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  1. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Final straw for me. The game used to be fun, but over the last couple of years its got worse and worse. All the best, but I'm out.
  2. Re: Have the Brazilian Changes started/finished yet? Ok, cheers.
  3. Looking at the Player Database Changes tab for Brazil, there's only 1 player listed. Is it too late to buy the brazilian risers?
  4. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers Can anyone suggest a list of the 10 best risers from these leagues?
  5. Re: Darren Bent NOT rising ?! Maybe SM agree with the Sunderland fans
  6. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions He'll kick your legs off
  7. Re: Left Backs ****, didn't know that! I wish they'd make it much more clear.
  8. Re: Left Backs Afriad none of them are available. By the way, in a 5-3-2, does a LB play just as well as a LM, as a LB/LM ? I'm confused!
  9. Re: Left Backs Sorry, forgot to mention that I play 5-3-2, so my "left back" is really a LB/LM or LM/LB Unless someone is going to tell me a standard LB plays just as well there???
  10. Just been made an offer of £20 for Juan Vargas, which isn't bad On my books, I have Benoit Tremoulinas and Georgi Schennikov. Does anyone know if any of these are risers/droppers?
  11. Re: Nightmare - Need to lose 1 or 2 players Well, missed out on the Pato deal. TBH I knew his TB was coming up, but hadn't had the time (usually do this on my "breaks" at work - well, everyone else has 10 ciggie breaks per day!) Nevermind - I got Darlington from the bottom division to 8th in the top by constantly updating my squad with risers - time to sell them all on, make a load of cash, and buy the next batch of risers! Rince and Repeat!
  12. Re: Nightmare - Need to lose 1 or 2 players Thanks all.
  13. Hoping someone can help. I've been tracking Pato who'd been transferred back to Milan - he's available now for £30m ish, but I don't have any cash. So I need to chose 2 players to lose. I play 5-3-2 sweeper, and here is my squad: Player Pos Age Rat Value AKINFEEV, Igor GGk 25 91 14.3M CESAR, Júlio GGk 26 86 £3.4M CORCHIA, Sébastien RB-RMRB/RM 20 87 £6.8M PIQUE, Gerard CB-DMCB/DM 24 95 £39.7M LUIZ, David CB-LBCB/LB 24 90 £11.7M BONUCCI, Leonardo CBCB 24 89 £10.2M OTAMENDI, Nicolás CB-RBCB/RB 23 88 £6.0M SAN JOSE, Mikel CBCB 21 88 £8.4M TOLOI, R
  14. Re: Swap Benoît TREMOULINAS for Juan VARGAS ? Is he better than VARGAS though? Who is likely to have the higher SM rating in 3, 6, 12 months?
  15. Wondering if anyone could comment on these 2 players? I play 5-3-2, so need LB/LM type players. My weakspot in my team is the LWB, TREMOULINAS is 89 rated. I've been offered a deal of TREMOULINAS + £7 for VARGAS. Its a pretty tight setup, so money is essentially no object, its all about the players. Would people take the deal? TIA
  16. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions What a load of rubbish!!! Only kidding, nice work mate ; )
  17. Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less Many thanks.
  18. Re: Strikers - which to buy Thanks for that, will check him out.
  19. Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less Anyone know any good CF's that are 87+?
  20. Re: Strikers - which to buy I managed to get Muller, so now I need a CF. Can anyone recommend any 87+ CFs?
  21. Re: Strikers - which to buy No suggestions?
  22. I'm looking for a good VfM CF, one who is likely to rise in the next year or so. I'm only league 2, but moving through the leagues every season so far, and will get promoted again this year. Just been looking at who is available (i.e. overseas) and its most of the under 90's. There are a few over 90's though, although not many. Any suggestions? 87+ improves my squad.
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