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  1. Re: Lets Make Transfers Quicker! This is a really good idea and thread, from first it did get me a little bit confused because of what Shelbourne mentioned but after i read on i began to realise what you mean, this does help alot, it really gets frustrating finding out in the morning that the tranfers hasent gone through, but anyway good post mate if SM updates this idea it would be great i would give you a Rep but dont know how lol
  2. Re: Are Liverpool good enough to be in the Top 4? ye i think they are but they just need to start pulling off the results thats all, they have top players and a top manager but its how they perform on teh pitch at the end of the day
  3. Re: will 4-3-3 wingers work for my team? Hi, i think they are all asleep lol , well i think you should play the 4-5-1 with the normal back four and albelda sitting infront of them, then de rossi and iniesta infront of albelda with the wingers beside them leaving toni who should be your target man to do the job if not play 4-4-2 taking out albelda and putting benzema upfront with toni which you might choose if you are not scoring alot
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