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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings Apart from mata, are there any wingers who are likely to rise, around the 90 rating, i was thinking jesus navas, may have a chance, any ideas people?
  2. Re: Haydn's guide as to what you could do in different match situations. mate just wondering have you tried these out with success, or is it just your opinion?
  3. Re: Ars4nal_4ever's Brentford, 80 million to spend... If rooney and robinho are available to me the no brainer option is to buy them. They may not be available for long, and they are definitely worth it, a 96 and 95 in division 2 will absolutely destroy the opposition. It seems you already have risers in most positions, and can probably keep turning them over and developing other aspects of your squad. The only downside to buying those high rated players is that it probably will reduce the chairman value of a lot of your youth, but with p/e available as a viable option, especially with tryin
  4. Re: wingers playing better out of position Right i'm gonna test out both of these theories, with my Arsenal team. I'm playing 3421, with AMs playing on the wings making diagonal runs towards the centre and wingers as the 2 playing behind the strikers. I'm gonna do Attacking mentality, fast spped, pressing allover, everything as normal/default. Unless you have any other suggestions, i'll let you know how i get on.
  5. Re: Advanced Tactics - How I make use of them. mate this is brilliant, im definitely trying it. Thing is though i usually start with attacking mentality as my 'safe' formation, but like your team i draw too often, do you reckon i should tone it down to normal, or just leave it and change it to v.attacking for 15 minutes.
  6. Re: Ricardo Noir - Boca Juniors any update on this guy? is he getting minutes for inter?
  7. Re: Players rated 90 and above whose ratings are going to drop anyone have any idea whether kolo toure may go down?
  8. Re: Barcelona help i reckon there is some anti- barca bias in the match engine. im pretty decent manager, and have assembled squads similiar to barca's in quality and experienced a good level of success. Where as when managing barcelona, and choosing tried and testing tactics they always seem to fail, or draw at best. Only advice i can give you is to try as many different formations as possible, and if you win, keep it the same. Dont be afraid to try the unorthodox formations or team style, but i mean this still didnt work for me. Let me know how you get on and sorry i couldnt be more helpfu
  9. Re: Josh McEachran, 15-year-old Blues midfielder I don't mean to take this out on you, but threads in general profiling players who are years away (at best or never at worst) from being added to the database are pointless. The only reason i can see these threads are made are simply for the gloating rights of "oh i found this player" if on the off chance they become successful.
  10. Re: Up to date Argentinian risers! superb work. Excellent presentation. Many thanks;)
  11. hi guys. ive been playing this game for a while now, and play offside isn't a tactic i normally use, but basically what i wanted to know is what does it do? I used to think that it meant your defenders would play the opposition offside. Though it seems some people think it means that your attackers would take their chances by straying offside and hoping they dont get caught. Thoughts people?
  12. Re: Do You Recieve A Cash Injection If Your Someone Big Like Chelsea? simple yes.
  13. Re: Italian Ratings dont know if this is the right place to put this, but shouldnt kaka's position be AM/F. i checked out the site that someone posted about a page back, and it says he played there quite a bit. what does everyone think?
  14. Re: 2 Argentinian Talents how is two pictures of a argentinians, who happen to play football, scouting in any way
  15. Re: Clemente LUIS FABIANO i agree, have you sent a ticket quoting these stats and your souces? they may look it at it, but ive never done it so wouldnt know:confused:
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