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  1. Re: 90-99 LM / RM / Wing issue Nah, it happens. For example, Lahm is well known for playing at LB but he's predominantly right footed. The fact that he's right footed and playing in a left position shouldn't have any effect on the players SM performance.
  2. Re: Alexader Frei Personally, if it's possible to swap for another 90 who's guaranteed to stay/rise or bring in somebody who's going to hit 90 at the next ratings then I'd do that. I wouldn't want to risk that he'd be staying at his current rating as I believe his chances of dropping are 50/50. It's better to be safe than sorry... Edit: That being said, his international record has been of a good standard and Switzerland have a high chance of automatically qualifying for the World Cup next year.
  3. Re: Arjen ROBBEN Well, I was thinking that his 93 would be pretty safe with his performances being of a high standard in his first few Bayern appearances but recently "The Glass Man" has returned and yet again Arjen is sidelined with injury. He's only going to be out for a month but it's slightly ominous in my opinion. There's no doubting he has the ability to be rated higher than 93. If it weren't for all the injuries throughout his short career then he'd most likely be 95+ by now and probably still at Real making an awe inspiring partnership with Ronaldo and himself down each wing. If h
  4. Re: LB under 90? I'd go with Cissokho. He's pretty much nailed that left back spot at Lyon, especially now that Grosso's at Juve.
  5. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  6. Re: Rising 88 G.K. CARRASSO, Cédric - 88 -> 89 Bordeaux's undisputed no.1 should be guaranteed an 89 in a few weeks unless he starts conceeding by the truck load.
  7. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers. Yeah, that's correct. Carrizo got loaned out to Zaragoza due to this.
  8. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers.
  9. Re: Ukrainian Ratings Also, the fact that Dynamo got to the semi-final of the uefa cup after being in the Champions League would have helped matters. The Ukranian league is a lot like the Scottish league in the fact that it's usually a 2 horse race come the end of the seasn and that those 2 teams usually blow hot and cold in European competition. It just so happened that those 2 teams were 'hot' last season and thus the coefficient ranking increase. Ukraine earned more coefficient points than England last season even though 3 English teams made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League,
  10. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers. Fernando Muslera needs adding to the goalkeepers section. 86-->88 would probably be on the cards, I believe. Common knowledge.
  11. Re: Risers to 92+ My personal opinion.
  12. Re: Risers to 92+ To be honest, I could see Pique going straight from 90 to 92. He certainly deserves it in my opinion and to be honest, I'd be highly disappointed if he didn't hit 92 at the next ratings.
  13. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 What's the opinion of Eren Derdiyok? 4 goals, 2 assists in 7 apps and a rating of 3 on kicker would suggest he's doing pretty well. When Patrick Helmes comes back is it likely he'll be getting less game time?
  14. Re: Bolat of Standard Liege He's going higher than 82, that's for sure. His heroics at the end of last season pretty much secured Standard Liege champions league football for this season.
  15. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now Nicky Kuiper who plays for FC Twente, rated 77. Should be in for a nice juicy rise. I could see Stoch getting higher than 83 due to the fact he's played games for the Slovakian national team. They're well on course to be going to the World Cup next year as they only require a draw in their next game to be guaranteed a place.
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread DerbyPower, what are your opinions on David Luiz of Benfica? Is he any good and can he reach 90+?
  17. Re: Contracts The wages have been like this since I can remember, tbh. You'll always have to renew 90+ rated players so they're on £59k+. If you've got more than 3 90+ players in your squad and your're not one of the bigger clubs then you'll probably end up having to sell quite a few of them. What would you rather pay, £21k a game for an 89 or £60k a game for a 90?
  18. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Fábio Coentrão has 5 assists in 5 league sub apps for Benfica, why isn't he getting starts yet?
  19. Re: Transfer bid accepted but not completed? Seems the entire website is running slow. All my players still haven't had their conditions updated today. As for the transfers, it's been the same for me with the amount of time taken to complete.
  20. Re: Switzerland Risers. Do you not think P.Koch could get more than +4? Started 6 of 10 league games and a couple of champions league games, not to mention the 900 minutes of football he played at the end of last season.
  21. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" All the things that have been said so far by the developers in this thread still haven't convinced me that the changes are for the good. These changes may very well be good for GC's where even in the poorest of game worlds over 100 teams are managed and players are spread out more between clubs but in a standard game world of 80 teams where 20 clubs are managed these changes just don't work. I don't see the point in not being able to buy 95+ rated players because since you've made these changes they're not even affordable to clubs with 60,000+ c
  22. Re: young GKs that will rise to high 80/90 Soslan Dzhanaev, 22 years old, currently rated 84. Plays for Spartak Moscow and he's taken over as no.1 this season from Stipe Pletikosa (rated 89, was Croatia's no.1 up until recently). Spartak currently sit in 2nd place in the Russian premier liga. I've never actually seen him play (you'd need to ask Ben Reado about that) but based on stats alone he should be heading for 86/87 if he continues to play the rest of the games this season. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fernando Muslera, 23 years ol
  23. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread DerbyPower, are Braga riding their luck or have they really deserved to win 5 out of 5?
  24. Re: What should gourcuff's rating be? Considering he plays regularly for the national team and is arguably the best player for the French league champions then I don't see why he can't be a 92 at some point. He'll hit 91 at the next rating changes without doubt though.
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