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  1. Re: Support service Hi Jkerrs, It's an interesting idea you raise and we have mooted it since you raised it - we used to have such a system a long time ago but the problems it solved in terms of coverage were outweighed by a lack of objectivity about having so many different pairs of eyes doing the work....add into that the various timezones we have to consider and this might be hard to implement in a way that brings a consistent approach. Tebthereb, I understand the issue you raise and I think the answer I gave originally is appropriate as I tried to outline the context of the significant volume of bugs we get and the huge variety of material they cover. We need to have a priority approach to dealing with these. As with any system, there is a certain amount of subjectivity and one persons of views of things doesn't necessarily agree with another, this is also true of 'what is a bug' I guess. The overall, important point to hold in mind is that our incoming volume is pretty significant and we need to make the best use of our time in order to keep the game as bug free as possible. Generally this has served us pretty well so far and it is our challenge to keep it going and improving it where we can. I've discussed this again with our support team since you first raised this issue on this thread and your points are definitely acknowledged. Have a good weekend all. Eric
  2. Re: Support service Hi All, Some good points raised here, I'll try and discuss a few things in this response which will hopefully answer a few of them. Jkerrs - I appreciate the point you are raising here albeit it feels like less of support issue and more of a general discussion of the SMFA system. We are careful not to discuss the mechanics of this system too closely so as not to negate it by some people having more information that others. I do understand the point around the support angle though, and it is of course frustrating when people are dishonest in their use of a system especially in the scenario you highlight. What would you suggest as an alternative to the current support model for transfers? We'll always consider any constructive alternatives as part the development process. I'm sure there are also a few other threads for SMFA stuff too - might be a good place to start too see what other players think of your ideas too, particularly if they are wider than the support element as per this thread. Tebthereb, I note your comments and certainly value the feedback. A couple of things jump out that would probably benefit from a bit more clarification. I note you mention SM Westgate - this is still a very active part of the development and test area of the game. Our use of Westgate depends very much on what development activity is taking precedence. Currently, as you may be aware, much focus is being placed on a revised mobile site and app development. The majority of the testing community for the new mobile site was drawn from Westgate as we know these are managers that know the game inside out and get a feel for what works well and will give us measured constructive feedback. I don't envisage stopping using the Westgate community depending on what the project requires. For a long time now, probably the most demanded feature across our various channels has been app creation with demand for this increasing over time in line with our widening base of SM players. We've therefore put a lot of time and effort into creating what we believe is a really good mobile experience for SM players and we expect the app and mobile site to continually develop too as time progresses. As SM has grown, we have gained more and more people on the site in more and more languages. It is a constant discussion for us to determine the best way to provide support for all these people in a way that gives people a channel into the game and makes sure major bugs are picked up and fixed. As you note, the support system is reflective of this and exists to highlight clearly definable bugs and allow us to fix them. Depending on the country, platform, user, language, hardware....these bugs vary a lot and require a determined focus to weed them out of the general volume of communication so we can keep the game as bug free as possible. The inbox is very busy as you might imagine. Our support team work hard to try and highlight the most important items first as you would expect. It's not a totally objective process so I'm sure there are occasions where one persons bug does not quite fit into our wider view of what is top priority but equally that is why we have areas like the forum so other things can be discussed and picked up here too. The Dev issue you mention is also a reflection of that, there is a lot of material on the forum and whilst we would of course like to be able to post a little more, we do our absolute best, at the very least, the make sure we are reading the constructive stuff so we can get a feel for how the community is viewing certain things. This has probably become a little more difficult as the game has grown but it is still central to our approach and will continue to be so. The development of the mobile stuff is a good example of that - it has been asked of us and we have used the community to develop and test it. We'll continue to do this in future as we work on our development list. Thanks again for your input, it really is much appreciated so please keep it coming. Speak soon Eric
  3. Re: Support service Hi all, Some interesting points raised here and of course very relevant. As the game has grown in recent years, so too has the number of support tickets and we continually review the best way of providing support to SM players en masse and the substantial amount of correspondence the game receives via the various mechanisms such as support tickets, social media channels, translation support etc I can't comment on individual cases as it is not my area of work but I know the approach our support team takes is to uphold this principal of balancing their time effectively and trying to pull out bugs and getting them over to the dev team to fix accordingly. It has always worked fairly well for the game as the lag time between serious bugs being highlighted and fixed is generally good given the support we get from the community in highlighting them. The community has always been a big part of SM development and will remain so going forward with the forum playing a key part of that. I've discussed in previous posts the method we take to discussing new and reviewing old systems/features of the game and often the constructive material on the forum is central to that process. In reviewing the forum, we see sometimes that people don't agree with an aspect of SM and we welcome any constructive views on how to do things differently - and indeed - consider them when we are discussing changes so these suggestions remain a key part of how we plan to progress.
