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  1. Just thought that the Netherlands v USA friendly earlier on today was one of the best games I have ever seen. Kudos to a team from the US of which I hardly knew apart from a few. A cracking game for a neutral. I wholeheartedly recommend viewing the second half. A new format. I am severely unsure. But good luck to it.
  2. Re: Playstation 4 and Xbox one The Witcher 3 is coming out next month and I for one will be looking forward to what is possibly going to be game of the year. It looks fantastic, and is a really big game, it's capital city alone is far bigger than combining all of Skyrim's 8 or 9 cities together. The bad thing is that the game is coming out before the summer, and not the usual before Christmas and the freezing winter!
  3. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Just re-bought this for $3. Looking to play some split screen action with a room-mate. Is there a way where we do not see each other on the map? Any way to turn of the red dot so that we have no idea where the other is until someone shoots. Also, is it possible to play multi-player against casual gamers who are okay but not great. No continuous airstrikes and choppers after a few minutes.
  4. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) What did he see in that picture of those twins?
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Why is it far fetched for Falcao to join Liverpool? Or any other player bandied about that has been made to not going to happen? I think I saw mentions of Cavani joining Liverpool be put in that boat. What is it about Liverpool that higher profile players are not going to be signed?
  6. Re: What tv series are you into? Such a great show. So very hilarious. I woonder if is still going as they produced seasons every two or three years. This is also a very clever show that deals with stuff that happens all the time. And the star was a writer for Seinfeld!
  7. Re: What grinds my gears... I thought the thread was associated with things that pish you off on the forums as opposed to the multitude of things that **** you off from real life. I also agree that the world had gone to chaos somewhat.
  8. Re: What grinds my gears... People on the forum who copy and paste a long and decently written article without putting where they got it from. As if they wrote it themselves. I have noticed that a few too many times on the Liverpool thread. Jesus Christ, just say where you pulled it from. Because you did not come up with it and decided to post it here rather than, say, sell it to some online blog or a newspaper. As you ain't no frackin' journalist. That goes from my time writing papers and doing my utmost to give credence where it is due. Just a pet peeve. Like when people say "could of," or "would of." What ***** kind of English is that. What is wrong with saying "could have," or "would have." Is it too much more typing to do. Just a slight rant about things that grind my gears.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would also like to put my favourite players (not mentioned above) who were extremely gifted and entertaining, but it would be a wee bit off topic to put them here. They are in the EPL thread. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=2951641#post2951641
  10. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Continuing on from the Liverpool thread about entertaining players, these guys who were not mentioned made me want to watch their team play. (How about that crazy Bolton team, or even 'boro back then. Le Tissier. So many great goals, and a guy who could have moved. Cantona (may have been mentioned). Ginola, and Cole in his early days, and Giggs. Asprilla was fun, Kinkladze, Ireland (first season at City). Robben and (I think Zola was mentioned, but frackin' him),. Klinsmann was a big Spurs signing and made me want to watch them. Gazza was special, as was Juninho early on. Di Canio (a streak like Cantona), Poborsky and Okocha. Some more are there I am sure.
  11. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Algeria v Germany. That is going to be a game!
  12. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Great stuff Algeria. Hopefully they face Germany and get a crack at avenging 1982.
  13. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Fantastic save. A contrast to Muslera for sure. A good game too.
  14. Re: Game of Thrones (inc spoilers) Damn, I really liked Obeyrn too. He was such a great character and the actor did a magnificent job like that speech with Tyrion about how he was not a monster, but just a baby. I hope to see more of the Dornish. And I cannot wait for the 100 v 100,000 battle coming up.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What was that red card for?
  16. Re: What tv series are you into? Game of Thrones needs it's own thread. It is just too good. "Money buys a mans silence for a time. A bolt in the heart buys it forever."
  17. Re: The Walking Dead Terminus sound like the last fracking town you want to go to in this world. Like should it have been Terminal. If anything was named my final destination I would not be heading there. And on that note (without any idea of the novels) that the word Terminus is not good. And so what would be the scariest thing about dead humans trying to eat you? Live ones are 10 times scarier. As are those guys who have to 'claim' something. Remember that bed scene? The scariest things are those real life people who would cut you up for whatever reason. Not those bleedin' walkers that you can thrust a knife into a skull and walk on yourself. The best thing (and by far the scariest and about time) to happen for us the viewers would be to see frackin' cannibals come along and entice these shipwrecked souls to a place they would rather not be at. Compared to those lovely and safeish train tracks, heading to Terminal Death is really asking for it.
  18. Re: The Walking Dead. I thought last nights episode was one of the very best in the series. It certainly was the most serious and I thought I would never see a kid getting whacked on any show, ever. Which is annoying as those girls were a lot more interesting child characters than Carl. The show is very good at foreshadowing future danger with hints from a past episode. I like those kinds of things as there are only so many ways to kill a zombie before it gets tiresome. Looking forward to the last few episodes and what is up with that shady mulleted 'scientist.'
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Anyone see the 'David Moyes, Football Genius' banner? :D:D I never saw United play as bad against Liverpool. Some of them did not look interested, and I felt like Liverpool could score with any attack.
  20. Re: The Walking Dead I saw it last night on AMC and it was an episode that had some peculiar stuff going on. Not my favourite 'starting' episode (unlike 4.1), but it did answer a few questions about people.
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