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  1. Re: The Forumer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. May i say and here's a different spin from most the posts on here. I actually dont think i deserve to be in the seeds and if Tom allows i would make way for one of the many forumers who do deserve to be there. Over the past year i have hardly contributed to the forum although i am on quite often my posts are few and far between. There is easily 10 people in that group for qualifying who could replace me. I dont know how it is decided on who is seeded and who is not, perhaps i was put there due to doing well last year when i posted more. So i am quite happy to be replaced and will even suggest a name if that helps, but it is up to the organisers and if they leave me in i can only apologize to the guys who have put more effort in than me this year. This also is not a way of trying to get votes by being the nice guy, i am being in my opinion honest and genuine.
  2. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Cheers Cally, means alot. I find this the hardest of all setups i am in due to me keeping to a welsh only policy. Having survived many seasons in division one i never made it past the first round, then relegation to the second tier brings a trophy but i still cant do anything in the league.
  3. Re: WC531 - possible cheating Agree with Welshy as cheating is a problem that only SM can solve, there is no need to post on here. Just report it to SM and if it's that bad leave the setup. THREAD CLOSED.
  4. Re: Best Ever Wrestler? I think Arsenal123 the other participants in that match were Kurt Angle and Triple H. Also recall that being the match were Rikishi fell off the top into that truck, not as convincing as the Mick Foley fall. Still not a bad match. Always liked the TLC matches as well they were exciting. Have to reply to the post about it being fake because it always makes me chuckle to myself when you tell someone you enjoy WWE the first thing said is 'OOOOHHHHH YOU KNOW IT'S FAKE DONT YA'. Well Duh i mean what does WWE strand for WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT. Wrestling has never proclaimed to be anything other than sports entertainment for as long back as i can remember so why do people instantly say that. I dont get it. If someone came up to me and said that they loved Eastenders would i tell them it's made up or even a fan of the Simpsons, would they look at me confused if i said it was a cartoon. Wrestling is a well choreographed and scripted business which makes a lot of money and a lot of people happy. Although WWE has lost it's edge they still bring in the fans and yes the majority of them know it is fake. The fans that dont would be the children in case anyone was wondering. My kids still think it's as real as Santa and i wont spoil it for them.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 7 I'm on a roll at the moment but i'm sure it wont last. Should be an exciting run in. Anyways as too not set a bad example and stick to the threads topic and not have to tell myself off...................... My ASTON VILLA are 2nd. WOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  6. Re: Best Ever Wrestler? My fave wrestler of all time has to be Mick Foley. A lot of the guys listed on here looked like wrestlers but Mick was never had a typical wrestler look. Some of the things he did though were outstanding and even now i can watch the greatest match ever the Hell in the Cell against the Undertaker. I still get goosebumps seeing him thrown of the top of the cell and JR screaming OH MY GOD. Brilliant. Also used to like the Rock, without a doubt the best entertainer of them all. His pre match interviews were hilarious and they should compile a DVD of just his antics. Other favourites include pretty much everybody mentioned on here. Ultimate Warrior was my fave as a little boy and his match with Hogan at Wrestlemania was out of this world. Nowadays although i still watch the WWE PPV's i have found RAW and SD a little bit stale, but at the moment the best place for wrestling is TNA. They have some of the youngest and seriously quickest guys i have ever seen and it beats WWE hands down at the moment.
  7. Re: My 2nd setup Col I'll have Bloemfontein Celtic from South Africa. They have a 36k stadium and there squad rating is 76. However i think i can make that upto 84 easily before kick off.
  8. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers LEAMINGTON INVITATIONAL Experienced setup about to begin its 7th season. No player is allowed to be rated in the 90's. Any player that does must not play and must be sold asap. Small clubs and ten in each division. For the first time also playoffs have been introduced and also a transfer window to help the smaller clubs compete. GRETNA £13.6mill PERTH GLORY £20.2mill RUSHDEN AND DIAMONDS £25.4mill EAST FIFE £1.3mill GRAYS ATHLETIC £2.3mill SOUTHPORT £18.4mill ALBION ROVERS £10.0mill MORECAMBE £8.2mill FOREST GREEN ROVERS £13.8mill So many managers on here boast of there acomplishments, well come and try your hand at one of the hardest setups created. Apply on game.
  9. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers SURVIVOR SETUP Best twenty sides in soccermanager battle it out for supreme glory. Managers that finish in the bottom two at the seasons end must relinquish there sides and join another team, spaces permitted. Two sides available currently on turn 5. Werder Bremen £66.1mill best players include diego 94 klose 94 mertresacker 93 frings 93 Shakhtar Donetsk £48.2mill best players keane 92 tymoschuk 92 alot of 91's Apply for password via pm
  10. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Well done guys on another excellent campaign. A very well done to Gadga and Shells. More managers are needed and have decided to spice things up a little by adding the playoff feature and also a transfer window between turns 1-5 and 18-22. Hopefully this will create some interest so we can fill the blank spaces. I wish i ha the time to do the match reports you all deserve, will try and do a season preview and can someone please stop Kevche's domination in the top flight. thanks steve.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 4 What????No in depth match report, i am dissapointed . Good luck mate.
