfair maybe its just to true to life lol, lets face it Sunderland aint that great are they. . However i did used to have a Sunderland side and my brother did likewise and we both faired well with them. Like SmartDoc says its down to the fact that tatics for one side fit but may not for the other so try swapping it around. I have a Monaco side that i am hopeless with, i just cant get them to string results together and it is frustrating but its down to luck rather than the match engine being against Monaco . Keep going it will come good.
  4. 03 January 09 GC4 matchday37 PSV 2 - 1 Ajax (1st) GC5 matchday33 Kobenhaven 2 - 2 Midytylland (4th) GC7 Aston Villa - season end break GC12 matchday7 Leicester City 1 - 1 Notts Forest (8th) GC14 matchday1 St Johnstone 4 - 2 Greenock Morton (12th) GC21 Darlington - season end break GC51 matchday11 Burnley 5 - 1 Notts Forest (15th) Not my best night but won the one match i needed too in GC4, With one game to go we top the league by one point ahead of Ajax and two points ahead of Feyenoord.
  5. Re: FA Cup Isn't the fa cup just the best competition in the world, great results coming through. Gutted about Forest Green, i wont win any friends here but i hope Preston do Liverpool in a little while.
  6. Re: Scott Carson Agree with George, Carson could of been great but his confidance was shattered when he played for England and i doubt he will ever play again. Hart is much better and i see Carsons rating dropping to 87 as he is playing for WBA. Perhaps Myhill of Hull could also be a good shout, rated 85 now he is sure to go up a point or even two at the change, unless Hull slip up really badly.
  7. Re: For All You Phone Jacker Lovers........ Thats awesome Wozza, is it ready for the HUD!!!!!
  8. Re: The Cash Transfer Coalition Gold Setup - A Proposal Great idea, one of the most frustrating parts of the game is not being able to buy as people just want your best players all the time. I am in, and may i also recommend that if selling players for cash perhaps a set percentage on top of a players value be instigated to keep things fair and just.
  9. Re: The tittle race. Wow' date=' yes you make a good argument, no one else stands a chance. Bravo!!!! [/size']
  10. Re: Facebook Feel free to add me, Stephen Mawby - West Midlands network. Should be the only one on there.
  11. Re: Merry christmas! Happy Christmas to all you fine forumers, have a great day!!!!
  12. Re: Know a Little kid who belives in Santa? Have been doing this last couple of years and the kids love it, they dont care that he gets from here to there really fast, and it's also a good way to get them too bed as when he hits Europe i tell them they need to go to sleep and they do, its great.
  13. Re: Favorite Animated Movie? Being an oldie i chose Who Framed Roger Rabbit, i know its not completely animated but what a movie.
  14. Re: Whats your Xmas No.1 Wizzard without a doubt, the best crimbo song ever
  15. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions As a Villa fan i believe that we need a striker as John Carew is too injury prone, i know we have been linked with Heskey which i am not in favour of really dont want to see him at Villa Park. However we do need that kind of player because it complements Gabby. It seems silly now but a few years ago when we had Crouch he was awfull i wonder what would of happened if we kept him.
  16. Re: Sporting funnies Yeah to make matters worse he got beat by Haye in five rounds, i just love the way he falls down then jumps up quick hoping noone saw him. Also thanks to Allen what a fantastic clip on how a throw in should be taken.
  17. Did anyone else see this the other night, classic. I bet he felt a bit of a prat. ouu_zPXZB48 Anyone else feel free to add more hilarious sporting duffers
  18. Re: David Norris Horror Celebration You can tell most of the responses on here are from youngsters who have no idea what it would be like to lose there children. I myself have two young kids probably around the same age as the two that were killed. Now a earlier post stated that he didnt mean to do it, obviously not but the fact he got behind a wheel of a car in the condition he was in meant that the chance of something happening was increased and that didnt bother him, that therefor for me makes him totally responsible for the deaths of those kids no matter what. As for the player involved it is a absolute disgrace to do something so lewd when ok it's his friend but theres a time and a place to show support and in front of thousands of fans and tv coverage is certainly not the place. He also stated it was a private message for the guy, again not the place really. Sadly a total lack of respect for two young children who wont grow up to be the ages of any of us on here and for two parents who i feel so sorry for. I really dont know how i would cope if it was me in that position.
