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  1. How will these players do in their next ratings change? Thank you in advance. Julio Ceaser 94 Mexes 92 Chiellini 92 Gamberini 91 Godin 90 Gonzalo Rodriguez 90 Beckham 90 Gago 91 Simao 93 Robben 92 Mutu 94 Vucininc 91 Toni 94 Thanks :confused:
  2. could any1 put together a list of high rated risers, and also what you think they will go to, and when? thanks
  3. I have offered £10,000,000 plus Zvjezdan MISIMOVIC for patrick viera, and it has been accepted. Is this a good deal for me?
  4. Are there any players you think i should get rid of? Also could you tell me players who will rise, and how many weeks away? Thanks GK: Ceaser 94 GK: Rensing 88 CB: Gamberini 91 CB: Mexes 92 CB: Chiellini 92 CB: Godin 90 CB: Gonzalo roqiriquez 90 CB: Legroteglie 90 Wing: Robben 92 Wing: Simao 93 DM: Frings 93 CM: Gago 91 CM: Rolfes 91 CM: Hamsik 90 AM: Gourcuff 89 AM: Misimovic 89 Fwd: Toni 94 Fwd: Mutu 94 Fwd: Vucinic 91 Fwd: Bellamy 88 Fwd: Zarate 89 Fwd: Di vaio 87
  5. TONIGHT i am playing a team who plays a 4-3-1-2, and i play a 3-5-2. should i stick to my current formation?? I dont really want to go 1 up front, as i have got 3 quality strikers in mutu and toni, with 2 quality wingers in simao and robben Or do you think i should copy his formation as i have a better team? Thanks
  6. I have put in a bid of diego forlan plus 2 million? an dit has been accepted. i would be getting mutu?
  7. Re: Wolves help - new setup Hello, i am a wolves fan and got a season ticket i would keep: Wayne HENNESSEY - Wales number one, and IF we get promoted, i would pressume would stay our number one. Keep him Carl IKEME - rated 77, and played 4 or 5 games this season for us, till he got injured, will raise a little, so only keep if you want to see him raise to an 80 maybe. Keep him for bit of extra cash when ratings go up Kevin FOLEY - is premiership class, been linked with sunderland and blackburn, will be a premiership player, weather it is with wolves or someone else. Keep him Christophe
  8. Re: In need of tactical help with my team!! i cant win!! and what boxes would you tick? play maker etc?
  9. Re: In need of tactical help with my team!! i cant win!! should i make the wingers run up the line, by clicking ont heir shirt and setting an arrow ahead? Or leave it basic?
  10. Re: In need of tactical help with my team!! i cant win!! Thanks, im just wary of the 3-5-2 as it seems since the new tactical interface has come in, a 3-5-2 struggles to win. I used a 3-5-2 against an unmanaged team, and lost, and their average rating was 89, and mine was 92
  11. Right, i have quite a good team compared to others in my division, but i still cannot pick up a win anywhere! i cant find the right formation for my team!! If anyone can help it would be such help. GK: Ceaser 94 GK: Rensing 88 CB: Godin 90 CB: Gamberini 91 CB: Chiellini 92 CB: Mexes 92 CB: Rodriguez 90 CB: Legrotaglie 90 RB: Mendy 87 LM: Malbranque 89 LM: Downing 89 Wing: Robben 92 Wing: Simao 93 DM: Frings 93 CM: Rolfes 91 CM: Gago 91 CM: Mikel 91 CM: Hamsik 90 CM: Aurelio 90 AM: Misimovic 89 Fwd: Forlan 93 Fwd: Vucinic 91 Fwd: Zarate 89 Fwd: Grafite 89 CF: Toni 94
  12. ANy center backs who will rise to 92 in the next rating changes? I will be offering anyuokov 91 and owen 91 for a defender who will rise. I have already got chiellini, but in need of another..
  13. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. perea to 92??? what are the chances? 50/50 or higher?
  14. Re: Perea or Legroteglie? arghhh :confused: i really dont know what to do.~ For perea the other manager wants legroteglie and owen :confused:
  15. Who should i buy?? Both are tipped to go up? and i read somewhere legroteglie could go up to 92?
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