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  1. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! RACING CLUB IN TROUBLE It's At The Wire As Racing Club Have Poor Run Of Form 3 Games Without A Win But Independentie Have Also Slipped With 1 Win In Last Six. (Had To Post For Kevin He Cant Get His Internet Working)
  2. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Cheers
  3. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! I would love a Punisher one ive asked kev but i dont know how far hes got
  4. Re: Luciano Monzon He Seems Great Will Snap Him Up For Stockport
  5. Re: Sebastian EGUREN, great rise! Nice Find Just Braught Him To Me Stockport Team
  6. Players To Buy Before The Change! Blaise N'KUFO Currently Rated- 88 Aged - 32 Club FC - Twente Value - £4,640,000 2nd Leading Goalscorer Behind Huntelaar I Expect Him To Go Up 89/90 Marcus Berg Rating - 87 (Dont Know If He Has Changed Yet) Age - 21 Club - FC Groningen Value - £7,780,000 If He Hasn't Already Gone Up I Expect him To Get An 89 This Guy Is Amazing More To Come
  7. Re: Your First Film You Ever Saw In The Cinema? The Scorpion King With You Kevin
  8. LIVERPOOL 3 - 2 MIDDLESBOROUGH FT HEADLINES - Hat-Trick Hero Torres - Aliadiere S/0 For SLAPPING! Mascherano - Liverpool Go 4th
  9. Re: Leave Britney Alone! (LOL) HAHAHAHA But ive seen it before
  10. Any Setups I Can Join (Ones With Forumers In)
  11. Re: Pé sul americano A Bola primeiro ministro Liga Profissional Thanks :D
  12. Re: Arsenal v's Birmingham That was a disgusting tackle and i have had my fair share this could you know be his end this injury will haunt him he won't get over it and it will keep bugging him he will be sorely missed from the team as he was on such good form and could probably reduce his SM rating in the next changes.
  13. Re: Hey Ok thanks any tips on how to get rep
  14. Re: Arsenal v's Birmingham Come On Arsenal
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