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  1. There are simply far too many ads appearing on this site now. Spoiling the interface and game, they need removing.
  2. Re: Organizing your squad according to position agree but the game is on a downward trend. these gui changes are pointless etc etc. they need to make the stats, history and squad settings etc better
  3. Re: Squad Sizes we need better squad stats and history, i.e id like to be able to see how season 1 squad compares to squad 9 and where i finished etc... also need to have profit and loss stats on players and a history of this along with top profitable managers etc... more regular real life stats updates, taking too long to update... slowly getting bored and have the best squads ever.
  4. Would be really cool for managers to manage...
  5. Can you create a page history for all manager transfers made for all managed clubs within the game world? Player bought sold prices. Profit loss. Profitable managers table etc?
  6. Re: Job Offers click on what? the club doesnt show it!
  7. So i see on the club list that i have been offered a job, however where do i actually see this as a notification and accept it!?!?!? Running google chrome...
  8. Re: Anyone fancy explaining why Benoit Assou Ekotto isn't 90?
  9. Re: stopping - removing cheats i had already asked the smfa that the guy is cheating, they then confirmed he was anf the transfers would be undone. i then find the transfers havent been undone and the cheat is also still manager of all 3x teams, not kicked or rep reduced to - clearly the game favours gold member cheats and it ****** me off.
  10. quite clear that manager oronzo cana (world championship 885) is cheating (also manager of vfb and lazio) - logged with smfa to give this response: ticket hostory with smfa: You said: 2011-03-01 18:24:19 Your cheating system obviously doesn't work! See lazio, rein transfer also. Boot the rom a boss SM Support said: 2011-03-02 09:57:20 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now investigated this matter and reversed the transfer(s) due to being unusual and/or dubious. Regards only to still find the manager still running all 3x teams and allowed to complete the illegal transfers! **** game.
  11. so who are the top 10-12 up and coming players under 20 years of age? neymar? ganso? wilshire erikssen de gea ....... . . . /?
  12. Re: Torres+Gerrard's Portuguese and Spanish Rating Reports! ......................... +1
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