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  1. Re: Stoch and Alderweireld Both are due a +2 at least with Stoch having a strong chance of a +3.
  2. Re: Potential Greek Risers/Moneymakers Please could I have an opinion on Konstantinos MANOLAS. I noticed that in the last 5 games of the season he played for AEK they only conceeded 1 goal. Was that partially down to Manolas performing well? What do you see for him in the future? Will he continue to get games next season? Thanks in advance.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I have to say that this is one of my favourite threads on the forum for the fact that whenever there's new posts you know you'll always get a good read. You say that players are likely to move in the summer, Bruno Alves, Meireles, David Luiz etc. but what I'd like to see though are some predictions laid down with percentage chance of how likely each player will actually transfer. So if you could come up with say your top 10 most likely/substantial transfers of the summer (that haven't already been finalised) and then we
  4. Whenever I try to order my players by rating or condition on the tactics page I always seem to get the same script error; "Warning: Unresponsive script, A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete." This is the offending script; Script: http://smstatic.com/js/pages/tactics_1__1269866541.js:1 Does anybody know how to fix this problem and does anybody else have this problem? It seemed to start happening ever since the "Hide/Show Youth Players" button was moved to below the match day
  5. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings I think you've posted in the wrong thread.
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Hey DerbyPower, how has Ruben Micael been performing in these first few games for Porto?
  7. Re: Player Concerns I can understand the reason's for making players who've recently had rating rises require new contracts. It's to punish people who give a turd about this game. It's safe to say that the teams being hit by these constant (neverending) player concerns in most cases are those that either use the forum often or those who actually follow world football and scout for players due to rise. Why should I be punished economically for good game play? However, obviously as from today SM has decided to bring in wage limits for seperate ratings instead of groups of ratings (eg. 85-89 b
  8. Re: Sinan Bolat Should be looking at getting an 87 at the next Belgian ratings, I reckon. Not sure about other clubs being after him though.
  9. Re: RATM For Xmas Number One! Just because you can't understand from listening, doesn't mean there's no meaning to what's actually being growled. I don't think it particularly matters much that I have to look up the lyrics as personally I prefer the guitarwork/drumming over the vocals anyway.
  10. Re: RATM For Xmas Number One! Well that's different. That's more about plagiarism than lyrical content. However, I do agree that the lyrics for that song are rather poor as it's not really my topic of choice.
  11. Re: RATM For Xmas Number One!
  12. Re: RATM For Xmas Number One! Some might also say the song I posted in the Right now I'm listening to thread is technically a lot better than the aforementioned RAtM track, especially considering it has better lyrical content, better riffs and solos etc. Like you said though, we all have different tastes. I like vocals to be growled/screamed (on the most part) and the guitars to have at least some technicallity to them.
  13. Re: What song is stuck in your head? It's going to sound bad coming from a metalhead like myself... but I've had 'Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling' in my head because of that stupid TV advert with the people on treadmills dancing.
  14. Re: RATM For Xmas Number One! 'Killing in the Name' is a pretty rubbish song but I bought the 29p version on Amazon just to help stop that annoying karaoke song getting to top spot, well, for Christmas at least.
  15. Re: match fitness It's best to have back up or under-21 players who are due to rise in rating in the near future. Then just use those for your cup games. I'd suggest having a first team squad of between 16-20 players and an additional 10-15 young/back up players who are going to rise.
  16. Re: Lack of player condition... again Sometimes I wish I had the power to delete/move posts... absolutely... unbelievable.
  17. Re: Lack of player condition... again The thing is, they're happening so frequently now and it's so random, I really can't take them seriously when they're saying stuff like "rest assured that these bugs are rare". Quite a few of my teams won't have 100% fit players for Wednesdays games and I really can't be arsed sending in any more support tickets. On their head be it, I say.
  18. Re: Lack of player condition... It's done it again with a load of random gameworld's except this time SM are denying it's even a problem. Like I've said previously, I keep my players at full condition for Wednesday games and 95%+ for Saturday games. On more than one of my accounts I've only got teams which play games on Wednesdays/Saturdays (no custom game worlds) of which 2 teams currently have conditions in the high 80's/low 90's and the other has high 70's/low 80's. Now, I definitely know it's not my fault and I reported this on all of my accounts affected but to be told that there isn't
  19. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  20. Re: Lack of player condition... Yeah, it appears to be hit-and-miss which gameworlds haven't seen their daily condition updates. It's happened a number of times in recent months.
  21. Re: What is happening to this forum? Personally, SM's been going down hill ever since I joined in February 2008. I can't particularly think of anything that's improved since then. I can think of plenty that's gone wrong though; Rating changes take longer, are less thorough and accurate even though it takes about 1 month per section. You have to pay to reserve a good team on top of paying for gold membership. Stupid ads that lag my computer added (e.g. O2). Real-life attendances/Less money coming in from ticket/tv revenue means I'm buying more youth team risers than ever to keep myself i
  22. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 You can't, once they've made 150 new changes then the previous changes just get wiped from the list.
  23. I've noticed recently that SM decides on some days not to increase the players condition, usually on matchday. So what happens then is that if you sort out your teams the night before for the games the next day and you're expecting conditions to increase, they don't. This then means your team goes in to a game with lower conditioned players. I know this applies to all players of SM but I'm still annoyed to have to change my entire team for the game after just because my players aren't at 100%. It's usually Saturday's when conditions aren't increased from previous experience.
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