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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Well well well, a lot has gone since the days I used to be a regular poster in here. It was infact me who made this two star thread a long long time ago. Did something happen last season boys? I said back in 2008 and 2009 that the blue moon was rising, can we all conclude that now?
  2. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" - The Revival (PS3) Anyone up for a game?
  3. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" - The Revival (PS3) Yeah, great I'll invite you first.
  4. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" - The Revival (PS3) Just beat Ben twice before Anyone else want a match. not played many yet. Also I've told Dale that I won't be doing any more seasons of this due to Uni work and all that.
  5. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" - The Revival (PS3) PSN : ADAMSKI93 I'll take tottenham
  6. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Hey, I'm Ajax in this league. Any1 want a match?
  7. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) I'll have Southampton tah
  8. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Season 3: Ivory Coast Won 3: Lost 3: Drawn 0: Would've liked a better start but heck I beat Aiden twice . I fully expected to get battered expected a much different outcome. Was beaten by Dale twice which has brought me to 3 losses even though it says 1. To any knew people Dale put before about us sharing a PS3 so our scores will be added up at the end of the league and I unfortunately lost twice. Just played Ben twice, won the 1st one easily and then lost the 2nd one which was alot harder but both games were fairly even and it were 2 gd game
  9. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Yeah, I can get on in 10mins
  10. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Hey I have 6 games left to play:) Chazza twice, CCFC1994 twice, Gary twice Whoever out of these 3 isn't playing next. Message me on here
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Anyone got a decent link to the game?
  12. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Sorry Ben mate, I sent Dale a private message about 4/5hours ago saying that I had chosen Wolves. I use Wolves in a career mode and I wanted to play with them in Season 2 of the league. Season 2 should be good
  13. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Actually, it was even at the time and my connection went unfortunately.
  14. Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3) Hey, it's Dale's brother. My bro's just told me about this and I am interested. I am going to choose Bayern Munich and to anyone in this league add my PSN = ADAMSKI93. There's only one little thing because me and Dale share a PS3, we won't be able to play online against each other so we will do 2 kick off games and then Dale said when the table is updated on this thread towards the end of the season we will add up the scores. ADD PSN - ADAMSKI93
  15. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Brighton & Hove Albion are available! Yours Sincerely, The Brighton Manager
  16. Re: Official A-Level Results Day Thread - Thursday 18 August 2011 Why do you need to know your UMS numbers? Really beginning to worry now By the way does anybody know the clearing hotline number?
  17. Re: Official A-Level Results Day Thread - Thursday 18 August 2011 Right i need help for results day. Need some advice and guidance in these 3 situations, on what i do next! Situation 1: I recieve the grades necessary to take my course at my desired first choice university. What do i do next? Situation 2: I recieve lower grades than what is required. How do i go about getting onto Clearing? What should i do in preparation? What are the best things to use for UCAS clearing? Do you phone your first choice uni first for alternative offers? HELP
  18. Re: Official A-Level Results Day Thread - Thursday 18 August 2011 Just noticed this thread eeeek, 5 days to go! I'm hoping to stay in Manchester so i've applied to the University of Manchester as my first with Salford as backup (Man Met woulda been it but they dont do the course im after!) My place at Uni of Manchester is subject to me achieving AAB, which is a bit harsh taking into account the grade requirements on UCAS before i applied where set to be anything between AAB-ABC :/ Either way i worked my socks off for them in May/June and i'm looking to study a Joint Degree of English Langua
  19. Re: Ajax Vs Everton, Division 2 Showdown - Match Report Thread Match Preview 1: Rubin Vs. Ajax Competition: Division 2 Date: 09 July 2011 Stadium: Tsentralni (30,133) Well here it is, the season opener. The Ranieri Revolution complete, so they say, but is his team ready? Simple answer, yes. Ranieri has worked in a way so that he has enabled himself to have full disposal of picking a starting XI out of a full strength squad ahead of a tricky fixture at Rubin in the thirty thousand seater Tsentralni Stadium. No injury worries for either side proposes a competitive and close ma
  20. Re: Ajax Vs Everton, Division 2 Showdown - Match Report Thread French revolution & Youth Initiative in Amsterdam! - Ajax FC Tonights' press conference didn't fail to impress as Ranieri proved he has been hard at work, with an avalanche of news leaking out of Amsterdam, from the man himself. As it was expected, another two signings were announced, after an earlier scouting mission to France before Ranieri's entrance to Amsterdam earlier on in the week. Both players joining are not only french, but midfielders which was an area Ranieri flagged as central to improvement before tak
  21. Re: World Championship 11111 - Are you interested? Hello, count me in
  22. Re: Ajax Vs Everton, Division 2 Showdown - Match Report Thread Three new faces at the Amsterdam Arena - Ajax FC As expected, Ajax didn't just announce one, or two new club signings, but three new players that have put pen to paper under the Ranieri revolution. Following the publication of squad numbers, omissions led to increased speculation on new arrivals and all day the bookies have recieved numerous bets on certain individuals who the punters believed would be on their way to Amsterdam Arena. Below is the club statement take from their official website: It is thought th
  23. Re: Ajax Vs Everton, Division 2 Showdown - Match Report Thread Squad Numbers Announced - Ajax FC Ahead of the Dutch clubs season opener at Rubin this Saturday, the clubs official website has issued a statement, indicating the number each player will wear this season, and it makes for interesting reading, in particular the omission of the Number 2 shirt, previous worn by reported wantaway right back 'Gregory Van der Wiel'. Recent reports have tended to suggest Van der Wiel had become unsettled at the club following the appointment of Ranieri, and that his disenchantment with the new
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