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  1. Re: Speed Of SM Yes, you must be the only one! Mine isn't too bad though I suppose. It can be slow at times, but generally it's fine!
  2. Re: Bonjour Lol, I wasn't having a go, I was just pointing it out.
  3. Re: Championship Thread They have a great chance, and I honestly have no idea of who will go up out of the current top 6!? Who was that defeat to?
  4. Re: Bonjour Yeah, he did, but straight after he said he was only joking, "not really of course I am English".
  5. Re: Bonjour French is what you're not, Will!
  6. Re: Championship Thread I'll cry if you take that promotion place off of us!
  7. Re: Championship Thread As for who will be promoted/relegated: Promoted: -West Brom -Watford -Charlton (HOPEFULLY!) Relegated: -Shorpe -Colchester -Preston
  8. Re: Championship Thread Great thread! Addicks fan here. I see that you support Sheffield United, I'm going to Bramall Lane next weekend for our showdown (only my second away match of the season!). Will you be there? Do you go to many games?
  9. Re: Greetings... Great, thanks for the advice!
  10. Hello all! I am not new to Soccer Manager, but I am new to the forums, so apologies if I get anything wrong (not that I should because I have read the guides! ) I look forward to speaking to you!
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