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  1. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Nuneaton Town strengthened by Manchester United loanies Staying at 22nd position after 3 matches, Nuneaton Town are expecting to improve their situation with loan signings of two Manchester United youngsters. Will Keane and Lucas Torro, joined on season long loan, are expected to start together against Macclesfield on Sunday
  2. Re: M&M Life after Buffon for Juventus Juventus are going through a transition period, and the task they have is to replace the irreplaceable. Regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time, Gialuigi Buffon was there from 2001. Now he's gone, and Bernd Leno is the one destined to replace him. Leno, the youngest goalkeeper to play in a champions league match, surely has the potential to succeed. But is he mature enough to handle the pressure by worlds best teams every week? May be he's not rated as highly as Ter Stegen or Courtois, but surely he'll make his mark among the next generation goalkeepers.
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    Re: 87+ I've my Goalkeeper Ben Amos who has played all league games till date- 126 appearances
  4. Re: M&M Juventus manager backs Buffon Juventus manager Raj has dismissed the rumors suggesting that he's considering s replacement for the Veteran Goal Keeper "Am I considering a replacement..? Not at all. He was not at his best recently. But we know him. He was here at the good times and bad times, a club icon. He's got a cleansheet in last game with the national team. I believe he's got at least 2 or 3 years at the top level. But even if I need another goalie, We have to sign a better player, and i dont see any right now. " Juventus manager was spotted in England watching Liverpool and Arsenal; it was reported that he's considering Pepe Reina and Szczesny. But he just dodged the questions about it. "We did sign a couple of players from Arsenal and Liverpool each. But how do you know its the goal keeper we were watching! I dont usually talk about others' players. We've got an important game ahead. any other questions?"
  5. Re: .:10000 bc:. I have recently joined Bayern, some of you might remember me as former chelsea manager. The previous manager of Bayern signed a 70 rated wolverhampton striker as his u21 of choice. I dont know whether he's that good or not. Can I sell him and sign one of my choice? At least a 75 rated player of my choice? I'm already up for a difficult task as he wasted much cash on Cavani and never tried to balance the team
  6. Re: M&M Maestros' job looks tougher... I'm not brave enough to make predictions! Great job Tony
  7. Re: M&M With full squads and 300M which will be allowed to spend completely over some seasons makes Maestro job the simplest. Let it be some 100M that can be allowed over 3 or 4 seasons Otherwise squad worth 300m+ and 300m cash, there's nothing for Maestro to do to improve his squad, other than overspending for top players
  8. Re: M&M Minnows to sell all players each seasons? And how about the minnow getting promoted?
  9. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Not the real Suarez!
  10. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Riverplate signs Cuadrado and 3 more players Riverplate has managed to sign Juan Cuadrado from Fiorentina as manager Raj continues to bolster their attacking options. The Colombian was on the wishlist for long, and now a deal has been struck.. Alexander Kolarov, Philip Wollscheid and in a surprise move, Szczeny will also be joining Riverplate on an exchange deal involving Petr Cech "We've been watching Juan for a while. He's an exceptional dribbler and has got good pace.. a unique attacker for me, not a full back. He'll have a big role to play in coming seasons... We were relying too much on Baines, and Kolarov can give him some resting time"
  11. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Cech, Menez, Gignac, Defour, Rose leaving Riverplate.
  12. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Currently I have 31 players. Was expecting Rose and Defour go to Sao Paulo, but they're also on 31 now. I think I can offer 2 for 1 from external clubs. I have made 4 bids with 5 players going out, and I will be on 30 when the deals are finished. is that ok?
  13. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads will cut it down quikly mate... need to get some bans up in 2 days:)
  14. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Riverplate signs German duo plus Spanish and Italian starlets Riverplate has confirmed the signings of Kroos, Reus, Koke and El Shaarawy. Messi and Falcao have joined Bayern and Juventus repectively as part of the deals. Manager Raj has admitted that the managing team has so far struggled to find a way to play their strikers together, and expects these changes will balance the squad. "Its nice to have these talents here. We've got four young energetic players who can improve our style of play. They can add the depth we were lacking this season. We were working with an unbalanced squad with four worldclass centreforwards. that looked like an advantage and we had a great stat to the season. But being honest we've struggled to keep all of them happy. You cant just sit on bench and watch your team when you're 26 or 27 years old.. you need to play every week.. We're sad to see Falcao and Messi leaving, but it was the best option available for both parties. We wish them goodluck in their future career" "Reus and Kroos are experienced enough to get involved in first team plans. Koke and El Sha have to wait for their opportunities. At present I'm not expecting to sign more attacking players. We've Luis and Diego doing well. Reus joining them upfront will be one of the most feared attacking trio in the league"
  15. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads at last Messi is going to Bayern. Now just only Tevez for sale. Can sell him for even cash
  16. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Couldn't agree any deal for Messi yet. His future will be announced tomorrow as I've started plans to build the team around him.
  17. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads This is going to be a photo finish in the end:confused:
  18. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Negotiations for Messi continues... Not much productive though. I know not all teams can buy him Anyway not trying to offload him in a hurry. So rethinking.... He takes my average rating from 91 to 92, He will remain as the only player at 99 for at least 2 or 3 years It won't be a bad idea to keep him once Falcao is sold. I can line up Suarez upfront with Messi at no.10 in 4-2-3-1 Decision will be made soon.. probably before tuesday, and he will become unavailable:cool: unless a better offer comes I don't want to sell (arguably) the world's best player on a bad deal :/
  19. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Not many can buy him. he's costly... It looks like he'll stay and I'll play a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 to play Messi and Suarez together as you said' date=' its upto the offers from elsewhere Anybody interested in Messi can PM me in SM (not here on forum) including the 2 players you can offer:) Usually my deals occur as 'first come first serve' basis I don't like to hear something like this later- "you sold Messi for cheap, I'd have given you a better offer"
  20. Re: The Best Of The Century Liverpool signs Sergi Darder from Malaga Liverpool FC has confirmed the arrivals of Spain u21 player Sergi Darder from Malaga, who joins the long list of 11 players joined the Reds prior to the new season. New Liverpool manager Raj is impressed with the available first team players and expects no big name signings. "We've got a lot of talented players here and our first XI is capable of mounting a promotion challenge. But we've a thin squad compared with other teams in the division. Central midfield was a main area of concern, which we could address by signing Jorginho and Darder. At the moment we are not planning to add more numbers. May be an experienced goal keeper as Brad wishes to get more playing time elsewhere."
  21. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads End of ban is just 2 days away!! There has been some issues on the agreed deals after some rises. So far, the deals including my team are likely to go through. Falcao, Macherano, and Tevez would go to Juventus, with Balotelli, El shaarawy, Koke and Benatia coming to Riverplate. Rose and Defour can leave for cash to Sao Paulo (or externals) Messi... I'd like him goto Bayern for that preagreed deal. (Reus+Kroos plus that much cash) If Bayern wishes to make changes in the deal as Reus made it to 93, everybody has the chance to sign Messi then:).. Reus to 94 is not a possibility this season As earlier 2 good young potential risers 92 or more would be the price for him...
  22. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads yeah... our deals will surely happen they're so good for both of us, I think
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