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  1. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! its like solid to get a gd team
  2. Re: hi ppl im new to this forum but nt to s.m game lets just all have fun in the forums
  3. Re: How to get a good gold team??? yeh everyone has equal chance
  4. Re: Hey i'm new just enjoy sm!!!
  5. Tom Barham


    Re: HI welcome to sm!
  6. Re: Introducing Myself just have fun
  7. Re: G'day all i'm a newcomer. well its a gd day for u due to the carling cup victory
  8. Re: Ruud-17 is here !!! hey! welcome
  9. Re: Rafa Benitez joins :confused: :confused:
  10. Re: AC Milan fan is here - Be scared this is a great forum
  11. Re: Hi Everyone crouch is a great player
  12. Re: I'm finally here yeh me too
  13. Re: Hello! SM has to be the best online football manager game
  14. Tom Barham


    Re: Hi Ive got a starnge feeling that its not going to him
  15. Re: Greetings... great stuff
  16. Re: Help Needed !!! yeh or go to the player discussion section
  17. Re: How's it goin'. obviously forest will be the best:rolleyes:
  18. Re: Bonjour :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  19. Tom Barham


    Re: Hi hope its all good
  20. Tom Barham


    Re: Hey Hey hope you enjoy it, its great!
  21. Tom Barham

    Hi Guys

    Re: Hi Guys yeh the sig is better now so u wont have to keep posting it
  22. Re: The How to be an Idiot on Internet Forums Guide Those lessons were like being at school lol
  23. Tom Barham

    How to Post

    Re: How to Post lol mint vid
  24. Re: List Of Player Talents I know that Gokhan has been mentioned before but, +15 rating change! hes emense lol
  25. Tom Barham


    Re: NBA Ive gt to say the Celtics
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