  12. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Survivor Sunday matchday two BARCELONA (18th)vs(8th) WERDER BREMEN barca should remain unchanged despite opening day defeat pasquel injured in win over benfica, rodrigueuz likely to start BAYERN MUNICH (7th)vs(2nd) FENERBACHE rooney double gave munich opening day win, suazo injured giving bobo or makaay chance to start. unmanaged fenerbache get off to flying start but lose galletti for trip to germany. BENFICA (15th)vs(6th) LYON benfica open to defeat and lose podolski through hernia. lavezzi or inzaghi should fill in. lyon victorious on opening day and should name same side that beat valencia. CSKA MOSCOW (20th)vs(3rd) ARSENAL heavy defeat for cska but george should name same side for visit of arsenal. barzagli may return in centre of gunners defence. team otherwise fit. FC SCHALKE (16th)vs(4th) JUVENTUS opening day loss for schalke, but side should remain unchanged. juve also likely to remain the same after win over barca. MANCHESTER UNITED (17th)vs(10th) REAL MADRID austin named as united manager and will try to get first points againt madrid. jansen joins vidic on the suspended list after red card and should be replaced by roberto carlos. MILAN (5th)vs(9th) CHELSEA seven goal thriller gets milan off to a winning start and should name an unchanged side. chelsea also victorious on opening day and also likely to name unchanged side. SHAKHTAR DONETSK (11th)vs(12th) SEVILLA elano misses meeting with sevilla and feindouno should start in his place. sevilla should name same side despite losing opening day. VALENCIA (13th)vs(14th) INTER MILAN no changes at valencia after opening day defeat. strongest side to start against champions. shock defeat for champions o matchday one but sakoman should name same side. VILLAREAL (19th)vs(1st) ROMA ustari hoping to forget debut after conceding four but next opponents are the league leaders. roma open with comfortable win and will look to add here with same side.
  13. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Survivor Sunday matchday one ARSENAL vs MANCHESTER UNITED gunners without barzagli, lampard and luis garcia for united visit. united may name austin as manager very soon but have competition from roma. CHELSEA vs FC SCHALKE runners up chelsea start season with a fit squad and nine new signings but are unlikely to feature any. schalkes one piece of business brought in david villa who starts, but emanualson misses through injury. FENERBACHE vs VILLAREAL still unmanaged fenerbache have a fit squad for the visit of the wooden spooners. alan's first full season in charge at villareal and skrtel and pires miss out. new signing ustari will debut in goal. INTER MILAN vs BAYERN MUNICH champions are without cordoba who is suspended, but are likely to give debut to summer signing makelele. munich must do without delpierre and elmander and may give debut to boruc between the sticks. JUVENTUS vs BARCELONA maicon injured for juventus and summer signing wendell likely to start on the bench. xavi suspended for trip to italy. new signings caneira and montenegro may make debuts. LYON vs VALENCIA teje has fit squad and may debut wingers young and arda. lahm only injury worry for sissio. bonera likely to start on bench. REAL MADRID vs SHAKHTAR DONETSK no new signings for thomas. vidic suspended for this clash. no new singings for murphy. bouma also suspended for this clash. ROMA vs CSKA MOSCOW unmanaged roma hoping to attract austin and have fit squad for moscows visit. cska also fit and one summer signing in ospina who is not likely to play. SEVILLA vs MILAN no new signings brought in and doyle's side is fit for the visit of milan. julio baptista joins from chelsea and should debut in a fit squad. WERDER BREMEN vs BENFICA naldo and mertesacker leave a big hole in bremens defence. romaric and arango join bakers benfica and will debut. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, ANOTHER GREAT SEASON IN PROSPECT.
