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  1. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  2. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" We need to work something out; You need 21 players in a squad, minimum. Now let's consider that the first 11 consists of 90-94 rated players who each require £60,000 per game in wages, the rest being 85-89 rated who require £21,000 per game; 11 x £60,000 = £660,000 10 x £21,000 = £210,000 £660,000 + £210,000 = £870,000 per game. Now I'm going to use my Arsenal team who I manage in division 1 of an English championship as an example here. From a home game I make £1,950,000 through gate reciepts, tv revenue, sponsorship deals and merchandising
  3. Re: Gudjohnson for Grafite deal or no deal? Gudjohnson's playing for Monaco now so doesn't even have a chance to play European football whilst, as previously mentioned, Grafite is playing champions league football. Do the swap without doubt.
  4. Re: Ratings!!! Busquets played more than 6 games for him to get to 88.
  5. Re: Ratings!!! Muller won't get 88/89 in the next rating change, perhaps 84/85 is more likely.
  6. Re: Serbian Risers Fair enough. I just thought it was rather rude that your first reply should be the "Are you doing this for the rep?" post.
  7. Re: Serbian Risers Not only do you come in to this thread and insult the author but then you have the cheek to post up players which he was meant to. I find you very rude Kieran. I notice your threads (hard not to with the amount) and I don't post in them because you come across as being very negative to others and that you seem to know everything. If anybody would be looking for rep I believe it to be you. Edit: As for this thread, you best get a move on because the Serbian ratings will be coming up very soon!
  8. Re: Jupiler Pro League 2009/2010
  9. Re: Improved Finances This change combined with lower attendances (on the most part) is having a really bad effect on the game. In some cases it's making it impossible to manage a team anymore without going way in to the red.
  10. Re: Diagne Fallou ( Rated 71) Nearly 700 minutes played (big Riser) A little more info. This season; Played in 2 of 6 league games for a total of 98 minutes. (1 start/1 sub) Played in 2 of 2 cup games for a total of 146 minutes. (2 starts) Last season; Featured in 6 league matches for a total of 290 minutes. (3 starts/3 subs) Featured in 2 cup games for a total of 98 minutes. (1 start/1 sub) Diagne Fallou stats Metz 2009/10 league stats
  11. Re: A Guide for Newcomers 3-2-2-2-1 formation; *3 centre backs* De Rossi _ _ (Another DM) Maxi _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ribery Diego _ _ _ Silva *1 forward* If you can then try and bring in another DM or CM/DM. That's pretty much what I'd play if I had the midfielders you do. Use Ireland' date=' Gourcuff and Marin for cup matches. That would be my prefered style, however, if you can't afford to bring in another DM or CM/DM then I'd suggest playing 3-4-2-1 formation; [center'] *3 c
  12. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  13. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts"
  14. Re: Any metalheads on the forum? If you like melodic death metal then I've got a few suggestions. These are all releases from this year. Insomnium - Down with the Sun (doom influenced) SuidakrA - Shattering Swords (folk influenced) God Dethroned - Drowning in Mud (thrash influenced) Not many of the bands I listen to release a video so that's pretty much the best I could do.
  15. Re: Any metalheads on the forum? Rezorectorz!! It's been a ruddy long time since this thread's been used so I'm recycling it (As it's my thread). Any metalheads lurking in the midst? Anybody heard any good new records lately? Album of the year so far? Please, make your opinions heard and let the discussion commence forthright.
  16. Re: Improvements you want to the game? Just thought of one; 5) What's the point in having stadium building if your attendance is never going to increase?
  17. Re: What do we want realism or playability? It's a pretty easy answer for me. Playability. It's impossible to make this game realistic for the fact that you could theoretically get, for example, Dagenham and Redbridge in to division 1 with a 6000 capacity stadium. However, the way things are going it seems that SM doesn't want this to happen anymore, hence the reason they've implemented realistic attendances to keep the small clubs down and the big clubs flying high.
  18. 1. Condition increases after games lowered so that you've got players below playable condition for the next game more than usual / Players lose more condition per game. 2. Attendances lowered (in most cases), ticket sales reduced, tv revenue increased by a small amount but not enough to cover ticket sale losses leaving many clubs with considerable debt. 3. Chairman intervenes with transfers more often so a simple p/e deal becomes a week long effort. These are all changes SM have recently made to the game which I think have damaged gameplay. If you can think of anymore then please add. Edi
  19. Re: Soslan DZHANAEV Spartak Moscows new number 1!!! How's this guy currently playing? Obviously well enough to keep Pletikosa out with the fact he's still first choice. I'd like a bit more detail than that though.
  20. Omnium


    Re: Fitness?? I tend to keep all my players at 100% for Wednesday games and 95%+ for Saturday games but recently I've been noticing a lot more players being less than that. It usually means me changing half of my team from the previous game just to make sure my players don't get out of condition.
  21. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" Just to update, I've sent this ticket to SM suggestions and am now waiting for a reply of some sort...
  22. Re: Attendance down? http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=46760 The link above goes to a thread with more conversation about this problem. I've got a gold account with around 750 days left on it and I'm seriously considering quitting because of SM's incompetence.
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