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  1. Re: Eredivisie Discussion Thread

    Twente got it right' date=' maybe his FB is fake? :P[/quote']

    The facebook page appears to be tied with his official website (nacerchadli.be). They obviously need to get their facts straight!

    On another note, I just noticed there's an Anti-Nacer Chadli facebook page with over 2000 likes. I'm guessing that's down to him doing a U-turn on becoming a Morrocan international?

  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Er' date=' not exactly accurate....

    Eliton Deola 21 starts, 1 sub, 1939 minutes

    Marcos 13 starts 1141 mins

    Bruno 4 starts 347 mins

    The season is also currently finished, if your looking for risers i'd look else where for the time being....[/quote']

    Deola's played about 75% of games in the Campeonato Paulista, 12 starts out of a possible 16, and he's started the last 7.

  3. Re: Bulgaria Predictions :)

    The first team name is Litex Football Club...

    And the players ''Tsvenatos'' name is TSVETANOV' date=' Momchil...[/quote']

    And there's no chance he's getting a +7 rise for 450 minutes of league football over the last 2 seasons.

    Even Tsvetkov's played more than him, about 700 minutes in 2 seasons.

    Both of them might get 78 if they're lucky.

  4. Re: Respuesta: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010

    Do you think Darijo Srna is sure at 91? or could he drop?

    I'd be suprised if he dropped considering Shakhtar are in the Q/F of the champions league and they're leading their domestic league comfortably (12 points ahead of 2nd with 8 games remaining).

  5. Re: Need some tactical help - Been losing too many points lately...

    4-3-3 wingers

    BUFFON, Gianluigi

    ALVES, Dani (RB)

    PUYOL, Carles (CB right)

    PIQUE, Gerard/VIDIC, Nemanja (CB left)

    EVRA, Patrice (LB)

    BUSQUETS, Sergio (DM centre)

    XAVI, Hernández (CM left)

    FABREGAS, Cesc (CM right)

    ROBBEN, Arjen (W left/right)

    INIESTA, Andrés (W right/left)

    MESSI, Lionel (F middle)

    If that doesn't work;


    BUFFON, Gianluigi

    PUYOL, Carles (CB right)

    PIQUE, Gerard (CB left)

    VIDIC, Nemanja (CB centre)

    BUSQUETS, Sergio (DM centre)

    INIESTA, Andrés (RM with forward attacking arrows)

    XAVI, Hernández (CM left)

    FABREGAS, Cesc (CM right)

    ROBBEN, Arjen (LM with forward attacking arrows)

    MESSI, Lionel (F left)

    IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan/VILLA, David (F right)

  6. Re: Help with a weak Valencia team in a very strong Division 1!!!!!!!!!!

    Another option for you to try, 3-5-2;

    AKINFEEV, Igor

    DIAWARA, Souleymane (CB centre)

    HUMMELS, Mats (CB right)

    BOCCHETTI, Salvatore (CB left)

    ROLFES, Simon (DM centre)

    HERNANDEZ, Pablo (RM with forward attack arrow)

    GONZALEZ, Lucho (CM right) - Playmaker and penalties

    BALLACK, Michael (CM left) - Captain and free kicks

    MARIN, Marko (LM with forward attack arrow) Corners

    LLORENTE, Fernando (CF left or right)

    BARRIOS, Lucas (CF left or right) - Either CF as Target, not required.

    Against difficult oppenents;

    Tackling - Hard, Mentality - Defensive, Passing - Mixed, Attacking - Mixed, Tempo - Normal, Pressing - All over

    Counter - Yes, Tight marking - Yes, Playmaker - Yes, Men behind ball - No, Offside trap - No, Target Man - No

    Against weaker opponents;

    Tackling - Normal, Mentality - Attacking, Passing - Mixed, Attacking - Mixed, Tempo - Fast, Pressing - Own half

    Counter - Yes, Tight marking - No, Playmaker - Yes, Men behind ball - No, Offside trap - No, Target Man - No

  7. Re: Young Top Scorers in Europe to Rise?

    Ilicic is going up without doubt. 86 is way too low for a Palermo starter who's playing as well as, if not better, than Pastore (from what I've read). Should get to 88 at the next ratings if he carries on as he has.

    The most likely to increase from the players you've mentioned are Sow and Ilicic but they all have a chance of going up with the least likely of a rise being Cisse as he's pretty much already reached the team rating cap for Freiburg.

  8. Re: Who should I buy/sell?

    I. Casillas Stay

    D. Maicon -1/Stay

    W. Samuel Stay/-1 (season ending injury)

    S. Juan Stay/-1

    A.Cole Stay

    J. Boateng Stay/+1

    M. Dawson Stay

    M. Caceres Stay

    X. Alonso Stay/+1

    E. Cambiasso Stay

    J. Obi Mikel Stay/+1

    J. Rodwell Stay

    A. Ramsey Stay

    M. Ozil +1

    A. Johnson +1/+2

    D. Forlan Stay

    A. Pato Stay

    J. Hernandez +2

    My opinion, the above rating changes are not guaranteed. If possible I'd get Di Maria and Khedira because they're both playing good football at Real Madrid. Bale's an obvious one. Fabio Coentrao's due a +2 for his good play for Benfica/Portugal. Then there's Nani who's been in good form this season and will most likely rise.

  9. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Only the biggest risers!!

    Well that makes sense. Casnos who's scored 3 goals and played 800 minutes for a club in 14th place gets a +7 to 82 whilst Kubik who's scored 6 goals and played 1145 minutes for a club in 7th place only gets a +5 to 80.

    Then you compare Casnos to De Vrij of the same club. Casnos only started playing regular first team football this season whilst De Vrij became a starter halfway through last season and has barely missed a game since then and yet they're both rated the same. In my opinion, poor changes.

    Casnos should have got an 80 at the maximum if De Vrij only deserves a +2 and Kubik a +5.

  10. Re: CB help - 88-89 rated in for a rise

    BODMER, Mathieu 27, 90 -1

    UJFALUSI, Tomás 32, 90 stay/-1

    GAMBERINI, Alessandro -28, 90 -1/stay

    M'BIA, Stéphane CB 24, 89 stay

    CARRICO, Daniel 22, 88 stay/+1

    BASSONG, Sébastien CB 24, 88 stay

    REINARTZ, Stefan CB 21, 86 +1/+2

    RUIZ, Víctor 21, 84 +2/+3

    HOWEDES, Benedikt DDef 22 88 stay

    BEREZUTSKY, Vasili CB/RB 28, 89 +1/stay

    DIAKHATE, Pa|pe CB 26, 88 +1/stay

    They're not guaranteed but that's my opinion.

  11. Re: MLS Ratings 2010 - by Totti417

    Los Angeles Galaxy


    Michael Stephens 73 -> 79

    Juninho Pereira 75 -> 77

    I think they're both at least likely to get the same rating as they've both played about the same amount of minutes. Infact, Juninho probably deserves a higher rating as all his 27 appearances have been as a starter. Definitely deserves more than a +2!

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