  14. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread SEASON FIVE KICKS OFF 01st JUNE 2008 ARSENAL manager: kevin star player: lionel messi 146/64 highest finish: 5th (s1)(s2) last season: 17th BARCELONA manager: rob mawby star player: samuel eto'o 131/43 highest finish: 4th (s3) last season: 14th BAYERN MUNICH manager: nathan kirby star player: steven gerrard 106/8 highest finish:10th (s3) last season: 16th BENFICA manager: colin barker star player: silveira juan 116/7 highest finish: 7th (s1)(s4) last season: 7th CHELSEA manager: borogz star player: ricardo kaka 121/28 highest finish: 1st (s2) last season: 2nd CSKA MOSCOW manager: georgeecfc star player: silva vagner love 104/36 highest finish: 10th (s1) last season: 15th FC SCHALKE manager: steve mawby star player: david villa 122/52 highest finish: 9th (s1)(s3) last season: 13th FENERBACHE manager: VACENT star player: hernan crespo 130/43 highest finish: 12th (s4) last season: 12th INTER MILAN manager: ivan sakoman star player: zlatan ibrahimovic 111/52 highest finish: 1st (s1)(s4) last season: 1st JUVENTUS manager: matt hart star player: fernando torres 141/59 highest finish: 4th (s2) last season: 8th LYON manager: teje star player: juninho 136/12 highest finish: 11th (s4) last season: 11th MANCHESTER UNITED manager: VACENT star player: esteban cambiasso 118/15 highest finish: 3rd (s1)(s2) last season: 19th MILAN manager: ryan hooley star player: cristiano ronaldo 137/19 highest finish: 1st(s3) last season: 3rd REAL MADRID manager: gazza thomas star player: iker casillas 152/0 highest finish: 2nd(s2) last season: 10th ROMA manager: VACENT star player: cristian chivu 115/13 highest finish: 4th(s4) last season: 4th SEVILLA manager: kevin doyle star player: daniel alves 128/3 highest finish: 5th(s4) last season: 5th SHAKHTAR DONETSK manager: daniel murphy star player: robbie keane 94/47 highest finish: 3rd(s3) last season: 9th VALENCIA manager: michael sissio star player: francesco totti 127/26 highest finish: 2nd(s1) last season: 6th VILLAREAL manager: alan neller star player: juan riquelme 135/15 highest finish: 12th (s1) last season: 20th WERDER BREMEN manager: dino rezek star player: ribas diego 134/20 highest finish: 10th (s2) last season: 18th
  15. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread MATCHDAY 16 division one Queensland Roar (KevChe) Notts County (Razza) Aldershot Town (SOP) and unmanaged Crawley Town bag three points this round. The Roar remain the team to beat and head the league by nine points with six games left. Chasing are Notts County and Stafford Rangers. Crawleys unexpected win takes them off the bottom and out of the bottom two, dumping Central Coast Mariners to the bottom and Tamworth fall into the drop zone. MANAGERS NEEDED : CRAWLEY TOWN division two Birkirkara (Shells) Sydney FC (Alan) Adelaide United (Teje) Sliema Wanderers (Gordon) and Alloa Athletic (Mccubbing) all win leaving the top three unchanged with Birkirkara and Sydney leading the charge to division one. Morecambe picked up a point to leapfrog Exeter but both sides still have a way to go to catch Perth Glory if they want to survive. MANAGERS NEEDED: BURTON ALBION , GRETNA , PERTH GLORY , MORECAMBE division three Hibernians FC Paola (bobo) Stirling Albion (Col) Rushden and Daimonds Grays Atheltic and Cowdenbeath (Stuart) all win. The top three remain seperated by three points after all picking up wins. The season increasingly becomes more frustrating for Arbroath after another defeat. Will they win a game this season. MANAGERS NEEDED: RUSHDEN AND DIAMONDS , RAITH ROVERS , FOREST GREEN ROVERS , ALBION ROVERS , GRAYS ATHLETIC , SOUTHPORT , EAST FIFE AND ARBROATH. This setup badly needs help to fill up. Anyone who can spare room for a team even on a temporary basis will be most welcome.
  16. Re: I quit/team give away i wouldnt mind the america mex jinky. shame to see you go, one of the best for match reports.
  17. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers LEAMINGTON INVITATIONAL In it's sixth season. Features lower ranked teams but all handicapped by not being allowed to own any 90rated or higher players. No buying off unmanaged sides, No buying 90 or higher rated players. Any player that rises into the 90's must be sold and withdrawn from the starting line up. DIVISION ONE crawley town -£1.4million (have two 90rated players that must be sold) DIVISION TWO morecambe £7.9million gretna £10.8million perth glory £16.2million DIVISION THREE grays athletic -£3.7million albion rovers £7.5million east fife -£786k arbraoth £27.8million rushden and diamonds £18.3million forest green rovers £10.9million southport £15.7million Even if anyone can spare a place just to look after these sides temporarily it will help to make them a more competitive team and help get the teams in a negative balance into a plus. Places are by application.