  4. Hi all, Please see this message that has gone out today...important for all translators. We are pleased to announce to all translators that we are today releasing a new translation tool for your use. The new tool allows you to complete translations and see them as they appear on the game which should make translation quicker and easier than ever. You can access the tool by setting Soccer Manager to the language you are translating into. If for some reason you prefer using the old tool, it's still there and can be accessed in the usual way. If you have not already done so, please search for a game account with the name 'smtranslation' and make friends with this account as you can chat with the SM translation team using the in game chat tool. Please let us know any feedback you have about the tool via a PM or a chat message to this account. Thanks Eric
  5. Re: Finances Hi Soccahappy, I think I follow your meaning here and I can of course understand the general themes being raised and discussed here. Earlier on in the thread, I felt it was important to re-assert the point that the way we have always worked at SM is by starting with an issue (quite often raised on the forum), then we have a look at the whole picture...so analyse our game data across all the GWs taking into context all the things you would expect re. game development and then work this process up into new developments and features ... the key point being that the forum input has been and always will be an important strand of this overall process. I mention this because, in my interpretation, this is the 'action' which we apply to any aspect of the game. We try and make sure we don't rush into new features and so ease into new development areas...and the game is exactly that, a continuous development with the community at it's core. So threads like this are a key part of it. I understand that you (and many others) have a clear view of how you want this development to progress and it is good news for us that we get such feedback for the reasons I mention. Of course this is more 'words' but having described the process we take for the game's development, I hope you understand the 'action' behind them too. Speak soon Eric
  6. Re: Finances Hi all, A quick note to address a few things that I have read on this thread. We most definitely do read the forum and feedback that forumers provide (new and old). SM has always taken note of this feedback in the development process going right back to start of the game - and we always will as we see the community as a big part of SM. Based on what I have read, I'm sure some people might be minded to disagree with me here but I can assure you that our primary focus is on making the best game we possibly can. We are all huge football fans at SM and spend a lot of time debating/testing new features and existing features to try and make sure it fits into the ethos of creating a great football game that everyone can play for free. I understand the finance changes have been emotive, but in our view they were absolutely necessary given the mechanics of the game had shifted towards incentivising some unhelpful things like super squads, loan manipulations, player exchange deals rendering cash deals ineffective, hyper-inflation reducing cash effectiveness etc, etc. This things were polarising GWs and in some the transfer market had frozen and sometimes ALL the playing talent was owned by just a few clubs who had farmed their way to the top rather than skilful scouting. It is of course a balancing act, but the changes have been made to try and lessen the impact of these things and bring a competitive transfer scenario back to GWs - the notion of small club v big club is true to the extent that depending on the club you manage (and it's size) this can perhaps be seen as the 'difficulty setting' of SM in some regards...and a bigger stadium, fan base, starting balance etc all amounts to a headstart at the outset as it does in the real world. I would urge you all to keep these posts coming as they do get heard and discussed and always form part of the development process. Have a good weekend - speak soon. Eric
  7. Re: Chat Hi all. Thanks for feeding back about issues with the Chat function. We are very keen to get to the bottom of any issues which users may be experiencing - I'll feed these points back to the devs working on this but would also ask you to report a bug in the normal way if problems persist. This will ensure we fix any issues affecting your individual set up. Eric
  8. Re: Chat Hi Ben, What is your username?
  9. Re: Finances Hi Soccahappy, I was just reading your post and thought I would reaffirm that we try to make as inclusive a game as possible which all managers enjoy. As you mention, not everyone wants the same level of experience and I'm sure everyone has a different idea as to what makes the game enjoyable. I think an important thing to highlight about the recent changes is that there has been a method of managing clubs (player farming, p/e transfer manipulation, loan system manipulation) which has led to a sure-fire way to get your club towards the top with lots of players and lots of money - and - eventually even a monopoly on the transfer market in that GW. Not all managers have managed their clubs in this way, but those that have will likely have felt these changes the most. This is a genuine attempt to restore the balance between teams in the GW and level the playing field so to speak. The key elements from our perspective being that the core concepts of the game remain the same...scouting risers, having a well balanced squad and negotiating shrewdly in an active transfer market etc. Eric
  10. Re: Chat We've done some work ironing a couple of issues out...is it ok for you guys now?
  11. Re: Chat Hi Klorway, Which browser are you using?
  12. Re: Chat Good morning Barakus, Hi and welcome to the forum! There is a post a little earlier in this thread detailing why the chat function was improved which might explain things a little further re. priorities. If I understand you correctly, when you ask us to focus on 'ME' you are referring to the SM user base in general...i.e. everybody? Please be assured that we do focus very hard on making a great game that people all over the world can enjoy. The forum is a big part of that and we take a good steer from our forum users as to future developments and tweaks etc...we've always strived to make sure the game is community focused and this won't change going forward. In this regard, I would urge you to post any suggestions around the match engine in the thread on the same matter to ensure your ideas are picked up in our dev. process. I appreciate you posting them here, I just want to make sure your ideas have the best chance of being heard. The situation you outline in your GW sounds odd i.e a managed team with NMF players consistently winning...let me know the GW ID and I will have a look at it. Can see you are a Newcastle fan from your profile, much crazier goings on there this week than anything on SM! Eric
  13. Re: Riferimento: Chat Hi Riccardo, Improving the chat feature was an unexpected development for us as it came out of an issue we discovered in the system very recently. It wasn't quite top of the list as you might imagine, but it has been improved none the less. We are not seeing widespread reports of any issues with the function since the changes, indeed it should be significantly quicker than before. If you are experiencing something different please report it as a bug and we will investigate. Eric
  14. Re: loan wages 50 - 50 Hi dafreaking, I'm inclined to agree with the point Daggers raises here around there being a potential loophole opened up with in GWs with spare clubs. Eric
  15. Re: Finances Hi Rico, We're confident that this area needed looking at, not least as there was this loophole where some people were improving their squads by genuinely finding potential and negotiating good deals whilst some others took advantage of the imbalance of the p/e system to improve their teams. We definitely favour the former as making for a better game. Hopefully won't make the GWs more stagnant as should help to centralise cash deals as the driving force of the transfer system with the p/e system still existing to support the clubs options in the market for genuine deals. Feedback is important to us though, so if you are think you have a way to improve things further then let us know. Eric
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