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  1. Re: Michael Owen To Man Utd Never saw this one coming.......
  2. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Like you just said Man city have a bigger budget and Villa couldnt match them in wages, so his transfer was all about money, that's what's upsetting most fans Me included. Huddlestone would be a great addition if it comes off.
  3. Re: Stars of next season! I understand where your coming from but why would he want to leave when he is slowly becoming the main man at the Villa....Plus hes just signed a new deal, but i dont think that will stop the usual speculation this time of year.
  4. Re: Stars of next season! Yeah he will play that well that Real will offer him 130.000 p/w and pack his wide *** bags and leave Man City aswell(sorry still a bit bitter:mad:...lol)..i reckon A.Young to be given a more important role and will have a blinder.
  5. Re: COD 5-SM Clan -Compete against other Clans(Xbox 360) Just joined gamebattles and my tag is ajvilla72. Im 2nd prestige
  6. Re: Call of Duty WaW Official Thread! Ive got to level 15 on the first zombie map but only just started on the new one........im ajvilla72 add me............
  7. Re: Lampard for De Rossi plus Ivanovic Thanks for your help, i was really undecided but i suppose you really have to take the age into consideration aswell....
  8. Ive been offered Frank Lampard and the 89 RB Ivanovic and 450.000 for De :confused:rossi should i accept???????
  9. Re: SM Fifa Club [xbox 360] any chance of joining in my gamer tag is the same as my name ajvilla72
  10. Re: fifa 09 ultimate team help! i was wondering i still cant find out how many pts the packs are? ive downloaded the demo but thats as far as ive got......i didnt realise you get a 5 game trial????
  11. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up?? So do i mate i was only joking........
  12. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up?? I was just wondering whether all the people who said Carrick will defo go up actually have him in more than one of their teams..........
  13. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! I was wondering if you could make me one with something to do with the Aston Villa win over Ajax earlier in the season?
  14. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Have to agree with most of the comments about needing a poacher......absolutely gutted TBH......played well but no end product....
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