  18. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers I will begin with my first setup titled SURVIVOR. It is about to begin it's fifth season and all managers are forum legends. The idea of the setup and i believe it was the first of it's kind is basically not to finish in the bottom two. Any manager in the bottom two at the end of the season must vacate there position and take up another spot in the league. There are no restrictions to who you can buy apart from the normal unmanaged clubs scenario but normally this setup is full anyway. TEAMS AVAILABLE and TOP PLAYERS ROMA £30.5million / CHIVU , PERROTTA , SIMAO , DEL PIERO , BERBATOV all 93 FENERBACHE £84.7million / CRESPO(93) , FREY , LUGANO , ALEX all 92 There you go TWO top teams and no managers. Please apply via PM
  19. I have set up this thread in an attempt to help owners of custom setups let people know there are vacencys in there leagues. I have found recently with people dropping out of mine that it is difficult to get people to sign up if they dont look at your thread. I hope that any forumer looking for a new team will use this thread to see who is available and take over a good side. In my Survivor setup i have five top teams going with top players and plenty of money yet noone seems to know. Please feel free to post your setup and perhaps a little bit about it to gain interest. To keep the thread in order can i request that only people looking for managers post and people looking to join a setup PM the relevant owner.
  20. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread PRE SEASON Roma are the latest casualty after Jinky resigned his position as manager. This setup requires four new managers as well as Roma, Chelsea , Fenerbache and possibly Shakhtar require bosses. Also Manchester United when Bobo resigns as his side finished in the bottom two. The seasons have been updated and the transfer spending will shortly begin as the sides look to strengthen for season5 . The most interesting will be Valencias David Villa as speculation has him linked to many clubs. He has been transfer listed so we await the outcome on that one. Please apply via PM.
  21. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread MATCHDAY 15 division one Victories for Stafford Rangers (Ivan) , Notts County (Raz) , Bristol Rovers (Pthame) , Queensland Roar (Kevche) , Wellington Phoenix (RobbieM) and Tamworth (Kuldeep). The leagues inform side Queensland Roar made it five wins in six and have a nine point lead at the top followed by Stafford Rangers. Notts Countys win also keeps them chasing in third. At the bottom managerless Crawley desperately need help whilst Central Coast Mariners drop into the bottom two albeit level on points with Torquay. MANAGERS NEEDED : CRAWLEY TOWN division two Victories for Adelaide United (Teje) , Northwich Victoria (Ricardo) , Sliema Wanderers (Gordon) , Morecambe and Burton Albion. Dagenham remain division two's inform side despite losing and sit in 4th place. Leading are Birkirkara by four points ahead of Sydney FC. Adelaide make up the top three and were the only side in the top three to win. At the foot Morecambe and Exeter look a long way of safety trailing Perth Glory by eight points. MANAGERS NEEDED: BURTON ALBION , GRETNA , PERTH GLORY , MORECAMBE division three Three points this matchday for Hibernians FC Paola (bobo) , Cowdenbeath (Stuart) , Peterborough (Tony) , Raith Rovers and Forest Green Rovers. Peterboroughs win keeps them as division threes team to beat and are 4th in the table. Hibernians go top as Stirling are held. Rushden are third. Poor Arbroath are as always bottom and without a win all season. MANAGERS NEEDED: RUSHDEN AND DIAMONDS , RAITH ROVERS , FOREST GREEN ROVERS , ALBION ROVERS , GRAYS ATHLETIC , SOUTHPORT , EAST FIFE AND ARBROATH. This setup badly needs help to fill up. Anyone who can spare room for a team even on a temporary basis will be most welcome.
  22. Re: Windass or Bednar You've got quite a list there James. I like to follow the Championship i think it's more exciting than the premiership. Here are some more names for you but you may struggle to get these guys. Sam Vokes (just signed for Wolves from Bournemouth) Aaron Mclean (top scorer for Peterborough but bound for a higher level) Michael Mcindoe (Missed out on Premiership with Bristol City, top player) Scott Dann (Will play for England one day. Why he joined Cov i'll never know) Dan Fox (Went to Cov at the same time as Dann from Walsall, expect better things in future for him) Lee Trundle (I have always liked Trundle and i think he deserves a higher rating than he has) David Edwards (Has featured alot in the Wolves side and should rise from 80) Ishmael Demontagnac (Walsall midfielder, heard a rumour Villa were looking at him) As for Bednar and Windass, Bednar WILL play for WBA in the Premiership and will bang in a few goals. Windass has been outstanding but i cant see him being more than a bit player next season IF he stays at Hull. Hope this helps.
  23. Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread MATCHDAY 38 Inter Milan finish four points ahead of the competition despite losing there last two matches. Chelsea also finish dissapointingly. Wins for Benfica (Col) , Barcelona (Rob) , CSKA Moscow (George) , Lyon (Teje) , Arsenal (Kev) , Villareal (Alan) , Manchester United (Bobo) , FC Schalke (Steve) and Valencia (Michael). All sides will be hoping to better themselves next season. Vacencies for the setup are Shakhtar Donetsk, Fenerbache and Manchester United. Please apply via PM.
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