  19. The Scottish Challenge (G14) 27th OCT 08 TRANSFER NEWS: Ugo Ehiogu joins from Sheffield United for £1million 29th OCT 08 League 1 - 2Kebe (06) ; Agahowa (50) McIndoe (69) Morton's second half performance turns around this result and takes the three points 01st NOV 08 League 0 - 1; Invincable (67) Second home defeat of the season and a dissapointing result against unmanaged Kilmarnock 03rd NOV 08 Scottish Shield Final 3 - 3McIndoe (35) Agahowa (52) Gonzalez (75) ; Ueslei (39) Sigurdsson (69) Koren (79) Morton win 4 - 2 on penalties After finishing runner up last season Morton get first piece of silverware winning shield on penalties 04th NOV 08 TRANSFER NEWS: Shield winnings spent as Armand Demui(86) Bill Tchato(85) and Abbas Haggaei(86) all sign on in time for tomorrows match with QOTS 05th NOV 08 League 0 - 1; Agahowa (73) Agahowa scores 8th of season as shield heroes get back to league programme
  20. Premier Powers (gc7) 25th OCT 08 League 2 - 2Kazim Kazim (12) Netinho (83) ; N'Daw (32) Pellissier (67) Two league games without a win now for Villa 26th OCT 08 TRANSFER NEWS: Nathon Ashton leaves Villa park for just under £200k. The 21year old never made it into the first team 29th OCT 08 League 2 - 4Young (21) Van Persie (34) ; Zigic (03) Carragher (15) Guardado (36) Aurelio (89) Villa's blip in form continue as league leaders take three points away from Villa park TEAM NEWS: Martin Laursen is suspended for the Spartak, Sunderland and Bolton games after seeing red 31st OCT 08 SMFA Champions Cup Group C 5 - 2Dindane (05)(39) Boyarintsev (12)(41) Bystrov (47) ; Morales (49)(69) Villa are spooked on haloween by a rampant Spartak which leaves Villa qualifying by the skin of there teeth GROUP POS: 2nd SMFA Champions Cup Round 1: AWAY to ODENSE BK RATING NEWS: Danny Szetela has a rating increase to 82 from 78 01st NOV 08 League 0 - 1; Balaban (60) Five games in all competitions without a win comes to a end with a single Balaban goal LEAGUE POS: 2nd 03rd NOV 08 English Cup Quarter Final Quarter Final 0 - 0; Villa win 2 - 0 on penalties Hull of division four push Villa all the way who win on the lottery of penalties English Cup Semi Final: HOME to BLACKBURN TEAM NEWS: Juan Cuevas unluckily picks up a injury leaving him out of action for over 3weeks
  21. Walsall 25th OCT 08 League 2 - 0Doni (04) Rushfeldt (66) ; Two home wins for Walsall help keep the saddlers above the drop zone TEAM NEWS: Karel gearats is sidelined for a few days with a twisted ankle whilst Andrea Pisanu is sent off and will return after the Manchester Unted game TRANSFER NEWS: Huge Walsall clearout as Tommy Wright, Pedro Irala, Alex Pearce, Flavian Belson and Ashley Grimes are all sold. 26th OCT 08 TRANSFER NEWS: Walsall make a rare signing bringing 87rated goalkeeper Marco Storari from Rapid Bucharesti for £5million 27th OCT 08 English Shield Round 2 1 - 1Aguirre (55) ; Lujambio (63) Walsall win 5-4 on penalties Reserves just manage to book a place in the next round English Shield Round 3: AWAY to COVENTRY CITY TEAM NEWS: Niki Zimling becomes the latest player for Walsall to be sent off meanwhile Marcelo returns from his suspension for the Birmingham game 29th OCT 08 0 - 2 ; Doni (04) Marcelo (41) Three wins in last four league games as Walsall put a little run together TRANSFER NEWS: Stephen Thicot leaves Walsall 31st OCT 08 RATING NEWS: Bad week for Andrea Pisanu as he drops to 86 in the ratings 01st NOV 08 1 - 2Lujambio (11) ; Grady (25) Sandaza (85) Walsall fall to a late United winner to miss out on a point LEAGUE POS: 17th TEAM NEWS: Andrea Pisanu is back from suspension
  22. Super Scandinavians (gc5) 25th OCT 08 EXPLOSIVE FIRST HALF SEALS POINTS League 4 - 0Rivero (15) Simon (17) Meyler (22) Dimov (33) ; A much changed team does the job with a superb win TRANSFER NEWS: Kerrea Gilbert , Baki Mercimek and Kristian Bak Nielsen both leave Kobenhavn for pastures new 28th OCT 08 International friendly 0 - 1; Nuri (76) Turks continue good start to life under LS with a second win 29th OCT 08 BELLISSIMO PELLISSIER League 1 - 4Olsen (25) ; Pellissier (01)(47)(63) Rivero (82) First back to back wins this season for Kobenhavn 31st OCT 08 SHOOT OUT SUCCESS FOR FC SMFA Shield Round 3 2 - 2Toja (18) Ebanks-Blake (89) ; Huszti (20) Valdivia (76) Kobenhavn win 4-2 on penalties Hubschman the villain for seeing red but the rest continue as heroes and guide FC through SMFA Shield Quarter Final: Away to Hertha BSC TEAM NEWS: Tomas Hubschman sent off will miss next weeks crucial cup tie with Hertha Alessandro Bastrini drops one point to 82 in the Italian ratings 01st NOV 08 LEAGUE FORM TURNS ROUND League 2 - 0Linderoth (35) Pellissier (52) ; Three wins in three for FC who make a steady climb back up the table LEAGUE POS: 9th
  23. Germany 28th OCT 08 Friendly 2 - 1Hitzlsperger (49) Kuranyi (59) ; Torres (12) Germany continue to warm up well for next seasons qualifiers
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